Amazing Ways To Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are a part of my natural plant infused paleo style of living and they have been used for many years, both for emotional and physical health. You can use essential oils aromatically, topically and some people add essential oils to food and drinks. I am drinking some turmeric water with lemon essential oil right now. 

There are many types of oils to use as a carrier oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, avocado oil, or sesame oil. My preference is either EVOO or coconut oil. Although if I were a massage therapist or PT I would probably want a grape seed or jojoba. People use essential oils due to its inhibitor, antimicrobial and medicated properties. Its use is spreading day by day as it has no side effects and can be considered as a natural solution for physical issues. And yet some of us are non-believers.

That was me when I was first introduced to oils years ago. I remember my neighbor had a party to introduce her tribe to this new found magic in her life. I personally remembering that is was a room full of too many people and too many smells. Home I went. Yet when my daughter was struggling with asthma and her inhaler was doing enough but not enough, I turned to oils to see if they would help. That was the catalyst that eventually took me to getting the education and becoming a Certified Aromatherapist. 

There are three ways to use essential oils: diffuse the oil, apply the oil to your body and ingest the oil. You can put a few drops on your feet or shake a few drops on the carpet to make your room smell great. Before using any oil make sure it is diluted with water as all oils are powerful and concentrated if you consider that it takes approximately 3000 organic roses to make just 0.09 fl oz of amazing Rose Otto essential oil. So with the exception of our tough feet, I never recommend that you apply an essential oil directly to your body.

Oh my #lavender, the oil of honest communication and expression. You calm and ground me. In a clinical they investigated the effects of lavender oil on the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, and mood responses in humans after inhalation. What they found was that lavender #essentialoil caused significant decreases of blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature, which indicated a decrease of autonomic arousal. In terms of mood responses, the subjects in the lavender oil group categorized themselves as more active, fresher relaxed than subjects just inhaling base oil. Compared with base oil, lavender oil increased the power of theta (4-8 Hz) and alpha (8-13 Hz) brain activities. The topographic map showed obviously more scattering power in alpha range waves particularly in bilateral temporal and central area. In other words... Go inhale some lavender and exhale the rest. ❤ #aromatherapist. #oily #becauseitstuesday #homeschoolclasses #ihaveanoilforthat 😃
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Here are 5 oils and their use is mentioned as below:

1.  Lavender:
Lavender has soothing and relaxing features. It is mostly used by people and is easily available anywhere in the market. It can be used as a scent to refresh the mind, to relieve stress and tension. By adding 2-3 drops on an insect bite as Lavender helps skin issues. Add 2-3 drops of essential oil to your hands, rub it in your palms and inhale deeply. I call this the human diffuser.  Drop a few drops on your bed pillows before going to sleep which tends you to sleep faster and live in peace.

2.  Lemon:
Lemon oil added in water can be used as a substitute for fresh lime. Although I actually cold press lemons and limes in my morning juice, I love a little drop of lemon in my water during the day. You can spray some lemon eo in the room to keep your mind, mood cheerful and fresh. Citrus oils are amazing for working through childhood emotions. It also plays a vital role in cleaning household things. It removes the smell from dirty clothes while washing. Its odor prevents bad smell in toilets, dustbins, trash cans so can be termed as a good air freshener.

3.  Peppermint:
It is the most flexible oil used all over the world. It is a food energizer; you can use it in tea, or a smoothie.  I carry it in little beadlets when I travel because I suffered with terrible IBS when I was younger and if it flares up on the road, it's my support tool. It also supports the body, and many use it when they feel tired. You will feel happy when you breathe in its bottle. 

4.  Sandalwood:
It is one of the expensive oils, but its use is worth it. It possesses long lasting property. It cools down your mind after inhaling it or applying it on your neck. It also strengthens your body, keeps yourself active and increases your willpower. Taking a bath with essential oils has emotional and physical benefits. Massage oil throughout your body either at home or salon to be relaxed and relieve yourself from stress and tension. It also increases your microcirculation. For my husband's knee pain when we travel I have a wonderful mixture with sandalwood, cedarwood, frankincense and wintergreen. You can use sandalwood as a home-based conditioner, although an expensive one.

5.  Melaleuca / Tea Tree:
Melaleuca has a nice fragrance which provides cleaning solutions in the home. If you check out PubMed it has to be one of the most researched oils clinically... especially in Australia. It cleans our home appliances and my juicer thanks me. Melaleuca Oil (sometimes known as MQV as well) has been known to help skin conditions. It kills harmful bacteria. It is also used to reduce body odor. Add a drop to your natural aluminum-free deodorant.

No matter how you use oils, take the leap and use them. They will become part of the path you've already started on. Plants are amazing. The power they offer is so beneficial. 

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