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I never would have jumped on something like this... but guys this was too good to pass on. I've got a secret... don't tell!

Reset and The Beast.. Oh YAY!

When my husband looked at me in June and said, "Do you think I can do the Reset?" I knew change in the form of AMAZING was coming.

The view is great at the Ocean

What does Ocean Avenue have to offer me as a Paleo Vegeo athlete and business entrepreneur?

What a difference a year makes

Vegan Cardio girl to Paleo Vegeo Sexy Beast and how the journey transformed everything in my life from business, to relationships..

Monday, April 14, 2014

You Need To Liberate Yourself From The Numbers In Life That Define You.

Liberate Yourself From The Numbers 

Allow your children to feel powerful. We are all meant to shine, as children do. The underlying definition of our standardization in the schools is set to the lowest common denominator. The public school system has been attempting to create a level of conformed education. This doesn't bode well for creativity - or the fact that 1 out of every 67 kids is on the spectrum. (which that number growing)

Yet tests are a part of life and career... even as an artist you are tested in life in some ways. So how do you enhance that creativity while trying to help prepare your children to pass the "tests" of life? I encourage you to help your children understand what testing is, and what it truly means - because it's not about getting 100%. Those with 100% often are just good a memorization... I know that from experience. Instead help them understand that we are the ones that hold the power in who we grow into. Not some number on a test.

Maybe even as parents we need to hear this even more. WE need to stop being the doormats that we tend to be because we are fearful of someone thinking we aren't the "image" of perfection that is expected. Just like a test, you aren't defined by a number on the scale, a size in your pants, the numbers on your paycheck, the number of friends on your Facebook feed. You are an amazing individual and as such, you should believe that within you is everything you need to overcome all of the obstacles in your life - and that everything about you is what makes you this. YOU need to liberate yourself!!

Let go of those fears that the numbers have created.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of god. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.
We were born to make and manifest the glory of god that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” ~Marianne Williamson

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Depression, Irritability, Fatigue, Insomnia... all signs of Adrenal Fatigue... but also many Copper Toxicity

Depression, Irritability, Fatigue, Insomnia... all signs of Adrenal Fatigue... but also many Copper Toxicity

Depression, Irritability, Fatigue, Insomnia... all signs of Adrenal Fatigue... but also many Copper Toxicity I Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen Wellness AdvocateDepression...

Maybe you have Adrenal Fatigue &
Copper Toxicity??

If you have a copper toxicity in your tissues from lack of #copper binding proteins you'll have a struggle with your histamine levels as well. High #histamine symptoms are often equated with#estrogen dominance symptom because of under-methylation. Your #adrenals become the innocent victims of this toxic realm. B12 slows down histamine release which is why vegans often struggle the right balance of histamine levels and the result is small amounts of PCOS symptoms that seem to come and go. But if you are an under-metalator... B12 is not your friend, and you cannot be vegan. Sorry, but true. You need B12 dearly, and you have to get it naturally not in supplementation.

The best sources or B12 in foods are: Sardines, Salmon, Tuna, Cod, Lamb, Scallops. One serving of any of these will give 100% of your B12 needed.

And when I take a b-complex... look out... my anxiety goes through the roof... its folate I need not folic acid.

The key is you to clear out more than just your colon. You need to clear out your system all the way through to the tissues. That can't be done in a quick cleanse. It takes a natural, healthy routine in your life.

How do Histamine Levels Figure Into All Of These Issues?

I'm So FROZEN... Oh wait, that's just excess histamine release ...

The extreme chill you feel could be excess histamine release. As well symptoms that appear to be allergy related may be more obscure than you think. For example, sneezing may be an allergy symptom, but muscle pain, insomnia and acid reflux may also be signs of allergy. These are all signs of excessive histamines. Since histamine has a large amount of functions within the human body, the effects of high histamine blood levels can vary widely.

Current studies have shown that there are direct links between histamines, the irritants produced in an allergic reaction, and the nervous system. People with too much histamine in their brains experience anxiety and depression. And detox raises histamine levels. I first started to figure out histamines when I would come home from the gym and an hour later is when I'd start to freeze and want to curl up in a ball under a mountain of blankets.

The symptoms of toxicity may also be more obscure than you think. You may have headaches, joint pains, colitis and even poor coordination may be signs of toxicity. Another sign is skin eruptions and rashes. I woke up with a nice little rash this morning, too.

Your body has a unique detoxification system. It comes with many fail-safe mechanisms. A toxin may simply be detoxified and rendered harmless – usually by the liver. This is often accomplished through enzymes with the help of antioxidants. These poisons may be turned into useful tools, such as when blood toxins are turned into bile to help us digest fat from our diet.

Some toxins are difficult to detoxify; they may be stored permanently in fat. Other toxins and allergens are stored temporarily in water in the lymphatic system. Detoxification, stress, and even like I said, exercise can cause these symptoms. This is why people get "puffy" with allergies or toxicity. I know you've had that issue before. These high-histamine levels often are due to a metabolic imbalance that results from under-methylation. Sound familiar??

I think I'm going to kick up my Acerola Berry and Citrus oils today, because both of these help release those toxins that my body just wants to dig deep and hold on to.

Today was the first day of the Renewal process day 21... think my body is ready for some renewal before we move into next month. Want to join me? I'm starting another clean month in 10 days.

Do a wellness consult and see how I can help. Believe me that you can feel better if you do the process, and use the products.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Getting Rid Of The Drawers Of Medication I Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen's Story

The Drawers Of Medication

Getting Rid Of The Drawers Of Medication I Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen's Story Where I wasDo you want to really understand where I'm coming from? The one picture shows my drawer and my daughter's drawer of previously used medications and supplements. That was our lifestyle... Living unwell. 

The other photo shows our healthy lifestyle.. This is our routine and our go to products.

Which do you think you want?

This is why it's all so important to me.

I've been continually learning. And I have learned that the support our body needs is continual, but easy. Do you know how many times I've used a product or gone on a diet and felt great, for a very short time?

The CEO of a large international company said the other day how he'd do the same. Cleanse, feel great, repeat. This is even though he's doing his own daily routine of "health and wellness". He's not getting to the source of it. He's not clearing out to the level of what he should be. He said he was going to take a photo of his wives supplements because there were bottles of it everywhere. That used to be me... I'd try anything to get me the healthy feeling I was craving. So why doesn't that work?

Here's the problem... If you cleanse and clear out your colon you maybe will also reboot your cardiovascular system, your liver, your gallbladder, your urinary system, maybe just maybe your lymphatic system.

But seven days, or 21 days, or even a month for most of us isn't going to touch the parasites, the candida and yeast, or the most impacted problem of Chemical Toxins. Those toxins are smart. They now how yo redistribute and hide out until you ho back to normal. Then they know that they need to beef up the forces. And you slide backwards. The candida is smart. It adapts to your routine. You'd honestly have more traction mixing up the candida clearing products about every ten to twenty days. It's like the bacteria becoming antibiotic resistant. Same thing.

What happens when you get natural and get rid of the drawers of medication.

And only when you truly feel health, will you know what happiness is. What you put in your mouth and on your body defines who you are, how you'll thrive, your health and your connected spiritual experience.

I know that some of this seems radical. My health doesn't do ANYTHING to my spiritual experience, you say. But have you ever dreaded going to church because you don't want yourself and your kids to get sick yet again?

Until you've emptied out your disbelief in something as organically created as your own divine being, until you figure out that living on drawers full of synthetic (you're not synthetic!) unnatural... Is that even if word??... But yes using these unnatural products is truly not living, and you won't really get it. Prioritize your priorities and reclaim nature, even thrive within it and because of it.

We have the opportunity available to heal, that's true power of self!! I'm going to be hosting a 60 Day Challenge To Health, a Vitality Reset so to speak to help you form the habits of health that will truly clear out those drawers of crap form your home, and clear out the pantry of the junk you think is healthy but isn't. We'll be going through a process of Health, Wellness, Purpose - or Believe, Do, Products. You have to have it all to do this. There are over 250 toxins that have been found in umbilical cord blood. REALLY?? Do you believe that you need to do this? Do you believe that you need to try these products? 

If you want to change I will give you:

  • The opportunity to purchase these non-toxic, natural products for 25% off the retail prices. and get products for free every month.
  • Get a full guide that explains what is happening, and how to heal. 
  • I'll send you a free book to use to guide you to natural health daily - your own reference guide to health. 
  • You know exactly what products to use, when to take them, and why. 
  • You'll be given rules for healthy eating, but you can either choose to eat what you like within those rules, or 
  • You'll get my full meal planning guide, with recipes to help you lean into some healthier choices. 
  • You'll get my Nourishing Basics Plan with a 7 Day Guide to naturally cleaning out your body to help you "ease" into this lifestyle. 
  • You'll get my personal fitness calender to help you get your body and muscles functioning healthier because functional fitness and flexibility is just as important to your overall wellness as what you put into your body. 
  • You'll keep healing your body every month rather than just shuffling around toxins - and continued support to learn and grow a non-toxic lifestyle with monthly training opportunities and if you desire the opportunity to share with others. 
I want you to be able to do this in the most simple way to do it. IF it's not simple, most of you won't do it. You are worth it, and so I will also for the first time ever share the secrets of my ELEV8 program Soul Revolution Mapping program. Because I know that this process of clearing out stored toxic waste products brings up stored toxic waste emotions.

I'm not asking you to spend money... I'm not a salesman... I'm asking you to think differently. You're already spending money on all of those items in your drawer. You're life matters. I want you to put value on your life and instead use the products that you are worth using. You are getting paid physically, emotionally, in relationships and your career what you think your value is. People meet you where you are. Set the bar. Take really good care of yourself and your body and you'll see changes in every area of your life.

My daughter looked in those drawers today and said, "Mom, I think we should get rid of some of that.".... I agree! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Going Through Detox When Your Body Says "NO" - And What The Liver Has To Do With ItLi

Going Through Detox With The DoTERRA Reboot Protocol Kit

I am dreaming of a healthier liver... what about you?

Dreaming Of A Healthy Liver I Going Through Detox With The DoTERRA Reboot Protocol Kit I Paleo Vegeo Barbara Christensen Wellness Advocate
I saw this image on Instagram and it was too perfect to not share being where I am this week. I'm into the second phase of my first doTERRA reboot and my skin is going crazy. That means my primary "chimneys" are struggling to detoxify all of the toxins in my body. I feel like, knowing how clean and green I live, that my body doesn't detox well. I probably struggle a lot with the endocrine issues because of the inability to detoxify properly. How many of you feel like you are dealing with the same sort of issues?

I am going to increase the Zendocrine oils to more than 2 drops, twice a day. I know that often you have to increase rather than decrease. I am only using, however, one GX Assist a day because I don't want to release the toxins into my body too quickly. That's why I like this cleanse. I get to control the aspects to suit my life... and I dream of being toxin-free... although I know I'll have to go through many rounds of this to get there.

Why The Liver Is The Focus of My Detox

Going Through Detox With The DoTERRA Reboot Protocol Kit I Paleo Vegeo Barbara Christensen Wellness Advocate
The liver is one of the most important organ in the human body and during a program like this sometimes the liver will become overloaded with toxins that are being released from storage sites throughout the body. I know this, and I know what I'm living with. This is akin to overloading a toilet, and my skin is showing it. Until then you may only see photos when I've had my hair professionally done. LOL... you know what I mean?

Until then you can see me standing around taking supplements, and I'll be increasing my Vitamin D and Kelp again, and making sure I get a good dose of undenatured whey every day. I went back off the hormones. The doctor's visits were out of town, and not covered by insurance. $300 plus another $400 or more for blood tests through their lab. Then of course the compound hormones are not covered by insurance. I'm going to try to naturally clear out my body and get my hormones back on track.

A lot of you may not realize that one of the most important functions of the liver is to break down and remove excess hormones from our body. The one hormone in particular is estrogen. As you know, estrogen is a big player in our endocrine health. When estrogen has done it’s job in the body, it is sent to the liver so it can be broken down and removed through the colon. Unfortunately, my liver is all junked up, I believe, from the excess toxins and unable to function optimally and thus cannot remove estrogen at it’s normal rate.  Estrogen is not metabolized properly and can be reabsorbed back into the body causing lots of issues.

A great article I read from Experience Life talked about how this diet all is so important in this process:  
By encouraging us to eat a lot of meat (much of which is laden with toxins), and discouraging us from eating enough fiber-rich, water-dense fruits and vegetables, such diets can slow elimination. By loading us up with so many proteins that our stomachs can’t produce enough acid to digest them all, such diets can inhibit proper digestion, overloading our liver and intestines with a stream of nasty, internally produced poisons such as indican, ammonia, cadaverine and histide.

So be thankful that you are already ahead of the game by eating more vegetables than the average person. I'll keep sharing the journey. I am on the second ten days, and then I'll re-nourish my digestive tract with digestive flora. And then we'll start all over again. How many cycles I will need, I'm not sure. Will keep you posted.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Yummy Experience with the Cave Cravings Monthly Goody Box

My family had a yummy experience with the Cave Cravings Box

A Yummy Experience with the Cave Cravings Monthly Goody Box I Paleo Vegeo Review of CaveCravings.com
A little over a month ago Cave Cravings sent me a box of goodies in the mail. Cave Cravings is a monthly subscription service that delivers natural, organic snack options to your door.The biggest surprise for me was that it wasn't this box full of meat. You know what I mean. YOU never expect these paleolithic style companies to have any consideration for a leaner, vegan paleo style of eating. I was shocked about that. It made me extremely happy.

One of the first items I pulled out was this cool bar from the Bearded Bros. This was a radical raspberry lemon bar, two of them. I opened it, took a smell of how fresh it was, my daughter grabbed it out of my hand and took off with it. It was hysterical. I took a picture and posted it on Instagram (see it below) because she was so funny. That happiness should be exactly why you want this box. :)  You know that I am a big believer in nutrition and ingredients, but it has to be something my family will eat or it's not worth the money.

The ingredients were great because they were safe for most of the people I know with food allergies. No nuts... yes a vegan energy bar with no nuts. And no gluten. Did you read that correctly? Yes no gluten. Bearded Brothers makes organic, raw, vegan, gluten free, soy free, paleo, nut free, non-gmo, energy bars! Who knew? I had never heard of them before. Then my husband starts sniffing around my little box of joy. He's my carnivore. He took one of my Mighty Maca Mango bars from Bearded Bros ... go figure. You can't figure out a carnivore.

What other treats were in that Cave Cravings box? 

A Yummy Experience with the Cave Cravings Monthly Goody Box I Paleo Vegeo Review of CaveCravings.com
So then my husband pulls out the jerky and put it in his lunch bag for a snack. He said it was the best jerky he's ever had. Just grass fed beef, unrefined sea salt and vinegar. It was a really mild beef jerky with no overwhelming flavors. Done just right and a perfect afternoon snack. He said it has a good beefy taste that you don't get from most companies. They usually cover the meat up with seasonings. This tasted fresh, and he was thrilled it was soy-free. Not some chewy stick of spices. Sophia's Survival Foods Milk Jerky Chews helped my husband survive his day.

The Mighty Maca Mango bar was dense, and had a little bit of a nutty texture with a slight hint of mangoes. Very similar in texture to a Larabar, as you find with all date bars. This sample was really small, so there was no way to use it alone for an afternoon snack to see how well it would do. He probably should have taken the Mighty Maca Chocolate bar to make it enough, but that was okay.

The Mini Coco-rooms we've seen at the store before, but we've been standoffish about buying them. These were light, lemony flavored snacks that made for a great morning snack. Tasted like they were the unhealthy kind... sweet and delish!! "Like the real ones."... and my family has been quoted on this.

My Family Loves Cave Cravings Monthly Goody Box I Paleo Vegeo Review of CaveCravings.com
I would recommend trying this company out. We really enjoyed it and have new items that we will purchase because of the experience. It's easy to order at www.cavecravings.com. You may get Baked & Sweet Items, Bars, Breads, Cereals & Granola, Chips & Crackers, Jerky, Squeeze Pouches and even Trail & Nut Mixes in your box.

So how does it all work? Each month, how it works, is you get over $30 worth of organic, paleo snacks and treats. It's like an adventure in yum every month. You can cancel it at any time, but I am doubtful many of you will cancel. I love their mission, and that they want to help you discover items you will love, and from these great little companies. I would never have found most of these items on my own, and now were consumers of them. Thanks, Cave Cravings!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Struggle With PCOS? How You Can Heal Naturally..

Why Do You Struggle with PCOS? 

Struggle With PCOS? How You Can Heal Naturally I doTERRA IPC I Healthy From The Inside Outside I Barbara Christensen
Dr. Berg talks about PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome and what it is and what it isn't. The body is making excess androgens and there is 3 common reasons for this. I find this really interesting that aromatase is an enzyme produced in the body that is needed for the final step in the production of estrogen as part of the hormonal cascade during which hormones are made from other hormones in a series of conversions. This enzyme converts androgen to estrogen. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. This is what kills weeds by interfering with what is called the shikimate pathway. This pathway is essential in plants for the synthesis of a class of amino acids called the “aromatics.” But this pathway is nonexistent in any mammalian cell. By simple logic, the fact that our cells don’t have this pathway means that glyphosate cannot harm us.

So why is it causing us problems like PCOS? 

How Glyphosate is Causing Us Problems

Weston Price's website says that
"While mammals don’t possess the shikimate pathway, all of the microbes that take up residence in our digestive tract do have this pathway, and exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, will cause them serious stress as a consequence. Studies have shown that glyphosate disrupts the gut bacteria in chickens, 54 cows,29 and pigs,10 causing inflammation in the gut along with an overgrowth of pathogenic forms and concurrent loss of beneficial bacteria. It is now becoming apparent that our gut bacteria, which outnumber our own cells by a factor of ten to one, play many important roles in supplying nutrients and protecting us from toxins." (http://www.westonaprice.org/environmental-toxins/roundup-the-nontoxic-chemical-that-may-be-destroying-our-health)
And there was an amazing study done on this as well that you should take a look at - Download the PDF of the study here: http://www.mdpi.com/1099-4300/15/4/1416

How You Can Heal Your PCOS? 

I know that so many woman have found that by going on a paleo diet they see a difference in their PCOS. The reason is that they become very mindful of what they are eating. The paleo diet doesn't recommend eating commercially processed meats, or roundup ready vegetables. Right? You also almost always go through the Whole 30 which eliminates the toxic sugar and carbohydrates. Get rid of the glyphosate and you stop blocking the aromatase. Glysophate's damaging effects on gut bacteria is beyond what we even have just begun to realize. When we are inhibiting the body's gut flora from performing its essential function in the human body, we are just allowing glyphosate to fuel the fire of the issues that are plaguing our society, like the endorcrine issues, and hormonal issues like PCOS. 

So we need to make sure we are really focusing in on several things. First off, make sure you are eating healthy non-GMO foods, and pastured animals if you are not vegan. Also make sure you detoxify from the chemicals in your body in a health way, which we are going to discuss on the hangout. Join me as we go through a spring cleaning to recharge, rejuvenate and renew your system and your commitment to health. Get your spouse involved as well because infertility does impact both men and women. 

Join me by getting healthy from the inside out. Webinar tomorrow at 11 AM PST / 12 PM MST / 1 PM CST / 2 PM EST Hangout on YouTube... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzN73lQ3Hfw

Slideshow: http://www.slideshare.net/Bijagirl/healthy-from-the-inside-outside-i-toxic-pcos-i-barbara-christensen-i-doterra-ipc

Connect with me or learn more at www.mydoterra.com/bijacoaching and I can also get you connected to attend a DoTERRA Healthy From the Inside Outside Tour date in your area.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tasty Paleo Mishloach Manot Cookies for Purim

Tasty Paleo Mishloach Manot Cookies for Purim

So, what is Purim?

It's a Jewish Holiday that celebrates from the Book of Ester. According to the Book of Esther and Wikipedia, Haman, royal vizier to King Ahasuerus planned to kill all the Jews in the empire, but his plans were foiled by Mordecai and his cousin and adopted daughter Esther who had risen to become Queen of Persia. The day of deliverance became a day of feasting and rejoicing.
Based on the conclusions of the Scroll of Esther: "[...] that they should make them days of feasting and gladness, and of sending portions one to another, and gifts to the poor" Purim is therefore celebrated among Jews by:

  1. Exchanging reciprocal gifts of food and drink known as mishloach manot.
  2. Donating charity to the poor known as mattanot la-evyonim.
  3. Eating a celebratory meal known as a se'udat Purim.
  4. Public recitation ("reading of the megillah") of the Scroll of Esther, known as kriat ha-megillah, usually in synagogue.
  5. Reciting additions, known as Al HaNissim, to the daily prayers and the grace after meals.
  6. Other customs include drinking wine or any alcoholic beverage, wearing of masks and costumes, and public celebration.
So what kind of celebration paleo vegeo treats can you make for your friends and family for Purim? These tasty little hamantaschen cookies are a classic treat for purim. Made with almond flour, they are perfect for anyone following a paleo lifestyle, or who are gluten intolerant. You can also get a Gluten Free Palace Purim box on Amazon - starting with a small box for under $20 that is a Prime offering. It's Gluten-free, Dairy-Free and Kosher, but I'd prefer someone make me some amazing cookies themselves if they could. And for most of you that aren't allergic to almonds, this may fit the bill. If you are allergic, sub with sacha inchi flour instead. And Happy Purim!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Jeunesse Expo in Thailand was 8,000 People just having fun

Jeunesse Expo in Thailand

I've always wanted to go to Thailand. In fact my good friend, Kwan, owner of J.Wong's Asian Bistro in Salt Lake City is from Thailand and has told me how amazing beautiful it is. So seeing our team in Thailand via social media just makes me even more excited. Interesting Fact: Did you know more than 1,500 species of orchids grow wild in Thai forests? Thailand is the world’s number one orchid exporter.

Annual Jeunesse Global World Conference 2014

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Get reduced rates for the Jeunesse EXPO Macau 2014 if you sign up today! It's never too early to start planning your next adventure. For a limited time, you have a chance to get tickets to the Jeunesse EXPO in Macau at a special rate.

The Cotai arena at the Venetian Macau Resort Hotel is Asia's first fully integrated entertainment complex. With the best lighting, sound, and staging, this resort-hotel delivers exceptional accommodation and event management-making it internationally renowned for its service.

Winter Special
Jeunesse Expo Macau 2014
September 26-28, 2014 at the Venetian Macau Resort Hotel
Register now for only $169.95

The special price will only be available until February 28, 2014- So sign up now before it's too late!

Jeunesse Expo Macau 2014 September 26-28, 2014 at the Venetian Macau Resort Hotel
Had a blast at the Jeunesse Expo in Thailand? My team sure did!! Can't wait to see you in Macau! Stay tuned for more info about the Jeunesse Expo Macau 2014! The Cotai arena at the Venetian Macau Resort Hotel is Asia's first fully integrated entertainment complex. With the best lighting, sound, and staging, this resort-hotel delivers exceptional accommodation and event management-making it internationally renowned for its service.
Winter Special
Jeunesse Expo Macau 2014, September 26-28, 2014 at the Venetian Macau Resort Hotel Register now for only $169.95

Jeunesse Opportunity Call on Thursday Nights

Do you wish you had a blast at the Jeunesse Expo in Thailand? My team sure did. Can't wait to see you in Macau! Stay tuned for more info about the Jeunesse Expo Macau 2014!

Get on the Jeunesse Opportunity Call tonight, Thursday the 20th at 9:30 PM EST to learn more about the Jeunesse Global products. As you know I am a big fan of the RESERVE and the ProPectin for the resveratrol (big vitamin C Boost) and the ProPectin because of the radiation issues not only from Japan which you can see by looking at the video over here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I'll be moving all the Jeunesse posts to another blog, but this is to important so I had to share it here.