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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Your Harshing On My Legumes I Why Paleo Is So Quick To Jump On Vegans

Always drama over legumes

The other day I shared this amazing broccoli and oregano hummus recipe from The Flexitarian on my Facebook page, knowing that the first comment I would get would be that "chickpeas aren't Paleo". I get this all the time in my large nutrition group as well. And my standard answer is from the "authorities" in nutrition because of course myself with a nutrition diploma and a lifetime of ingredient research cannot be the common sense for many of these folks. The people that hate on these sorts of posts are those that are very traditional in the defined roles of Paleo Vegan (Pegan as Dr. Mark calls it) as you can see the traditional below.

our Harshing On My Legumes I Why Paleo Is So Quick To Jump On Vegans I Pegan Paleo Vegeo

What I tell them is this:
t depends on where you get your information, ____. If you look at the Whole 30 Vegan/Vegetarian shopping list Tofu, lentils, and properly prepared beans are all acceptable paleo foods. Paleo Leap says, "Legumes and pseudograins (which include vegetarian staples like buckwheat and quinoa) are both promising solutions to this puzzle – as long as they’re prepared correctly." 
And if you have read my basics you know that this Paleo Vegeo lifestyle is all about finding YOUR nutritional truth. That means for some people chickpeas would be fine, lentils would be fine, kidney beans would be fine, and GASP ... organic tofu would be fine if it works for you. It doesn't work for me, and I am not fond of soy in general personally. But it's your personal truth not mine. I like the TEMPT Hemp Tofu... so yummy. But even some Paleo folks would want to toss me to the timbers for saying hemp is okay if you are paleo. The truth is as you know that you have to get to know yourself and that generally means doing at least 30 days elimination from all of these foods and then reintroducing one at a time to see how your body reacts to them.

It's hard to be vegan. Don't you agree? Especially if you have food allergies. Even harder to be paleo and on top of it vegan. And so for us we have to be aware of genetics, digestion, micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients even more so than your average Paleo off the street. Although many of those that are Paleo should be genetically tested ans see if there are any gene mutations first. If you have the right gene mutation you should be low protein, high fat. If you are eating bacon and ribeye at every meal you could be doing serious damage to your brain and not know it otherwise. That foggy feeling may not be overwhelming life after all.

And there are very few vegan protein powders for paleo folks to choose from. There is the Warrior Blend and Non-GMO Pea Protein, Hemp Protein, Sacha Inchi Protein... and I am just going to say it... rice protein.

Yes I said it. I know that Paleo and Rice are not often said in the same sentence because it's not allowed. But rice in the right form can provide you with a good resistant starch. The best sources of resistant starch is going to be from those supplementary isolated starch sources, and rice protein is a better option than cold cooked rice. So I don't look at it in the same tones as I do eating rice. It's like the Alpha Meta that I have recommended to so many people.

But if you don't react to a little rice you may have been looking at B-Strong by Skoop. However I would not recommend it for B12 MTRR clients because it does show in the ingredient panel that it is not methylated b12, and I did confirm with the company. I do like the Green Foods True Vitality Protein Powder, as an alternative to the B-Strong, I actually like to mix it into The A-Game. I was actually introduced to True Vitality through Choosing Raw because it has an added DHA from algal oil which if you don't eat fish you are unlikely to get. This combination is sort of like a crazy old-school Shakeo... if you know what I mean.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Can You Get Fit Without Looking At Your Nutrition? The Hormone Connection

Can You Get Fit Without Great Nutrition??

I hear it all of the time, "I'm just going to change my diet." But I have to be the first to share that being skinny doesn't always equate to being healthy. Health is a well rounded creature, and the cravings you will continue to have are directly related to that inner health issue.

When I work with a client I have them record their meals, even if they only do it via photo. I need to know what they are eating. They think I just want to make them stop eating all of the things they love, and I admit that sometimes I will do that. But what it all really is about is getting to the core of what is going on functionally inside of that body of yours. We all have more going on than we think when it comes to how we are eating, and how that relates to our hormones. I think that for women that means Estrogen often enough, and so that is going be the first focus as I go into talking about this more in depth over the next month.

Hormones, Nutrition and Fitness

Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen I Balance Your Hormones With Nutrition
Hormones - we all have them, we joke about them and women hate them. They are an ever present part of our lives and yet we don't really as individuals know very much about them or how they relate to our overall health. When you exercise your body then has some increased energy needs.You need to be able to have the ability for the increase muscular, metabolic, respiratory and cardiovascular demands when you step up to the plate. When you finish you will still have needs for metabolic stimulation, repairing muscles, restoring cortisol levels. Without proper nutrition you body may see an increase in blood pressure, start eating away at the muscles instead of the fat, or even slow the metabolic rate. There are so many hormonal responses you could be having if you are not eating properly while trying to reach your fitness goals, and I want you to start thinking about this hormone connection.

For women there is more to it. Young women after they've had their cycle will be at the lowest level of estrogen in their month. Women closer to menopause may see a spike or bursts in their estrogen levels. Estrogen determines if those carbs you've had or the fats are going to be fuel your body during your HIIT or Turbo cardio session. There are over forty estrogen metabolites and they become good or bad estrogen. It is all depending on where you are at with your hormones really that will determine the type of fitness program you should be looking at, as well as the types of foods to use as part of your wellness lifestyle.

You can't just expect a one solution all of the time to suit your health. That means having a variety of good, healthy meals and snacks around to support your system. There is more to it that I'll go into tomorrow, but just know that working out will lower your estrogen, and for some of you low estrogen may be a problem.

What to eat for hormonal support

If you have a higher level of estrogen in your body then you need to eat your kale, your raw juices, apples, ginger, lemon. You want to boost your gluathione which is a requirement to break down the excess estrogen in your body. You also want prebiotics not just probiotics. I always recommend the PB Assist+ as the supplement of choice. PB Assist+ is a proprietary formula of pre-biotic fiber and six strains of probiotic microorganisms in a unique double-layer vegetable capsule delivering 5 billion CFUs of active probiotic cultures and soluble pre-biotic FOS (fructo- oligosaccharides) that encourages culture adhesion and growth. The time-release double-capsule delivery system protects sensitive probiotic cultures from stomach acid. PB Assist+ supports healthy digestive functions and immunities and is safe for use by all members of your family, including your baby.

Also foods in the Brassica family like broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, collard greens and cabbage should be considered for someone looking to break down extra estrogen.  And who here doesn't love some cauliflower rice or roasted brussel sprouts?? Or a yummy kale salad or kale chips in the afternoon? The reason why is that indole-3-carbinol is produced by these yummy foods through our bodies and this gets absorbed as DIM (diindolylmethane) in the small intestine. This has been shown to selectively bind to the estrogen receptors in your body. What that means is that these foods will help detoxify the excess estrogen, halt some of the conversions to estrogen into those dangerous metabolites and bring a more balanced hormonal system into play.

Root vegetables are great to help your liver naturally process estrogen. The more estrogen you are dealing with, the more root vegetables you may want to include. Stay away from the bag, sluggish fats that you may want to pile on those because that will slow down your liver and slow down the body natural processes.

Lignans can interfere with the natural production of estrogen, and if your body can't handle the estrogen it's already dealing with, this can be a problem. This is why soy is so bad for those women with PCOS as well. Women with estrogen dominance should stay away from over indulging in nuts. Those that are high in phytoestrogens are sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachio. Also almonds are a little higher, too. Women with major PCOS issues may even want to steer clear of walnuts, hazelnuts and dare I say cashews. Sorry, ladies. If you are low in estrogen then Flax seed and other seeds and nuts should be added to your diet, but don't over do it. You can also add in some soaked legumes, pea protein and make sure if you are lower in estrogen you get plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially in your recovery shake after a hard workout. Vitamin C and complex B vitamins are essential in raising your estrogen levels back up after a workout and keeping headaches, daytime fatigue, dry skin and an inability to focus in on tasks at work.

For women going into menopause with those major bursts of estrogen foods like bok choy, swiss chard and then those soaked and sprouted quinoa and buckwheat items are actually great here. This is where you are going to get those good B vitamins and the fiber your body needs to flush the estrogen out of your body quickly and efficiently. And when you are dealing with those mood swings you need to make sure you are getting enough of those essential fatty acids. You can eat avocados, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, beets to help with some additional vitamin A to support your hormonal swings.

More on fitness.... stay tuned.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Health Benefits of Dill Pollen I Allergy and Digestive Relief

Health Benefits of Dill Pollen

There are so many natural health benefits out there, that one could really research and learn all of their life and never learn about them all. I read about dill pollen on an amazing site - Pollen Ranch. They were the first in the nation to collect and store dill pollen. I recently purchased my first dill pollen, and thought, "WOW! What have I been eating before this!!" We love dill in our house, but nothing compares to real, fresh, pure dill pollen. Seriously! My favorite salad dressing these days is olive oil, coconut vinegar, Himalayan salt, garlic, lemon essential oil, and dill pollen. It's oh so yummy!!  There are so many items you can use dill pollen with, and I find that my allergies are better when I'm using it - and that's something that is priceless to me. I have had such an amazing season between curcumin and the dill pollen that it's been like living a normal life. ;) Who knew? If you click on the picture you will be able to learn more about dill pollen with Marx Food - and they gave me a great idea of adding dill pollen to my tomato soup! Cannot wait to try that out. 

Benefits of Dill (from Pollen Ranch)
  1.     Digestion: Dill itself is an appetizer and therefore extensively used in culinary. The essential oils present in it are stimulant in nature and activates secretion of bile and digestive juices. These oils also stimulate peristaltic motion of the intestine.
  2.     Insomnia: Essential oils found in herbs have a peculiar property. They are simultaneously stimulant and sedative or hypnotic, that is, they stimulate as well as pacify. The essential oils in dill are no different. The Flavonoids and vitamin-B complex present in its essential oils, being stimulant in nature, activates secretion of certain enzymes and hormones which have calmative and hypnotic effects, thereby helping have a good sleep.
  3.     Hiccups: Hiccups occur due to various reasons, primarily due to trapping and repeated upward movement of gases through the food pipe and secondarily due to certain allergies, hypersensitivity, hyperactivity and nervous malfunctioning etc. Dill can help in all of these situations. Being a carminative, it helps expulsion of gases and also reduces gas formation and being sedative, it helps calm down hiccups due to allergies (which is actually hypersensitivity of the body towards certain foreign elements and bile), hyperactivity, nervous disturbances etc.
  4.     Diarrhea: Diarrhea is caused mainly due to two reasons; indigestion and microbial action. For the first, dill can certainly help as it has very good digestive properties. For the second, it can help again since the Monoterpenes and Flavonoids present in its essential oils are germicidal or bactericidal in nature and can help cure diarrhea by inhibiting microbial infections.
  5.     Dysentery: Dysentery is primarily caused due to fungal infections. Here too, dill can help as its essential oils are disinfectant in nature and help inhibit fungal infection effectively.
  6.     Menstrual Disorders: The Flavonoids in essential oils of dill are stimulant and Emenagogue in nature, that is, they stimulate secretion of certain hormones which in turn help maintain proper menstrual cycles. Respiratory Disorders: Kaempferol and certain other components of Flavonoids and Monoterpenes in the essential oils of dill are anti congestive and anti histaminic in nature and help clear congestion in the respiratory system due to histamine, allergies or cough.
  7.     Oral Care: Dill seeds and leaves are very good mouth fresheners. Apart from that, the essential oils in it are germicidal, anti oxidant and disinfectant in nature. Thus they help end microbial infections in the mouth as well as their anti oxidants minimize the damages caused to gums and teeth by the free radicals.
  8.     Cancer: Now it is the turn of the Monoterpenes to come under the lime light. These chemoprotective Monoterpenes, being stimulant in nature, activates secretion of an enzyme called glutathione-S-transferase (the radical glutathione is an effective anti oxidant) which is very effective in neutralizing carcinogens, particularly Cyano- and Benzo- derivatives and free radicals, thereby protecting from cancer. The other anti oxidants in essential oils of dill also contribute to this.
  9.     Other Benefits: Dill is relaxant, fortifying (strength giving), diuretic (increases urination helping removal of toxic substances from the body), carminative (helps removal of gases), anti spasmodic (prevents cramps), anti flatulent, stimulates lactation (galactagogue) and endocrinal secretions, enhances libido due to presence of Arginine and last but not the least, it ensures bone and dental health being a good source of calcium.[5]

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mother's Nutrition **Before Pregnancy** May Alter Function of Her Children's Genes

Epigenetics: Mother's Nutrition **Before Pregnancy** May Alter Function of Her Children's Genes 

I've been talking a lot recently about how as a woman, your health means so much more than just being healthy for yourself. It's about what you are going to pass on to your children. Not only does this mean that what you eat may be changing your DNA. Imagine that. You are not passing on the healthy genes your grandparents passed onto their children, because your eating habits are actually changing your DNA. A New Scientist article recently quoted a study that was done on rats. It showed how specific supplements injected into pregnant rats alter the DNA expression of their children. So too does injection of specific supplements change their behavior. You've probably seen some of this in your children with food coloring, etc.

Back in your school biology class all of you probably learned that DNA is your genetic code. In other words it's the cellular instructions to make proteins. When our DNA is damaged, we subject ourselves to numerous health problems. Our cells become inhibited in producing what our bodies need and our bodies become challenged in re-growing healthy cells.

That being said, have you ever heard of Pottenger's cats? One particular question that Pottenger addressed in his study had to do with the nutritive value of heat-labile elements — nutrients destroyed by heat and available only in raw foods. Dr. Pottenger then devised a series of controlled experiments along with Dr. Alvin Foord, a professor of pathology at the University of Southern California and pathologist at the Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. In the first experiment, the cats were divided into two groups. A control group of cats was fed a raw food diet composed of raw meat, raw milk, and cod liver oil. A second group was fed a diet composed of cooked meat and processed milk (CFD) plus the cod liver oil.

The 1st through 4th generation of Pottenger's cats were great, happy, lots of great little kittens. There was no 4th generation of CFD cats. No CFD cats of the 3rd generation could give birth to healthy offspring. Either the third generation parents were sterile or the fourth generation cats died before birth. So what do you think now that we have given birth to the third or fourth generation of kids eating processed foods... what do you think we've done to them? These cats developed diseases and illnesses near the end of their lives. Then the third generation of cats began manifesting unhealthy conditions in the beginning of their lives and many died before six months of age. Like I said, there was no 4th generation of CFD cats. A really great article on the these bad bio-franken-created foods is here - http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/global-warming/food-how-altered/

When you switch over to a paleo vegeo diet you will be moving to a mostly unprocessed style of eating, and you need to focus on organics when you use anything processed at all. Processed foods almost always mean genetically modified. Never forget that altering the DNA of your food directly affects the human or animal’s DNA that eats it. You can also supplement with the right paleo supplement like the Organic Greens Complex with Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is known to help the body remove harmful substances. Numerous studies have found that it helps our DNA repair itself - and it adds an alkaline kick that comes in a structure that's similar to the hemoglobin of healthy blood. For fertility, though, it also helps build up the uterine lining.

Add in an undenatured whey protein like the organic Action Whey or WAVSmart Pro, because women that frequently have early miscarriages have been shown to have lower glutathione levels. And for your spouse, it helps to have the higher levels of glutathione for properly formed sperm. This bioactive whey protein is one of the ways you get this boost to the glutathione levels in your body.

Keep reading to learn more about this nutrition for during your pregnancy and beyond.

How to get through a healthy pregnancy with proper supplementation

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

JM Ocean Avenue Empower Changed the course of Franco Cavaleri's life dealing with Ulcerative Colitis

JM Ocean Avenue Empower Changed the course of Franco Cavaleri's life dealing with Ulcerative Colitis

I read this great artlcle on a Chiro blog -http://www.chiro.org/wordpress/?p=12126 - it talked about curcumin and using it to help minimise disease-related changes and repair damage to the spinal cord. I actually just started working with this company that has a great product, Empower. I think it's so amazing the things that we are learning about natural health. Using curcumin (WAVMpower) has changed so many lives, and in fact it's because of how it changed biochemist and natural bodybuilder, Franco Cavaleri's that that JM Ocean Avenue was launched.  

Franco Cavaleri creator of Empower and CSO of Ocean Avenue Shakes and Supplements
You may not know that Franco was a natural bodybuilder, and years ago while getting ready for a professional level body building competition qualifier, Franco. started to feel ill.He had run out of the raw materials he used to extract the herbal supplements that he was creating and using, and found himself in the hospital with a diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis, which is closely related to Chron’s Disease. Basically, his body was laying waste to his large intestine – causing massive inflammatory reactions.
None of the traditional medical remedies were working to improve Cavaleri’s condition, and his doctors advised immediate removal of his large intestine.That was an aha moment for Franco. He shared his story with the doctor's about how he’d kept the symptoms of his ulcerative colitis in check. Cavaleri’s doctors were amazed that he’d been able to compete at the higher levels of body building – maintaining weight, muscle mass, and stamina - mainly because his body should have been succumbing to the colitis in a much more aggressive fashion.

Ulcerative Colitis is a disease that develops over time. 

Ulcerative colitis is a form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Ulcerative colitis is a form of colitis, a disease of the colon (large intestine), that includes characteristic ulcers, or open sores. The main symptom of active disease is usually constant diarrhea mixed with blood, of gradual onset. IBD is often confused with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a troublesome, but much less serious, condition.What Cavaleri realized at that point was that his work with Nutrigenomics and the supplements that he had created and were taking were giving his body the strength and ammunition required to keep his ulcerative colitis at bay.
Essentially, Franco Cavaleri had been succeeding at fighting off his ulcerative colitis to a much more effective degree than any of the traditional medicine implemented in the hospital had been able to do.
As Cavaleri wrestled with the possibility of life changing surgery, he decided to go back on his anti-inflammatory remedy  His doctors agreed to monitor his progress, and within one week Cavaleri’s symptoms from ulcerative colitis subsided. Within three weeks he’d gained back the 50 lbs he’d lost while in the hospital and was feeling fine. Months later, he got back into weight training to prepare for his shot at a professional level body building competition.

Franco Cavaleri become Mr. North America with use of Empower available at Ocean Avenue Shakes and Supplements

One year later, Franco Caveleri won the Mr. North America Body Building Competition – fulfilling a long time goal. Franco's real passion is good health – and on the organic side. Some of the ingredients in the products are even organic - and these products are helping so many people. One of my closest friends has been seeing amazing reduction of the swelling that is caused by her CVI. And in fact, Ryan, my upline cute little leader, and Fred Ninow's son has seen amazing changes using it as well. I will be excited to see how it will help my mom's aging hands, my husband's two bad knees, and my chronic inflammation due to allergies long term. And we know that inflammation is the disease culprit.

Recently we moved into our dream house, and that took a huge toll on my body and created major inflammation. I don't think I could have survived without my JM Ocean Avenue Empower. I took 4 capsules morning and night to help me get through the day and sleep. 

I also recommend the Bell Lifestyle Curcumin product because it's all very easy to figure out as far as ingredients, and it says exactly what is in there. It will take more capsules during the day than you would need with Empower, but it is under $30 including shipping is an amazing deal that you just can't pass up if you are wanting to try curcumin but need a lessor price point.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Excuses and Fear Are Out Of Here I Simply Fit Challenge Week One

Simply Fit Challenge Week One 

Six week challenge starts tomorrow, and this first week is all about tackling all of those excuses. It seems that over the last year I have become the Queen of excuses. The FitBit scale let me know... and apparently I don't work well with old school manual scales. It was shocking!!
It's about health, and when I focus on health then the weight will come back off... I know that.
At least I can't lie to myself any more about what the old manual scale says I weigh. As a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner I want to hang my head in shame, but I won't. I won't attach shame to anything that is attached to me. I am amazing. I just had to pull myself together and I'm saying goodbye to the garbage. I have gained over ten pounds in the last 14 months... and it's okay. Goodbye to those ten pounds, because I am going to give them up. I don't know need them to be my partner in fear... I am over that. 

Excuses and Fear Are Out Of Here I Simply Fit Challenge Week One I Paleo Vegeo Challenge

I have been very quick to make excuses since the miscarriage. Sort of like I made excuses when I had my daughter. I had to realize that when she was four it was no longer 'baby weight'. Excuses are rationalizations we make to ourselves about people, events and circumstances like weight, relationships, career, and so much more in our lives. These excuses are invented reasons we create to defend our dysfunctional behavior, to neglect taking action, or simply as a means of negating responsibility... and believe me that many of us have a lot of that held onto issues about responsibility. It either makes us control freaks, or afraid of success and being responsible for others. 
I have been living with LOADS of excuses. And in fat what it comes down to is these reasons: 
  • Fear of Failure/Success/Responsibility
  • Fear of Embarrassment 
  • Fear of Change {Who Moved My Cheese}
  • Fear of Uncertainty 
  • Fear of Making Mistakes
  • Perceived lack of confidence or resources {Like not having enough... been there too} 

To eliminate excuses from our lives we must first look at eliminating all traces of fear. And that was my word for the year, Fearless. And so it's time that I've spent half the year going after many of my fears, now it's a big big fear of failure, wrapped tightly in a big fear of success!

Do they have an AA program for that? One for those of us that are GREAT at coaching others to get through these issues, but SUCK air at getting down to business when it comes to ourselves?
I am going to let go of those fears because I have a lot of them. I fear that I won't get back to the size that I used to be. I fear that if I get back to the size I used to be I will go back to the person I used to be... and I didn't like that girl very much. She was a bit of a bee-och. I fear that I will be very successful and more clients will look to me for answers. I fear that I will grow an extremely large business organization and I won't be able to support them.
The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses…The gift is yours—it is an amazing journey—and you alone are responsible for the quality of it.” ~Bob Moawad
So I am looking at myself today as a person who is ready to say goodbye to my excuses. I am going to say goodbye to a person that fears becoming something more.... it goes back a lot of years, this fear, but I am ready to take it on. I know I'm not a size, and I think of myself as such. It stands in the way of my wellness goals. It stands in the way of being the best mom and wife I can be. It stands in the way of going after things I know that I want to go after. So that is what this is all about this week. Taking on those fears.
Today it ends. Fears be gone. I am enough. I am going after my dreams. Are you ready to take on some fears? Get over some insecurities? Be the person you are meant to be?? It's going to be hard, but you can do it, and so can I!!  

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wheat & Simple Sugars : Why Your Child Is Immune Suppressed

Simple Sugars makes our kids sick

You may read the topic and think I'm a crazy person, but I want to share with you some information that's been around since a large study in the early 1970's. Just 400 calories of simple sugars (glucose, fructose, honey, juice, sugar, etc.) decreases you immunity. The cells ability to engulf bacteria is left at that decreased level for five hours.

There was a 1973 study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the researchers at Loma Linda University gave volunteers 100 grams of sugar (20 teaspoons, roughly the amount in a liter of soda). The researchers then drew blood from the volunteers and mixed in some bacteria. They found that infection-fighting white blood cells from people who had just gorged on sugar gobbled up many fewer bacteria than those who had just fasted or eaten an unsweetened starch.

Let's take that a step further. We know that a typical human has about 5 liters of blood, and a reading of 99 mg/dl, which is considered pre-diabetic - which does effect your immune response. Just one teaspoon of sugar contains 5 grams which is all that is needed to hit that reading. So the 4.95 grams of sugar in the blood of a person just short of being pre-diabetic equals a little less than one teaspoon. Crazy, right?

So why am I including wheat to this topic of sugar and immune suppression?

How often do you feed your kids. What's in their lunch box, What do you think your kids are getting for treats at school and preschool?

When we eat simple sugars at every meal our bodies cannot respond to disease. Along with that the peptides in gluten cause immune suppression or addiction to wheat. And our children already have less developed immune systems and are touching everything, hugging friends and have become these little petri dishes living with runny noses, coughs and upset stomachs. They are getting some sort of simple sugar and wheat at every meal, every snack. They are never able to catch up internally to fight off the bacteria in their bodies. I had never thought of this really in this manner before listening to Dr. Herzog at this conference I went to..

So at the conference Dr. Herzog - an amazing peditrician - gave us a long talk called 'Pediatrician Model of Health' all about nutrition and our kids. This included all of this information on the immune system, but so much more. So let me sum it up for you:
  • All body processes are intertwined especially the gut and immune system. Structure determines function. Good food turns on good genes. 
  • We are not slaves to our family's medical history. 
  • The American Medical Association recommends organic foods. Benomyl has been connected to Parkinson's disease. It kills neurons. But this is just one chemical and we know so little about so many of these chemicals and pesticides they are using on our food. Organic is best. 
  • A way to help our children eat healthy food is adding in smoothies (With kale, broccoli, or sprouts, berries, citrus, pineapple, wheat grass, and protein powder--- my favorite new vegan protein/fiber shake and creating a rainbow on their plates. Teach them to get in all of their colors. I often use the BlendFresh fresh dried organic powders added into other meals and they don't even notice it. 
  • We must supplement for our children. Our soils are depleted and our produce is very different from our grandparents produce---lacks nutrients. A children's chewable whole foods supplement is a great support to your child's system. 
  • Reduce toxic load. Use less chemical self care and home cleaning products. 
  • Inflammatory foods are Wheat (Wheat Belly) Simple Carbs (Sugar) Excess Omega 6 (from fast food)
  • Use IQ Mega (Omega 3 to balance Omega 6s) 
  • Children are immune suppressed. Build a healthy immunity through playing in the dirt. (antibacterial essential oil hand sanitizer.) Probiotics, Vit D (2,000-5,000 for adults) Feeding children inflammatory foods leads to pro-inflammatory diseases and autoimmune disease.
  • Essential oils are safe and effective for ALL ages. Even the time relase probiotics  can be broken open and fed on your finger to your infant {the entire capsule of probiotics at one time}to protect their guts. 
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product nor anything written about on this blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This blog is a purely entertainment practice. ')

Have you ever heard of a bean smoothie? - Beans For Paleo Vegeo Diets

Have you ever heard of a bean smoothie for weight loss or muscle gain? 

I came across this smoothie recipe, and I think I almost fell over.

Healthy Paleo Bean Smoothie for body building for vegetarian crossfit

1/4 cup raw hulled pumpkin seeds
1 scoop NitroFusion, or similar protein powder
1 cup soymilk
1 cup water
1 banana
1 can canellini beans, rinsed [aka white kidney beans]
[optional] cocoa powder to taste

Blend all ingredients to desired consistency

Total stats: 974 calories, 125g carbs, 68g protein, 18.5g fat, 43g fiber

This was on a Vegan Bodybuilding website, and I wanted to say... body building for WHO exactly? I don't know about you but 974 calories is most of my daily diet. WOW!!

So what kind of bean smoothie do your recommend? 

This is more up my alley in terms of healthy and wellness for a bean smoothie.

Now of course you are probably saying, "What? Beans are not paleo??" ... but many in our community are starting to change the way we look at beans as a one-size fits all sort of plan. You know I am all about finding your own nutritional truth, right? A fantastic article on Chris Kressers' blog went into details about the pros and cons of beans, and the ONE study that most of your paleo pushers use to put the fear of beans into your diet. I recommend you read it, and if you tolerate beans, then this is a fun recipe revamp that we use at my house.

Great Northern Protein Shake

6 ounces raw pineapple
4 ounces flax or hemp unsweetened milk
1 cup frozen berries
1 can (16 ounces) Eden Great Northern Beans or your own soaked Great Norther beans, rinsed and drained
1 scoop of Action Whey (undenatured whey vegetarian) or SunWarrior Warrior Blend (for vegan)
1 teaspoon stevia (optional)
ice (optional)

Blend and enjoy