The Secret to Change is Plants. Lots and Lots of Plants I 30 Day Challenge

I took the left photo on December 12th, and then I took the right photo today January 14th. What if I told you that in just a month you could have these results? I tried the Zen Bodi before, and although I saw some results, the product that seemed to help me the most was the aminos. Clear sign that I was a big adrenal mess, but the extra whey gave my sinuses the worst issues. And that's why I went vegan in the first place. So I have done it all, and now I'm back to the core of what I know. Plants!!

The process has been simple. We have our plant based low glycemic vegan shake for breakfast, a vegan protein waffle with omegas for a snack if needed, then I usually have vegan protein + more plants for lunch. After lunch I have another shake mixed with water for an afternoon snack. For dinner I have lean vegan protein, and more plants. Lots and lots of plants. I also have every day my trio of whole food capsules, however I don't use the capsules. I dump the plants inside them into a little warm water, stir it up and drink it. I also have coconut mct oil in the morning and another in my detox tea in the evening. Most nights I also am doing turmeric.

I just added some DIM for my next month to see if that helps my body more effectively use the estrogen it has. We'll see if that helps. I started to take Vitamin D (hello winter), K2, and extra blueberry extract and iron every few days mixed into juice. I may ramp that up as well and see if that helps more. I also started working out and have done three weeks now and so I feel more aligned to my body. Want to transform with me? 

Zen Bodi Vs Juice Plus I Juice Plus 30 Day Challenge



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