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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Let's compare the T30 and the W30

Most of us know what the W30 is. 

The Whole 30 is a program where you eliminate gluten, dairy, soy, corn, peanuts, sugar and processed foods and eat very clean paleo for thirty days. The idea is to get back to eating real food. They say no to pancakes, smoothies, protein powders, pizza or anything that they call food that are like having " sex with your pants on". SWYPO is the biggest push back I get in my Paleo Vegeo group because people don't agree with using any supplementation. However most of us that are eating in a paleo vegan or vegetarian manner have to address the large elephant in the room, which is we need supplementation. 

Let's compare the T30 and the W30 I Whole 30 Vegan Shopping ListPeople always say they can't do the whole 30 as a vegetarian or as a vegan... and I've one it... and this is the whole 30 list for vegan/vegetarian with my allergies all crossed off. So no excuses.

Here is a look at the recommendations for supplementation for vegans by the Vegan RD

All vegans:Vitamin B12. You can’t get enough by eating unwashed organic produce or mushrooms grown in B12-rich soil. The recommended dose is 25 to 100 micrograms per day or 1,000 micrograms 2-3 times per week. If you have not been taking B12 for a while, start out with 2,000 micrograms daily for several weeks. Or get a blood test to see where you are and whether you might need a more therapeutic dose.
Most vegans:Vitamin D. If you live where it’s sunny and warm all year and you spend time outdoors without sunscreen, you can make enough. The rest of us need a supplement or fortified foods (just like omnivores do) supplying 1,000 I.U.s of vitamin D. (This amount is well above the RDA for vitamin D but most experts think it’s warranted. {I was taking 10,000 units at one time, and now take 5,000 because we just don't get the natural vitamin D here in the Seattle area} 
Iodine. Omnivores get most of their iodine from dairy products, which pick up iodine from solutions used to clean cows and equipment on dairy farms. Vegans who regularly eat sea vegetables may get enough, but the content varies a lot as it does for sea salt and other “natural” salts. {Yesterday in my group I shared some information on the toxins in some packaged sea vegetables} Miso, which some vegans prefer to use in place of salt—because it’s a whole food—is not usually a good source of iodine. The only reliable sources are iodized salt or a supplement providing around 90 micrograms per day.
Some vegans:Calcium. We don’t know if vegans have lower needs, but the old “low protein diets reduce calcium needs” theory has taken some real hits in the past years. Based on current understanding–which is admittedly pretty poor–we vegans should strive for the RDA. Our ancestors didn’t drink milk and got all the calcium they needed from wild greens. And even though modern cultivated greens have less, we could get enough calcium just from these foods, too. But the recommendation to eat four or more cups of cooked greens per day makes veganism a hard sell. Without fortified foods, many vegans fall short on calcium. (So do most omnivores; the food industry doesn’t fortify orange juice or instant oatmeal with calcium as a favor to vegans. Those foods are marketed to omnivore women.)
Iron. Young women with heavy periods may have a tough time keeping up with iron needs, and again, this is not a problem that is specific to vegans. Rates of iron deficiency anemia are actually very high among pre-menopausal omnivore women. It can help to take a low dose supplement (high doses can be hard on the stomach) with orange juice to boost absorption, or to include some fortified foods in the diet. There is some evidence that taking supplements of the amino acid L-lysine boosts absorption of supplemental iron.
Possible supplement requirementsDHA: 200 to 300 mg several times a week. It may be a good idea, but we don’t know for sure. I take this amount almost daily and would recommend it in particular for anyone who is prone to depression.
Sound like a lot of supplements? Well, here is some perspective: Omnivores get their vitamin D from fortified foods (cow’s milk is not a natural source of this nutrient) and their iodine from accidental contamination of dairy foods. Many omnivores—women especially—depend on supplements to meet calcium and iron needs. And the Institute of Medicine recommends that everyone over the age of 50 should add vitamin B12 supplements or fortified foods to their diet since it becomes increasingly difficult to digest and absorb the vitamin B12 in animal foods with aging.
SO what about my own Paleo Vegeo supplementation? 

I take a whole foods supplement (6 capsules daily, and 2 daily for my daughter) for my A, C, E and Folate. I also supplement with Vitamin D, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, DHA, Kelp, Methylated B12 and Probiotics (both supplemental and in food). So ... do you supplement or do you think you get enough in your food? 

You know that I have to add the little disclaimer on the website, but I am certified in personal nutrition, and am now working on my advanced degree. So I have seen the way that nutrition impacts us, and our children. Women's nutrition is one of the most important areas that I see lacking, especially because either women don't take any supplementation until they are pregnant, can't stomach the synthetics, or eat primarily poor quality foods before, during and after pregnancy. Or they suffer from fertility issues that are often complicated from the chemicals they use in their home, and the ones they are eating.

Then we take these babes and we give them a non-nutritional formula, or packaged, gmo foods. Did you know that babies to 3 years are best left to good complex carbohydrates and not starchy pastas? Yet it's there in the "entry to food" prepacked items.

Nutrition should start early with real whole foods after six months of nursing minimum, and for most of us supplemented as needed, and for even my family it's needed.

Let's compare the T30 and the W30

Now what about the comparison to the T30. The Transform 30 is eliminates gluten, dairy, meat, processed foods. It has you drinking 3 liters of water daily, getting eight hours of sleep, drinking two shakes per day, and eating real whole vegan foods for your other meals as well as supplementing with their whole foods capsules. The shake is not aligned to those that are focused in on the paleo vision of non-soy. However, the Whole 30 allows for the right type of soy for vegans. Did you know that? And the T30 shake is an organic, non-gmo cold washed soy and tofu protein with other proteins as well. It also has chickpea, pea and rice proteins (rice is making a paleo comeback due to it's resistant starch and probiotic nature) a sprout blend and pumpkin, pomegranate, spirulina, mushroom extract and digestive enzymes. For a lot of people dealing with PCOS issues we are told to move to paleo. Meat is often a bodybuilder staple to raise the testosterone levels, so I think that diving into all meat isn't always going to be the PCOS answer. That being said, if you struggle with fertility, the capsules are going to be exactly what you need, but the shake maybe not. It will balance out those insulin spikes, but it won't increase fertility. You may also want to look at the 22 Days protein shakes, although it is just protein and you still need to add to it for a meal replacement shake. It's all something to think about, right? 

How have I done with the T30?

Well this has been life changing for my family... and I would love to share it with you! In 30 days, my husband has been able to see great changes. I can't wait to share his next 30 days.

Of course real food-based nutrition in a vitamin format has been really helpful for me. I think with the methylation issues I have, I really wasn't getting the nutrients I needed. I call it the farmer's market in a capsule! Unlike common multivitamins that you've heard me talk about and that only deliver fillers, chemicals and less than active nutrients, these deliver actual food-based nutrients that are organic and pure, making them impressively bioavailable and easy to digest. They're all completely non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, low heavy metals verified and completely free of pesticides and herbicides. All food should be made this way! Labels and ALL!!

Before I go on, let me be clear about something. The best source of nutrition is the real, organic, fresh foods that you buy at your local market or farm. No supplement, no matter how amazing, can replace real, fresh foods and superfoods that you grow in your own garden or aquaponic system. So we do get a lot of fresh foods, and the shakes and capsules are a good support tool. 

In 120 days I have seen big strides in my own progress as well. And after the last 24 months I really wasn't sure I was every going to see any changes... but thankfully I am on the journey back to where my body is at it's healthiest. So the question is, what is stopping you from deciding you are ready to change? 

Let's compare the T30 and the W30 I Female Results on the Transform 120

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Banana Nut Protein Muffins

If you love protein drinks, but hate all the chemicals, fillers, and artificial ingredients found in most powders, then you'll be super excited to hear that ALOHA has a new and improved organic, vegan protein powder made with thoughtfully sourced protein from plants, including hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, and peas. ALOHA leaves out all those unhealthy, unnatural ingredients that are common in most protein powders in order to give us the purest protein possible.

All 18g of protein in ALOHA Protein are derived from organic sources and is the cleanest, purest real-food protein powder on the market. Enjoy as a meal replacement or as a part of a meal or snack. For example, here's a healthy spin on the classic banana nut muffin using ALOHA Protein. It's not only delicious, it's also low in carbohydrates and calories.

This quick and easy recipe makes about 16 muffins—make a batch for grab-and-go breakfasts all week!

  • 2 cups almond meal flour (or tigernut flour)
  • 1 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp Himalayan salt
  • 2 scoops ALOHA Chocolate Protein (or your choice of vegan protein powders) 
  • 3 ripe bananas
  • 2 cage-free eggs (or vegan alternative)
  • 1/2 cup Coconut Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup coconut (melted) or tigernut oil
  • 1/3 cup of chopped raw walnuts

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Spray a muffin tin with non-stick cooking spray or fill with muffin wrappers. In a large mixing bowl mash the bananas with a fork or whatever works. Mix in the eggs, yogurt, and coconut oil. Stir vigorously for about two minutes, or until the mixture is smooth. In a separate bowl combine the drying ingredients. Make sure there are no lumps. Add dry ingredients to banana mixture and stir until dry and wet ingredients are well mixed.

Scoop the batter into the prepared muffin tins. Top with the chopped walnuts. Bake for about 20 to 25 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Cool for five minutes then remove to a wire rack to finish cooling. 
There are tons of recipe ideas over on the ALOHA blog, like this cauliflower deep dish breakfast pizza, so make sure you check it out.

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Alcohol and ADD Connection to GABA I On Tuesday We Talk I The Barbara Christensen VlogCast

The Alcohol and ADD Connection

Me and my Dad I The Alcohol and ADD Connection to GABA I On Tuesday We Talk I The Barbara Christensen VlogCast Coming from a family with two very long lines of alcoholism, depression, anxiety, Alzheimers, attention disorders, suicide and a long list of low serotonin associated disorders, as I am learning more about amino acids and their role in our bodies and brains, I am learn more about myself and my immediate family. I look at this photo of my dad, myself and my little sister, and it's striking that I was hiding, and playing the passive mommy role already. Even then I was allowing myself to be put into that codependent role, and it plagued me for decades. 

For a long time I was very reactively angry at my dad. My father passed over two decades ago several months before I met my husband. But he was the key factor that created the caregiver, codependent person that I became in life. As I learn more about our internal systems, I am starting to forgive and understand him, as well as the others in my family that have had the same demons to overcome. Here's hoping that the learning process continues as today I talk about GABA, the amino acid l-glutatmine, anxiety, low serotonin, ADD/ADHD and alcoholism. As always, Live Your Truth!

You can get amino acid testing from your doctor or I recommend True Health Labs

Friday, July 31, 2015

You are what you eat. ... or take in the way of supplementation

You are what you eat 

I shared this in my aromatherapy group, but it was so important I had to share it here as well...

According to an article that I read on the Harvard website, "multivitamin bashing seems to be in season. The March 2008 Harvard Men’s Health Watch gives the impression that few of the ingredients in a multivitamin are worth taking. The June 2008 Nutrition Action Health Letter suggests taking a multivitamin every other day instead of every day. The central concern of both articles is folic acid—specifically,getting too much folic acid." And when we read articles about supplementing what it always comes down to is that you can't replace real nutrition with synthetic nutrients

Their better advice: "Take a standard multivitamin every day, but stay away from heavily fortified foods that deliver a full day’s dose—or sometimes more—of folic acid ... there is newer evidence that excess folic acid (the synthetic version of folate, a vitamin found abundantly in vegetables, fruits, and grains) may be contributing to an uptick in colorectal cancer. many of those multi vitamins or meal replacement shakes contain your recommended daily amount — 400 micrograms (mcg) — but look at your package foods and you'll see that folic acid is also added to breakfast cereals and enriched grain and cereal products, including breads, rice, and pasta. A person taking a multivitamin can easily exceed the recommended total intake, and maybe even the safe upper limit of 1,000 mcg. This issues of getting too much isn’t a problem with folate found naturally in foods. But most supplemental vitamins are fortified and not the whole foods that your body really needs."

You've heard me talk about Folic vs. Folate before when I have talked about MTHFR, but did you know that most vitamin B1 supplements are made from derivatives of coal tar? Or that ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is often made by reacting high-fructose corn syrup with sulfuric acid? Or even that many iron supplements (for those that have the iron-folic anemia you may want to hear this) ... are often made from the rust off of nails?

You Are What You Eat ... Or Take In The Way Of Supplementation

Where you get your nutrition matters. How you react to what you are eating matters. If your skin looks like it's being used to detoxify your system, you have a problem with your central detoxification chimney. 

I want to get more into the concept of food synergy. This concept is based on the proposition that the interrelations between constituents in foods are significant. We all should realize this by now, but we don't. It's because we see these ads all over the place that say we need this fortified food and that fortified food. This significance in our food and/or supplementation is dependent on the balance between constituents within what is going into our bodies, how well these constituents survive digestion, and the extent to which they appear biologically active at the cellular level.

The Journal of the American College of Nutrition published data says: A healthy diet should contain all of the required nutrients and sufficient calories to balance energy expenditure and provide for growth and maintenance throughout the life cycle. Importantly, dietary factors are associated with 5 of the 10 leading causes of death, including coronary heart disease, certain types of cancer, stroke, noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus and atherosclerosis. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8892167

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Would You Yell At My Child In Your Diner I What Has Our Country Become

SO what has our country become?

I find it sick that my news feed today is actually filled with people that are okay with this diner owner yelling at a child. You should never yell at a child that isn't yours, period. As well I ran a lot of stores, and a lot of restaurants, and I never once yelled at a child, or had other patrons ask me to do the same.

One friend posted on her wall about her experience with her children  "when they were little to include fine dining. We always got over the top compliments from servers and other customers. My kids knew what was appropriate behavior as toddlers. I can remember once and only once where my son misbehaved and I removed him immediately from the restaurant so as not to disturb other diners paying to enjoy a meal. IT only took once. Honestly that tact seems dead with some of today's parents. A little kid yelled (not upset--just making obnoxious noise) through my dinner with my husband the other night while her parents did NOTHING to quiet her down or remove her.
As a parent, you do have an obligation to remove your child if it disturbs diners. If your child does not have the temperament or manners? They are not ready to dine in public with others. It's a privilege. Not a right."

This wasn't at some fine dining, we have plenty of money, and I'm a DisneyMom event. RIGHT? Yes, this comment above came from a mom blogger that is a DisneyMom ... which I hope they saw that post because that is the type of person they are connected to. This was a family at the end of a vacation trying to get some breakfast and get on the road. They waited 30 minutes for a table, which they didn't leave because on a weekend morning ever diner would have had the same wait. Then they waited 40 minutes for their child's pancakes. Would your toddler at the end of a vacation act that way once they were starved?

Parents are saying they should have had cheerios, or coloring books, or numerous other things. Really? DO you think that would have stopped the crazy reaction from the owner. And how often do you take all of that into a diner on vacation? Be honest. ..

And have you all seen the diner footage of the crazy owner? I have seen that, her response on Facebook and the parents side of things and I feel like we've shifted too far over to the wrong side of the tracks in our country if we think it's okay for a business owner to yell at a toddler.

And all of the women that are posting about how it was their fault. You should never take a fussy baby out to a restaurant (yes... even on weekend on vacation in Maine)... I am sickened at the way our society is reacting to this event.  It really breaks my heart.

Photo Credit: PoisonedCandyFloss/Tumblr

One gals response was "she said her kid was "fussing" . We all know what that means. Also, they still should have known better to just go somewhere quick or have something with them so that the kid wasn't starving while they were waiting."

Another gal said, "Here's the crux of it. People are claiming this small town Maine diner owner is unprofessional. How many of these people have been to small town Maine? The idea that everyone should run their business to the same standards is ridiculous. Ever hear of local color? Ever heard of a business owner being rough around the edges? I have no problem with what she did. You walk into a small town diner, cash only kind of place, you adjust your expectations from a restaurant chain dining experience. You don't get food in 10 minutes. You don't get fake pasted on smiles. You get real small town America. And if she's looking out for her regulars and is rude to an out of towner...well again. That's kind of what I would expect."

Really... if you live in a small town you are expected to be rough around the edges and everyone else should just get over it?

There is also a comment that I saw on a thread when someone asked this owner if they were open today. The owner said they weren't closing because of some "retarded child with autism," then advised the lady not to bring in kids or she could expect their food to get spit in.

Really... this owner is sick in the head, and the people that are applauding her ... I just don't get it. I had to rant. Thank you universe for allowing me the sanity to see that this behavior shouldn't be applauded.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Food, Exercise and Anti-depressant Use I Paleo Vegeo

What does food and exercise have to do with anti-depressant use? 

Food is the most widely abused anti-anxiety drug in America, and exercise is the most potent and underutilized antidepressant. ~ Bill Phillips.

The Ashley Madison's affair hookup site being hacked and the fact that the states with the highest infidelity were also the states with the highest antidepressant use wasn't surprising to me. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), says the rate of antidepressant use in this country among teens and adults (people ages 12 and older) increased by almost 400% between 1988–1994 and 2005–2008. So what about today? 

An article in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry starts with: "Few people are aware of the connection between nutrition and depression while they easily understand the connection between nutritional deficiencies and physical illness."

I know that the state with the number four slot, Utah, for use of the Ashley Madison website also has not only the highest use rates of antidepressant use in the country, but the highest depression index, according to a National Mental Health Survey in 2007. And from my days in restaurant operations I know one of the most popular restaurants in the chain industry has the highest amount of cheesecake sold at their Utah location. 

So what is the answer for lowering the use of antidepressants... I have no clinical answer other than the more real foods we eat, and the more we make it a practice to move and breathe vigorously daily, the better off I think we'll be. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Visalus Transformation Challenge compared to the JM Ocean Avenue Trim4Life Program

Visalus Transformation Challenge compared to the JM Ocean Avenue Trim4Life Program

Visalus Transformation Challenge compared to the JM Ocean Avenue Trim4Life Program
I have a few people that have asked about the differences between the Visalus Transformation Kit and the JM Ocean Avenue Trim60 Trim4Life product kit and wanted to give you all some answers. I think the biggest difference is that you don't get anything artificial in JM Ocean Avenue products, and there is no soy protein it for a good reason. You are getting less products, but they actually do more, and help you to be able to move into maintenance easier because you are eating real foods and building a healthy lifestyle. This is not a Medifast-type program. We want you to find optimal health, and ingredients do not lie.

So let's break down the difference between the Visalus Kit and the JM Ocean Avenue Kit

Visalus Transformation Kit ($249 a month) includes:

  • Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix:  Help shape your body with perfect nutrition. (60 servings and you drink it 2 times a day) Made with soy (which I don't recommend) and Fibersol which is just a disguise for the genetically modified corn fiber, and lots of other ingredients that are hard to pronounce
  • Vi-Slim® Metab-Awake Tablets:  Nutritional support to help you burn fat faster, without jitters or stimulants.  (30 servings) Includes a lot of caffeine, 3 different substances, and Evodiae Fructus which is mostly used in medicine to reduce diarrhea, which makes me wonder why it's part of the program.  
  • Vi-Trim® Clear Control Drink Mix:  Add to your shake or any beverage to keep hunger at bay and help prevent diet sabotage. (30 servings) Garcinia is POSSIBLY SAFE for most people when used for 12 weeks or less. Long-term safety is unknown. Garcinia can cause nausea, digestive tract discomfort, and headache. 
  • Shape-Up™ Health Flavor Mix-Ins:  Add to your shake for fun, variety, and health benefits! (10 servings) Natural and artificial flavors
  • Omega Vitals™:  Help your joints, your skin, your hair, your heart and every cell in your body with our exclusive blend of life enhancing oils, including evening primrose, pumpkin seed, and molecularly distilled fish oils.  (30 servings) Contains Soybean oil. 
  • ViSalus NEURO™ Smart Energy Drink Mix:  Get healthy energy. Nutrition for body and your brain! (30 servings) Flavored with Sucralose (artificial sweetener) 
JM Ocean Avenue Trim60 Kit is very simple ($149.90/month) and includes:
  • WAVSmart Vanilla Bean Smoothie: A delicious naturally flavored vanilla-bean smoothie mix that delivers optimal results for weight management and nutrient delivery (In the Trim4Life program you drink once per day - 30 Servings) This shake is all natural, undenatured whey, no soy. Includes acerola berries for vitamin C and antioxidant support, healthy omega's, fiber, probiotics, greens and is safe for any age and sweetened with stevia instead of sugar or splenda. 
  • JMOA Invigorate - A thermogenic component designed to help activate the brown fat cells ability to 'burn' fat as a source of energy to create body heat. Also regulates blood sugar levels, combating stress related appetite and improve serotonin levels for enhanced mood and reduced carb cravings and stress-induced fat gain. (90 Servings - take 3 times a day) 
Visalus Transformation Challenge compared to the JM Ocean Avenue Trim4Life Program I REV IT UP JMOA Barbara Christensen

The average person today consumes approximately 300–500 more calories than he or she did 30 years ago. Although these extra calories may not seem like a big deal, they can equate to roughly two pounds of increased fat per month if not burned through physical activity. One well-known way to maintain a healthy weight is by improving our eating habits, including eating an appropriate number of calories to match our lifestyle.

The average individual should consume between 2,000 and 2,500 calories per day; unfortunately, the size of today’s meals makes it difficult to stay within that limit. For example, a typical dinner at a restaurant often contains between 1,000 and 2,000 calories alone. Our appetite is naturally stimulated by the release of a hormone called dopamine.

We are constantly surrounded by advertisements as well as food and beverage products that are designed to stimulate the release of dopamine without our body realizing it. This causes us to feel hungry even when our body doesn’t actually need food.

The proprietary blend found in JMOA’s Invigorate helps send signals to the body that it is satiated. It also works collectively to increase the level of AMPK, aiding in the uptake of sugar from the blood stream and signaling to the body that it is full.  {People with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) should not take bitter melon, because it may trigger or worsen the problem.}

It also  aids in weight management by acting as a cellular de-stressor. It also stimulates many enzymes that work to protect nucleic acid degradation. This allows cells to carry out their metabolic functions more efficiently including signaling to the body that it is full.

Or how about just going with the JM Ocean Avenue REV It Up Kit. This amazing kit offers the newest JMOA WAVSmart Pro Shake Mix offers benefits to help feed your body and maximize your nutrition and fitness goals. Uses Undenatured Whey Protein which assists in post-workout recovery and promotes lean muscle development by replenishing your body’s energy supplies and rebuilding muscle fibers. This is grass fed, A2 undenatured straight up whey protein.

WAVSmart Pro has been designed with a thermal factor built into the formula while its caloric tax is so low, you actually burn off the calories consumed while retaining the nutrient density for metabolic, mind and body health.

In addition to the thermic effect and water rebalance, the REV IT UP program also takes advantage of glycogen depletion by reducing glycogen load temporarily. This contributes to a reduction in size and weight in a matter of days. WAVSmart Pro is also designed in line with this glycogen depletion programming.

While helping to produce a shift in your daily calorie balance and body glycogen load, WAVSmart Pro and the foods we will select as part of REV-UP will also induce expulsion of unnecessary water from the body; while maintaining healthy hydration of lean muscle tone due to the naturally rich potassium payload and voiding of sodium.

The Rev Up Promo Pack contains one  WAVMpower, WAVInvigorate, WAVFocus, and our newest product WAVSmart Pro. Kick start your summer body with this health pack for ultimate results. And the Distributor pricing right now is just $174.95... can't beat that!!

And more to come. Stay tuned for the newest WAV Nutrition to come... You will be thrilled! I promise.

JOYMAIN JM Ocean Avenue Korea South Korea China, United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Australia Team Cardiff Reef Legacy Founding JM Ocean Avenue Diamond Distributor

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Your Harshing On My Legumes I Why Paleo Is So Quick To Jump On Vegans

Always drama over legumes

The other day I shared this amazing broccoli and oregano hummus recipe from The Flexitarian on my Facebook page, knowing that the first comment I would get would be that "chickpeas aren't Paleo". I get this all the time in my large nutrition group as well. And my standard answer is from the "authorities" in nutrition because of course myself with a nutrition diploma and a lifetime of ingredient research cannot be the common sense for many of these folks. The people that hate on these sorts of posts are those that are very traditional in the defined roles of Paleo Vegan (Pegan as Dr. Mark calls it) as you can see the traditional below.

our Harshing On My Legumes I Why Paleo Is So Quick To Jump On Vegans I Pegan Paleo Vegeo

What I tell them is this:
t depends on where you get your information, ____. If you look at the Whole 30 Vegan/Vegetarian shopping list Tofu, lentils, and properly prepared beans are all acceptable paleo foods. Paleo Leap says, "Legumes and pseudograins (which include vegetarian staples like buckwheat and quinoa) are both promising solutions to this puzzle – as long as they’re prepared correctly." 
And if you have read my basics you know that this Paleo Vegeo lifestyle is all about finding YOUR nutritional truth. That means for some people chickpeas would be fine, lentils would be fine, kidney beans would be fine, and GASP ... organic tofu would be fine if it works for you. It doesn't work for me, and I am not fond of soy in general personally. But it's your personal truth not mine. I like the TEMPT Hemp Tofu... so yummy. But even some Paleo folks would want to toss me to the timbers for saying hemp is okay if you are paleo. The truth is as you know that you have to get to know yourself and that generally means doing at least 30 days elimination from all of these foods and then reintroducing one at a time to see how your body reacts to them.

It's hard to be vegan. Don't you agree? Especially if you have food allergies. Even harder to be paleo and on top of it vegan. And so for us we have to be aware of genetics, digestion, micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients even more so than your average Paleo off the street. Although many of those that are Paleo should be genetically tested ans see if there are any gene mutations first. If you have the right gene mutation you should be low protein, high fat. If you are eating bacon and ribeye at every meal you could be doing serious damage to your brain and not know it otherwise. That foggy feeling may not be overwhelming life after all.

And there are very few vegan protein powders for paleo folks to choose from. There is the Warrior Blend and Non-GMO Pea Protein, Hemp Protein, Sacha Inchi Protein... and I am just going to say it... rice protein.

Yes I said it. I know that Paleo and Rice are not often said in the same sentence because it's not allowed. But rice in the right form can provide you with a good resistant starch. The best sources of resistant starch is going to be from those supplementary isolated starch sources, and rice protein is a better option than cold cooked rice. So I don't look at it in the same tones as I do eating rice. It's like the Alpha Meta that I have recommended to so many people.

But if you don't react to a little rice you may have been looking at B-Strong by Skoop. However I would not recommend it for B12 MTRR clients because it does show in the ingredient panel that it is not methylated b12, and I did confirm with the company. I do like the Green Foods True Vitality Protein Powder, as an alternative to the B-Strong, I actually like to mix it into The A-Game. I was actually introduced to True Vitality through Choosing Raw because it has an added DHA from algal oil which if you don't eat fish you are unlikely to get. This combination is sort of like a crazy old-school Shakeo... if you know what I mean.