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Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Sunday Wild Blueberry Coconut Flour Pancakes I Paleo Vegeo

Wild Blueberry Coconut Flour Pancakes

We love Easter, for so many reason. I love especially the traditions we have created with our little family each year. 

From the start making Easter eggs has been a daddy and daughter combo. My feeling was that mom gets to do everything with the girl, so shouldn't daddy have some connecting time as well? Of course he should!!

They can't wait to make their Easter eggs, and as we've gone more and more green we end up using of course pastured eggs... all nice and varied in colors, natural egg dye and apple cider vinegar instead of white "corn" vinegar. If we want to eat them later, don't we want them to be edible? 

So that is where the traditions start. This year we added in the making the wild blueberry jam, and so I just had to make some grain-free pancakes to go with it. The Pear Coconut Flour Pancakes held together a little bit better I think because of the added chia seeds. So I may add some chia seeds the next time I make these.

Wild Blueberry Coconut Flour Pancakes

2 Pastured Organic Eggs (or egg substitute for vegan)
2 tbsp of vanilla coconut yogurt
2 tbsp melted coconut oil
1/8 tsp Himalayan salt

2 tbsp organic coconut flour
1/8 tsp aluminum-free baking powder
1/4 cup wild blueberries 


1. Mix all of the liquid ingredients first in your Blendtec Express or other high powered blender. If you need a new high-speed blender the Blendtec for its safe and advanced cutting-edge technology! Get a $600 retail value Blendtec Express blender for $199 or a $1500 Blendtec Express Pro blender for $599when you subscribe to 12 months of Blendfresh (min. $69 per month). What a deal!

2. Add in the salt, baking powder and wild blueberries and blend.

3. I use the Green Ceramic pancake pan because I can just flip it over after 3 minutes, but use a good coconut oil and medium heat and I do 1/4 cup of pancake mix for each pancake. This recipe makes 4 decent sized pancakes. 

These must cook through the full three minutes to hold together. If they aren't pancakey enough for you, make sure you look at the chia pancake recipe linked above. 

Amazing Wild Blueberries and Highland Jam I Paleo Vegeo Recipe

Amazing Wild Blueberries 

If you have never seen wild blueberries, you are missing out. They are amazing!! I love them. They are these little tiny nutrient packed gems!! This is a gorgeous, sticky, taffy-like wild blueberry five ingredient jam!

Wild Blueberries are wildly different from the regular blueberries you normally find in the produce section. Don’t be fooled by their size—they pack more into their tiny blue bodies than any other blueberry on the planet!

Wild Blueberries have a more intense flavor than regular blueberries. Wild Blueberry plants are more genetically diverse with thousands of interlocking plants spreading and interlocking naturally across fields over thousands of years. That diversity is what gives Wild Blueberries their complex and delicious flavor—an extraordinary mix of tart and sweet. Makes them perfect for so many recipes. After we made this Highland Jam we made some Coconut Flour Wild Blueberry pancakes to put them on top of.. YES, we do love the taste of these berries.

Wild Blueberries have two times the antioxidant capacity of the larger cultivated blueberries. A growing body of research shows the potential health benefits of Wild Blueberries including gut health, diabetes, cancer, and brain health.

99% of the Wild Blueberry crop is frozen fresh at harvest, which locks in their nutrition and taste. Wild Blueberries are called “Wild” because they are not planted— they have occurred naturally in barrens and fields in Maine and Eastern Canada for 10,000 years.

These organic Wild Blueberries for a  10-ounce to 15-ounce bag run about $3.59. A 3-pound bag retails for about $10. 

Wild Blueberry Highland Jam Recipe

5 bags 365 Organic wild blueberries - 10 oz each bag 
2 1/2 pounds Organic Vegan sugar
2 ounces fresh squeezed organic lemon juice
1 ounce fresh squeezed organic lime juice
1 1/2 tablespoons Glen Morangie Highland Single Scotch Whiskey (if you are hard core paleo and can't even cook with a little just opt this ingredient out. But it is so little and just adds a unique sugary complexity to the jam) 

Now before you go crazy, remember that all forms of sugar are sugar. Honey, Coconut Sugar, Molasses... it's all just sugars when they are broken down and each have their pros and cons. For me, if you are going to make something that is a treat, then just use sugar. This recipe isn't for everyone in the Paleo Vegeo realm, but also just being vegetarian and paleo is off the beaten path anyway, am I right? Most Paleo Jam recipes are going to use honey, and also gelatin. If you are vegan or vegetarian you probably won't use either, so I opted to use a Vegan and Organic NON-GMO sugar as my option.

1. If you have picked your wild berries watch for stems, but either way give them a good rinse because they can sneak into the bags here and there.

2. In a large bowl combine the berries sugar, lemon juice and lime juice. Then cover and place into the fridge overnight. 

Amazing Wild Blueberries and Highland Jam I Paleo Vegeo Recipe

Wild Berries, Lemon, Lime and Sugar... Like The Best Candy Ever!

It really looks like candy when you place it in the fridge. I took a small spoonful and thought it was actually even better than candy!! Maybe next time I will see if I can blend it into an ice cream/gelato because that was amazingly sweet!! 

3. Mix your Glen Morangie Highland Single Scotch Whiskey into the mix once you take the berries out of the fridge. (if you really want the flavor not the sugar add this in after you finish the boil)

4. Place the berry mixture into a large pot and brought it to a boil. We used our large brewing pot, you need at least a 12 quart pot because it will get very bubbly and you don't want a mess. 

5. Cook your batch until it reaches the setting point. Your setting point for jam is 105c (220F) so a good way to test for setting point is to have a sugar thermometer clipped to the side of your saucepan, with the end dipped in the boiling jam mixture. Otherwise you can try the wrinkle test. This is where you put a plate in the freezer. Take it out and add a spoonful of jam. Let it set for a minute and then push it. The jam will wrinkle when you push it. You may want to have several plates in the freezer if you are going to use the wrinkle test.

6. Here is where you could add additional Highland Scotch into your jam. We used a silicone cutting board as a funnel to pour our jam into the mason jars. 

I just entered the #WildBlueberrySide Recipe Contest with this recipe and you should too! Submit your recipes using frozen Wild Blueberries for a chance to win a Vitamix® Blender or Whole Foods gift cards. This contest is for bloggers only! Get more details here http://bit.ly/wildbbry Make sure if you make it a Paleo Vegeo recipe that you hashtag #paleovegeo so that I can take a look!! Can't wait!! You can learn more about Wild Blueberries at http://www.wildblueberries.com/

Disclosure: I was given these amazing Wild Blueberries to be able to share a wonderful recipe or two with you from the Wild Blueberry Association and Moms Meet .
Learn more online at:

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hormone Imbalance Contributing to the Unhealthy Way You Feel I Paleo vegeo

Hormone Imbalance Contributing to the Unhealthy Way You Feel, and what it does to your life.

I started working on hormones a little over a year ago and as my knowledge as a certified aromatherapist has increased, I have seen amazing changes in my personal health. I can make it through the day now, when I couldn't before. My life has become this weirdness of moringa and essential oils. I'm now to a point where I'm going to push even more to fit in more of the natural changes to get back to a normal life, which I can't believe is on the horizon!!

It's crazy to think of how far I've come in this. So have hope that you will get better, but it does cycle. Good days, AMAZINGLY good days are often a sign of an upcoming crash. Keep up the work and be hopeful for your health.
Let me tell you my opinion (nothing on my website as you've read is a medical diagnostic or claim of a cure. I am not a doctor) just what I've found through this process and the aromas I use as a certified aromatherapist. 

Here are some insights on hormones that I've read up on: 

Out of whack hormones are the culprit behind so obesity related issues in particular. Some indicators are;
  • persistent weight gain
  • loss of muscle mass
  • low libido
  • fatigue 
  • anxiety, irritability, depression (omegas/essential fatty acids also reduce bad cholesterol which contribute.)
  • insomnia (lavender, slim and sassy to calm adrenals.)
  • excessive sweating
  • digestive issues (digestive enzymes and probiotics can help)
  • food cravings
With any of these I recommend you go talk to your doctor because there could be more going on than you realize.

For me t
his was a huge red flag before having the five vials of blood drawn and tested. The fatigue for me had gotten so bad that I some nights could not drive home from picking my husband up. I had to have him drive because I was ready to just fall asleep at the wheel. My weight kept going up regardless of the workouts I was doing, and I couldn't sleep through the night. Don't even get me started on the cravings... it's really been a huge change to deal with for someone like me that was always healthy and never dealt with weight before my daughter was born.

I didn't realize I was moving into that place where I was at the hormone inhibitor UNHAPPY zone. My doctors explained that my hormone inhibitors were;

  • age (I was 45)
  • poor diet (I ate JUNK when I was pregnant and for the first 18 months after in part to trying to conform to Suburban life) 
  • oxidation 
  • xenoestrogens (fake estrogen caused by pretty much everything bad around us---Phytoestrogen supplement helps eliminate xenoestrogens and it is adaptogenic to balance estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.)
  • inflammation (this one is chronic for me)
  • stress (Let's see... miscarriage, pregnancy, lay off, move, job change, move... lots of illnesses for my daughter)
  • sedentary lifestyle (Went from nothing to something, but for a while it really wasn't enough)
  • environmental toxins
High estrogen---even fake xenoestrogens push down your progesterone to be low. I take a pediatric does of progesterone now because I have lots of allergies to the things you can take to support your progesterone so my doctor has to work very natural with me. Things that help support increasing your progesterone naturally are whole seeds and nuts, avocado, leafy greens, yams. That leaves me with leafy greens and yams. LOL!! Darn allergies. 

I'm using a very special balancing blend to reduce my cortisol reactions during the day, and of course geranium essential oil which really should be a must have oil for any woman or man dealing with hormone imbalance. I use a protecting blend on my feet to help booster support for my immune system. Use daily for 10 days, and then give your system a rest for a few days.

Roman Chamomile is indicated where there is a tendency to be over sensitive either physically or emotionally, and is especially useful in helping with pre-menstrual problems on an emotional level, as chamomile has an affinity for female disorders.

Some other oils that help support the whole being these issues are: 

Citrus oils (think lemon oil in the morning), ylang ylang, balancing blends, stress control blends, Frankincense and True Lavender. I use daily for specifically support my adrenals are Sweet Basil and Rosemary. There is also another great blend that is great for those PMS/PMSD symptoms.

Essential Oils for menopause symptom support;

Hot flashes - Peppermint, Geranium, Citrus oils, Clary Sage
Fatigue - Ginger, Peppermint, Balsam Fir
Libido - Ylang Ylang, Ginger, Peppermint,  Clary Sage

Many studies Indicate the benefit of EO's to our cellular structures and the cellular line I use is a great supplement for that. As a client I can get more into the protocols to support your wellness. I also really worked to boost my glutathione level back to where it's supposed to be. Glutathione is truly the most critical and integral part of your detoxification system and to get rid of those xenoestrogens this is your travel agent, Can you see the importance of having enough Glutathione in the system?

Glutathione elevation is aided by;
Undenatured Whey Protein and/or natural moringa supplementation
D-limonene (Grapefruit and Orange oils, metabolic oils blends are a great tool for this)
Exercise - Yoga, Walking, Slow Strength Training (have you heard of it?) and HIITS

These tools and ideas are so related to men as well. Men suffer at the same rates these days as women with hormone imbalances. Hormones are balanced when we have our deficiencies corrected. For women it's usually iron, but for men it's usually zinc. Also for both it's bad diet, obesity, and those darn xenoestrogens. Also for those men that like to drink, alcohol converts testosterone to estrogen which is why men that drink more often get man boobs. If you are vegetarian and add in soy milk... dude you are in trouble! So keep in mind that phytoestrogen is even great for men! A good protein-rich supplement is something I recommend for most men. More so than women they often are getting even less nutrients and minerals during the day. 

So what does a hormone balancing day of meals look like now? 

For Breakfast it's something like collard greens in coconut oil, side of berries and my XM shake or SuperMix with added Maca powder. (capsules because the air corrupts the maca, so don't buy bags of it.) Moringa Oleifera and Chicory root – a dynamic duo!! 
Snack is fiber with water. We never get enough.

Lunch is a green salad with either some salmon or other lean vegan protein source with added omegas, an apple sliced with some pumpkin or squash puree with cinnamon in it.

Then dinner is a sweet potato or other root vegetables, some selenium rich crab and salsa if I'm doing fish. I like cauliflower because it's a great plant based protein, and a protein shake a lot of the time.

This of it like this: 

Breakfast: {Eat Like A Queen}
Lunch: {Eat Like A Princess}
Dinner: {Eat Like The Pauper} 

Follow the 40/30/30. That's where I was actually most successful before in life because I was following the Zone. But the Zone for most people still has too many of the bad carbs, the bad fats and the bad red meats. Think of this like the Paleo Vegeo Balanced version.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease See Disclaimer

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Why Healthy Breastfeeding Is So Important I Supplementation Studies I Paleo Vegeo

Healthy breastfeeding with supplementation studies

Why Healthy Breastfeeding Is So Important I Supplementation To Support You I Paleo Vegeo
Breastfeeding is one of the most overlooked, and yet most important functions of a woman's body. And yet, we are often so malnourished due to the way that we eat, neither mom or baby are getting proper nutrition. And often toxins are being passed through the breast milk to your child. Malnutrition and obesity are our two greatest global challenges. We are seeing more gastric bypasses, and yet this is another change that is pushing this malnutrition in pregnancy

I saw this post recently and it just really hit me that this problem isn't new. This problem has been known about and going on for over sixty years. And the rise in health problems with our children has been going on just as long.

"Yes, there is a battle going on," Dr. Royal Lee writes in this 1950 article from the magazine The Interpreter. But the war Dr. Lee was referring to did not involve guns or missiles. It was a contest hidden from public view, waged between the nation’s food manufacturers and its first nutritionists—a war regarding the truth about processed foods.
If our breastmilk came with a nutrition label, it might read something like this: 4 percent fat, vitamins A, C, E and K, lactose, essential minerals, growth hormones, proteins, enzymes and antibodies. But read down the label, and the fine print of the chemicals we're sharing with our children according to the NY Times, at least for some women, sounds considerably less appetizing: DDT (the banned but stubbornly persistent pesticide famous for nearly wiping out the bald eagle), PCB's, dioxin, trichloroethylene, perchlorate, mercury, lead, benzene, arsenic. When we nurse our babies, we feed them not only the fats, sugars and proteins that fire their immune systems, metabolisms and cerebral synapses. We also feed them, albeit in minuscule amounts, paint thinners, dry-cleaning fluids, wood preservatives, toilet deodorizers, cosmetic additives, gasoline byproducts, rocket fuel, termite poisons, fungicides and flame retardants.
Moringa contains four times the chlorophyll as wheatgrassreducing dioxin concentrations in breastmilk. The organic moringa cake mix has these high moringa nutritional FDA certified pharmaceutical levels per ounce of any plant, over 90 compounds including all of the B vitamins (food doesn't need to be methylated), vitamins C and E, is a complete amino acid, enzymes and rare trace minerals. Powder from the leaf of the Moringa Oleifera plant - a nutrient powerhouse claimed to rival baobab - has outperformed antioxidant-packed superfoods including acai, dark chocolate, garlic and blueberries in an ORAC testWhat are these essential vitamins and minerals that you need while breastfeeding, and can get from this amazing moringa cake:

Why Healthy Breastfeeding Is So Important I Supplementation To Support You I SmartMix Moringa Zija

The breastfeeding research I've seen says that moringa is something any nursing mom should look into. Daily stress and post-pregnancy stress may also cause a deficiency of amino acids, and greater consumption of protein is required for these conditions for optimal health. Although we often have problems digesting heavy proteins, due to leaky gut issues, or you are vegan and you don't eat those heavy proteins. So for such individuals, Moringa oleifera could offer an important source of those vital nutrients. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), pregnant and nursing women should have a diet that consists of a variety nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats. Moringa oleifera leaves contain many vitamins, minerals, protein, and all essential amino acids (the building blocks for muscle).

There was a double blind, randomized control trialstudy, pretest-posttest controlled which conducted in Gowa District, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, from September 2012 to December 2013. Subjects in this study are 64 pregnant women. In conclusion, Moringa oleifera leaf extracts have significant effect to increase hemoglobin level in pregnant women, could prevent ferritin serum dismount to 50%. Low-birth-weight was not found on the pregnant women in intervention group, while there are 3.20% low-birth-weight in the pregnant women in control group. Further research is needed to confirm the exact dose of Moringa oleifera leaf extracts. Another study published in 2007 in the "Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition" found that moringa lowered glucose levels in the blood of rats. All of this is important to me, even after breastfeeding because myself and my daughter have low ferritin levels (even though she does like to eat meat). 

The biggest complaint I hear from breastfeeding moms is that of low production of their milk supply. Moringa can also help with milk production. A double-blind, randomized controlled trial on the use of malunggay (Moringa oleifera) for augmentation of the volume of breastmilk among non-nursing mothers of preterm infants. One scientific study has been performed on the effects in nursing mothers who ingested moringa leaves and found no adverse side effects. The SmartMix also offers two very important probiotics.  Probiotics during nursing can support a baby's healthy gut and immune system. The moringa cake is organic and non-gmo, grown on the company farms for sustainability, hand shaped, and shade dried. It's natural, and why is that important? Those manufactured minerals that we take daily in our little vitamin packs are simply industrial rocks and not an organic food for humans. With the exception of common table salt, studies show the body treats these isolated minerals like foreign substances, and nutritional absorption is limited. It is not the amount of a mineral you ingest that is important, but its form and how much is absorbed that counts the most. That’s why studies show that minerals in their natural state deliver more nutrition than individual supplements. For biochemical reasons this proves that food plant minerals are superior for humans.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lectins, Leptin and Lactic Acid Bacteria Oh My I Barbara Christensen Vlogcast

Lectins, Leptin and Lactic Acid Bacteria

Lectins, Leptin and Lactic Acid Bacteria Oh My I Barbara Christensen Vlogcast  the Paleo Vegeo Creator

If you have been paleo for long you have heard about Leptin Resistance, and to avoid Lectins. But I am about to BLOW your mind with some science and the connections on the latest VlogCast. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Problem With Extreme Fitness Junkies I Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen CPT

My Problem With Extreme Fitness Junkies

I just started a closed group for men and women that lift weights. The other group I am in I get so tired of hearing them talk about how they lifted and then they did a huge cardio workout. Or they did back to back lift workouts... and I'm thinking if you lifted properly you have nothing left to give. LOL!!! Am I right?

My Problem With Extreme Fitness Junkies I Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen CPT

See, as a certified personal trainer my recommendations to clients is always to remember that A) larger muscles require longer recovery time, B) the more muscles your workout, the longer required recovery time, C) fast twitch muscles recovery more slowly than slow twitch fibers. D) age matters. 

Recovery is indeed important, however if you supplement properly, and sleep well, and if your nutrition and technique are on point, you can be conditioned to train often with little or no days off. There is one study I'm closely watching where they are showing that although Intense, eccentric resistance exercise causes muscle damage, soreness, inflammation, and a loss of muscle function, a protein-amino acid supplementation before, during, and following damaging resistance exercise may reduce muscle damage and accelerate recovery. And so we're seeing that it's the aminos, not necessarily the protein (think of all that bacon we see on paleo posts) that matters for body recovery. 

One study did show specifically that BCAA (branch-chain amino acids) administered before and following damaging resistance exercise reduces indices of muscle damage and accelerates recovery in resistance-trained males. So I totally agree with your statement of recovery and nutrition matters. 

Now back to my original issue, the problem that I see is that most people do not do any of the needed recovery items that they should do.A lot of those at the gym or working out at home do not do the needed warm up or stretching when their muscles are warm. Flexibility matters. With aging, functional movement ability, core stability and flexibility are all key. And then they think that major amounts of cardio are good for you, which we have found is so untrue. I swear if I see one more post about how someone did their leg workout and then did another 25 minute HIIT workout I may scream. If you can do more than stand on your wobbly legs after you have finished workout on leg day, I really think you need to pick up more dang weight!! 

We've become this EXTREME nation, and we take a program that is meant to be 25 minutes of hard cardio, and then do it two or three times a day, seven days a week on top of resistance training and it drives me batty. LOL... even the most recent studies are showing that aerobic exercise initially generates more reactive oxygen species (ROS), and even anaerobic exercise may induce prolonged ROS generation. So as we think we are getting healthier, and we have all of these untrained folks out there telling others how to get "fit", there is this cringing part of my being that wants to hit them all over the head. 

Weight loss is a good thing, but not at the expense of our underlying health. Skinny people too die from heart attacks, and thin people can lack oestrogen among other things. A problem for women that we don't address in the fitness community. Researchers analyzed nearly 100 studies that included more than 2.8 million people. While obese people had a higher risk of death -- particularly those whose BMI was 35 or more -- overweight people had a 6% lower risk of death than those of normal weight. So I think we need to really think about why that is. You'd think smaller=healthier. So what are we doing as a "skinny" community that is causing us to be unhealthy? I want to really get people to see that the science it approaching a less is more approach to weight loss and physical fitness, for health, and that you will still lose weight, and still can do things to strengthen your heart, your bones, and your body. Anyone for the Fast Workout approach to cardio, and the Slow Lifting Method for weights will give you a run for your money when it comes to health you crazed overachievers. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I'm Feeling Greener I Paleo Vegeo Nourishment

I'm Feeling Greener 

I have been really laser focusing in on my nutrition the last few weeks. Sacrifice is making decisions, getting out of your comfort zone, and giving something up to get to where you want to be. That's exactly where I'm going.

Part of that D.O.M (Daily Method of Operation) is planning out my nutrition in a way that makes it easy, makes sure I'm getting everything I need, and that makes the difference I am expecting. Expectation, isn't that what this is all about? An expectation for a better quality of life. 

So I thought I would share a great blender recipe. 

I'm Feeling Greener I Paleo Vegeo Nourishment Barbara Christensen

1 cup of coconut water

2 tablespoons chia seeds
1 scoop of Green (and/or a big handful of kale or spinach)
1 teaspoon of organic virgin coconut oil
1 scoop of plant based protein
¼ cup of frozen wild organic blueberries
1/3 of a frozen banana (or if you are allergic like myself a couple of dates or an apple or pear can sub in)
ice as desired

Put everything except the frozen fruit into the blender unless you have a high powered blender — blend to combine.

Add in the frozen banana and blueberries, blend.

Add ice as desired to thicken, blend. Pour and enjoy!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Visalus Transformation Challenge compared to the Jeunesse Global ZenBodi Challenge I Paleo Vegeo

Visalus Transformation Challenge compared to the Jeunesse Global ZenBodi Challenge

I have a few people that have asked about the differences between the Visalus Transformation Kit and the Jeunesse Global ZenBodi Challenge, and so I wanted to give you all some answers. I think the biggest difference you see upfront is that there is no soy protein it for a good reason. You are getting less products, but they actually do more, and help you to be able to move into maintenance easier because you are eating real foods and building a healthy lifestyle. This is not a Medifast-type program. We want you to find optimal health, and ingredients do not lie.

So let's break down the difference between the Visalus Kit and the Jeunesse Global Kit

Visalus Transformation Kit ($249 a month) includes:

  • Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix:  Help shape your body with perfect nutrition. (60 servings and you drink it 2 times a day) Made with soy (which I don't recommend) and Fibersol which is just a disguise for the genetically modified corn fiber, and lots of other ingredients that are hard to pronounce
  • Vi-Slim® Metab-Awake Tablets:  Nutritional support to help you burn fat faster, without jitters or stimulants.  (30 servings) Includes a lot of caffeine, 3 different substances, and Evodiae Fructus which is mostly used in medicine to reduce diarrhea, which makes me wonder why it's part of the program.  
  • Vi-Trim® Clear Control Drink Mix:  Add to your shake or any beverage to keep hunger at bay and help prevent diet sabotage. (30 servings) Garcinia is POSSIBLY SAFE for most people when used for 12 weeks or less. Long-term safety is unknown. Garcinia can cause nausea, digestive tract discomfort, and headache. 
  • Shape-Up™ Health Flavor Mix-Ins:  Add to your shake for fun, variety, and health benefits! (10 servings) Natural and artificial flavors
  • Omega Vitals™:  Help your joints, your skin, your hair, your heart and every cell in your body with our exclusive blend of life enhancing oils, including evening primrose, pumpkin seed, and molecularly distilled fish oils.  (30 servings) Contains Soybean oil. 
  • ViSalus NEURO™ Smart Energy Drink Mix:  Get healthy energy. Nutrition for body and your brain! (30 servings) Flavored with Sucralose (artificial sweetener) 
Jeunesse Global Kit ($293.75/month or $199.95 wholesale) includes:

  • ZenPro Vanilla and ZenPro Chocolate Shake: Protein helps build muscle and contour the body; it’s what makes you look fitter and leaner after you’ve lost inches.  ZEN Pro™ contains a premium protein blend of whey, rice, pea, and chia seed powder that keeps you feeling fuller longer. The ZEN Pro™ formula also incorporates a probiotic blend of healthy bacteria to optimize digestion and help you stay lean. No Soy. This shake is all natural, undenatured whey, no soy. It is safe for any age and sweetened with stevia and Lo Han Guo Extract instead of sugar or splenda. 
  • ZenFit Amino Acid DrinkAmino acids are essential to your health, but your body can’t produce them on its own. ZENFit™ is fortified with amino acids that trigger fat loss by facilitating muscle maintenance and aiding with the absorption of nutrients. Amino acids also activate neurotransmitters in the brain which mitigate stress and elevate your mood. 
  • ZenShape Supplement: These powerful capsules contain a patented form of African Mango seed extract, which is clinically shown to stimulate weight loss and metabolic wellness.* Bolstered by an infusion of raspberry ketones and high-quality green tea extract, ZEN Shape™ controls appetite and helps regulate blood sugar levels. ZEN Shape™ empowers you to make the right choices by suppressing cravings that lead to unhealthy habits. 

Visalus Transformation Challenge compared to the Jeunesse Global ZenBodi Challenge I ZenBodi ResultsThe human body is complex. It takes several mechanisms working together to keep you fit and healthy, which means a multi-functional approach is necessary to target fat loss correctly. While you eat, your fat cells naturally produce a vital messenger called leptin. Leptin has two roles in the body: one, it communicates to the brain that your body is no longer hungry, and two, it tells the brain when it’s okay for the body to start using fat cells as an energy source.
As you age, your cells may also start releasing another protein called the c-reactive protein, which causes inflammation in the body. After it is released, the c-reactive protein fuses with the leptin molecule, it inflames, and like a big block trying to enter a tiny hole, it stops leptin’s vital messages from reaching the brain. A vicious cycle begins: the body can no longer recognize when it is full, causing weight gain that can lead to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.
ZEN BODI™ restores harmony and help your body function the way it was meant to. The ZEN BODI™ system works in unison to decrease the production of the c-reactive protein, which allows leptin to enter the brain so that you can regulate your appetite properly. ZEN BODI™ also decreases an enzyme called G3PD, which converts blood sugar into fat; by slowing down the production of G3PD, ZEN BODI™ helps keep you leaner.** It targets the three essential aspects of getting fit: curbing appetite, losing inches, and getting toned. This methodical approach to weight loss isn’t the only
revolutionary thing about ZEN BODI™—what’s truly revolutionary are the results. 

Jeunesse Global ZenBodi Challenge results I Paleo Vegeo Nourished In 30I can tell you after the year I've had being back to a place where I started working out again at the beginning of the month, and had the results I had over 90 days (the above photo)... I truly believe that ZenBodi is the real deal that you've been looking for.

And here is my Jan 1 - Jan 20 results after combining the Nourished In 30 with the Zen Bodi program... Paleo Vegeo + Nutritional Support totally wins!! 

Jeunesse Global ZenBodi Challenge results I Paleo Vegeo Nourished In 30 Barbara Christensen