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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Alcohol and ADD Connection to GABA I On Tuesday We Talk I The Barbara Christensen VlogCast

The Alcohol and ADD Connection

Me and my Dad I The Alcohol and ADD Connection to GABA I On Tuesday We Talk I The Barbara Christensen VlogCast Coming from a family with two very long lines of alcoholism, depression, anxiety, Alzheimers, attention disorders, suicide and a long list of low serotonin associated disorders, as I am learning more about amino acids and their role in our bodies and brains, I am learn more about myself and my immediate family. I look at this photo of my dad, myself and my little sister, and it's striking that I was hiding, and playing the passive mommy role already. Even then I was allowing myself to be put into that codependent role, and it plagued me for decades. 

For a long time I was very reactively angry at my dad. My father passed over two decades ago several months before I met my husband. But he was the key factor that created the caregiver, codependent person that I became in life. As I learn more about our internal systems, I am starting to forgive and understand him, as well as the others in my family that have had the same demons to overcome. Here's hoping that the learning process continues as today I talk about GABA, the amino acid l-glutatmine, anxiety, low serotonin, ADD/ADHD and alcoholism. As always, Live Your Truth!

You can get amino acid testing from your doctor or I recommend True Health Labs

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Comparing the Isagenix Athlete's Pak and the Jeunesse Global Zen Bodi System

Let's look at what's in the Isagenix Athlete's Pak and the Jeunesse Global Zen Bodi Challenge Pack

If you are like me, your fitness is very important to who you are, and is a big part of your lifestyle. Supplementation as well as whole foods are also a big part of my lifestyle and I have to be sure any supplementation is going to naturally support my body in a healthy manner with as many real whole food sources as possible. So, I wanted to check out the difference between two of the leading companies packages for athletes because fitness is my business, so I looked into one company that a lot of people have talked about, Isagenix, to compare with Jeunesse Global

The components of the Athlete's Pak is

  • 2 canisters of IsaLean® Shake
    1 Ionix® Supreme (liquid or powder)
    1 IsaPro®
    1 Want More Energy® canister (45-servings) or 2 boxes of 24-count sticks
    1 box IsaLean® Bars

    ZEN BODI Challenge Pack is
  • (1) Zen Pro Vanilla Bliss
    (1) Zen Pro Chocolate Dream
    (1) Zen Fit Fruit Punch
    (1) Zen Fit Watermelon
    (1) Zen Shape 
The IsaPro seem to be just whey product, with stevia and more "natural flavors" and ionic alfalfa (some sort of aloe vera apparently). I could see using just plain protein before your workout if you were bulking, but for myself I think that aminos are more inportant as so many of us can't even process our proteins correctly to get those aminos, and if needed micronized creatine. If you really wanted a plain undenatured protein then my big recommendation is the Action Whey.

The IsaLean Shake, which is also using an undenatured whey and flaxseed, has a LOT of added vitamins in the mix. I don't get that unless they were trying to be the cheaper Shakeology. The IsaLean is sweetened with yucca root, honey, vanilla bean and about 14 grams of sugar.  Wow... they come from the sugar post workout group.  There is no added sugar in the Zen Pro shake as it's sweetened with stevia leaf extract and lo han guo extract. the vitamins are not methylated, and you know I'm big on that for those of you with MTHFR or other methylation issues. 

With Zen Pro, you get not only amazing bioactive whey, but you get the high ORAC {antioxidant} value without the extra vitamin fillers. ZEN Pro contains a premium protein blend of whey, rice, pea, and chia seed powder that keeps you feeling fuller longer. The ZEN Pro formula also incorporates a probiotic blend of healthy bacteria to optimize digestion and help you stay lean. So if you use the Zen Fit you get the sugar before, and with Zen Pro no sugar after. Important from the standing of lean muscle creation. If you are doing a short workout, like I recommend, then you get enough sugar to feed your glycogen stores with the ZenFit. If you do not listen to me I would recommend something clean like Raw Boost for your natural sugar feed post lift. 

The I Want More Energy is full of more vitamins, which your body can only process so many vitamins and minerals at one time,  and 7 grams of sugar. The Zen Shape contains
 contain a patented form of African Mango seed extract, which is clinically shown to stimulate weight loss and metabolic wellness. Bolstered by an infusion of raspberry ketones and high-quality green tea extract, ZEN Shape controls appetite and helps regulate blood sugar levels. Achieve perfect balance with ZEN Shape. My husband loves that he can take it at night without interrupting his sleep, because it gives him some focused energy without the jitters you usual get from this kind of product.

The Ionix Supreme has what they call their proprietary blend of fruit extracts, and blackstrap molasses. You can google about all of the benefits of blackstrap molasses, but you are here on this site because you are living a different life, a paleo vegetarian life. It goes through three boilings of the sugar syrup and the majority of sucrose from the original juice has been crystallized. The blackstrap molasses is still mostly sugar by calories. Blackstrap molasses goes through extensive boiling and probably destroys the integrity of the product. If you feel like you need a good antioxidant boost beyond the Zen Bodi program, RESERVE is amazing. I actually like to make a healthy salad dressing with it and wow, talk about health and nutrition in just one bite. there is no need to sweeten RESERVE because it has Dark Sweet Cherry Juice Concentrate (Prunus Campanulata), Blueberry Juice Concentrate (Vaccinium), Concord Grape Juice Concentrate (Vitis Labrusca), Pomegranate Juice Concentrate (Punica Granatum), Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller), Resveratrol, Grapeseed Extract (Vitis Vinifera) and Açai Extract (Euterpe Oleracea) in it. 

Add that into the Zen Fit where you get a payload of key amino acids like L’leucine, L’isoleucine, L’valine, L’lysine, L’phenylalanine, L’threonine, L’methionine, L’tryptophan, L’tyrosine, L’cystine,. It's exactly what any athlete is looking for in order to enhance the workout, or keep the system going naturally. Designed to minimize calories and maximize nutrition, ZEN Fit™ also packs over 20 grams of protein per 6 calories in each serving. I don't even want to get into the IsaLean Bars because I am not going to promote that you eat a bar that you have made at home, out of your own natural ingredients. I like a no bake protein ball made with organic greens... oh my yum!! 

So let's talk about the Jeunesse Global Zen Bodi program. It's the Zen Pro, Zen Fit and Zen Shape. You drink one protein shake a day. It's 140 calories and I love it with just water, but you can add in whatever you want depending on your calorie needs. The Zen Fit aminos you drink twice a day. I like to do it before my workout, and midday. Cravings dashed with this and it keeps me going. You can do the Zen Shape before your meals for lunch and dinner.  
The Zen Bodi system works in unison to decrease the production of the c-reactive protein, which allows leptin to enter the brain so that you can regulate your appetite properly.

Zen Bodi also decreases an enzyme called G3PDwhich converts blood sugar into fat; by slowing down the production of G3PD, ZEN BODI helps keep you leaner. It targets the three essential aspects of getting fit: curbing appetite, losing inches, and getting toned. This methodical approach to weight loss isn’t the only revolutionary thing about ZEN BODI —what’s truly

revolutionary are the results!!Both Zen Pro and Zen Fit come in a convenient pouches that you can take anywhere for any family member; for use as a mid-day or late night snack or as a pre-workout or post-workout replenishment program.

So what do you want to use, you elite athletes, aging marathoners and moms looking for more energy that want to get more out of their workout. I'm a believer in the less is more approach to whole foods, and so it doesn't seem like a hard decision to make. Go with the more natural and science based solution. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Amazing Antioxidant Salad Dressing Using Resveratrol Rich Reserve I Paleo Vegeo

Amazing Antioxidant Salad Dressing

Really great tip from Mark Tso of adding RESERVE to your salad dressing. What a great idea! Of course don't cook with it because you want the nutrients but wow! So here's my favorite recipe for you to try.

You can add this dressing truly to any salad, and create it with any ingredients you choose.

Reserve Salad Recipe

1 package Reserve
¼ cup olive oil
1 ½ TB balsamic vinegar
¼ tsp dijon mustard or mustard powder
2 tsp fresh thyme leaves
8 cups mixed salad greens, such as arugula, spinach or lamb’s quarters, etc.
½ cup or more toasted and crumbled pecans or walnuts
add any other vegetables or salad toppings you’d like to add like shredded carrots and quartered (pastured) hard boiled eggs

Amazing Antioxidant Salad Dressing Using Resveratrol Rich Reserve I Paleo VegeoTo make the dressing, whisk the reserve, balsamic vinegar, mustard and olive oil. Finish off by mixing in the thyme leaves or other seasoning of choice.
In a large salad bowl, toss your greens and nuts (or avocado pieces) with any other salad ingredients you want to include.
Dress the salad with the dressing and serve.

Recovering From Adrenal Fatigue ... We Talk On Tuesday I The Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen Vlogcast

Recovering From Adrenal Fatigue

My adrenal fatigue didn't come from overtraining, {yes personal trainer that actually NEVER overtrained} but it did come from stress, and type A personality doing it all. Same result, but different path.

Recovering From Adrenal Fatigue ... We Talk On Tuesday  I The Paleo Vegeo I Jeunesse Global ZenBodi Zen FitI am starting to feel so much better these days. Working out in the mornings with weights for 20- 30 minutes three times a week, flexibility through yoga once a week, walking and tabata. You know that this first really took me down a path when we went to Utah for the conference and on to California, and then this January it was rock bottom.

UGH. Total exhaustion is not a fun way to live your life.

Getting back to a very strict paleo vegeo diet with the Vitamin D and coconut oil supplementation and calcium/magnesium, lots of vegan omegas, powdered greens, iron supplementation, and I'm using the ZenBodi Zen Pro shake and Zen Fit aminos (love the watermelon) and feeling so much better. Being careful, of course, to not over do it. Taking the weekends easy. Also I'm still using the essential oils, and also using Clary Sage every morning for an extra support to my hormonal system at age 46 now. Here is the information from Dr. Mosley on the 3 minutes of fitness that I talk about in the vlogcast today - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-17177251.
A few relatively short bursts of intense exercise, amounting to only a few minutes a week, can deliver many of the health and fitness benefits of hours of conventional exercise, according to new research, says Dr Michael Mosley.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Phenotype Methylation Disorders I Beyond The Gene Pool Of Behavior

Do you or your child have a phenotype methylation disorder?

What is a phenotype? It's your characteristics like the color of your eyes. Your phenotype is a description of your actual physical characteristics. We consider our genetic structure when we talk about hair color, height, but why not behavior. Unfortunately behavioral issues can be effected by more than your gene pool. There are four major behavior phenotypes starting with Antisocial-Personality Disorder, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Oppositional/Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder. All of these have major issues underlying the problem that we really never discuss. I've talked a lot recently about MTHFR and this is all a part of the issue I've been sharing with you in my obsession over the underlying causes of our health in relation to genetics and nutrition.  
Phenotype Methylation Disorders I Beyond The Gene Pool Of Behavior I Paleo Vegeo
For instance the antisocial-personality disorder often has lower copper and zinc levels, they have an under methylation issue, hypoglycemia, heavy metal toxicity and Kryptopyrrole which is an abnormality in biochemistry resulting in the overproduction of pyrrole molecules involving an abnormality in haemoglobin synthesis. The result is major deficiency in Vitamin B6 and Zinc, with a wide spectrum of mental/physical symptoms. The extent of the deficits are so large, they cannot be counterbalanced by foods high in these particular nutrients, and because of the problems with methylation often it is worsened by giving the person the non-methylated supplements thinking that they will help. I'm guessing you've never heard of it.
Intermittent Explosive Disorder has high Copper to Zinc ratios. Many high-copper patients (often labeled "depressives") experience severe PMS, are intolerant to estrogen, and may have a family history of postpartum depression. This group also has a high incidence of acne, eczema, sensitive skin, sunburn, headaches, poor immune function, and white spots under their fingernails.
Elevated copper/zinc ratios can be especially serious for persons with low blood histamine (over-methylation). This combination of imbalances has been associated with anxiety, panic disorders, paranoia, and (in severe cases) hallucinations.
Oppositional/Defiant Disorder has a high histamine level, that stinker low methylation, lower copper as well as lower calcium and magnesium. When brain histamine levels soar out of control, other frightening symptoms occur. Apart from its central role in the mediation of allergic reactions, gastric acid secretion and inflammation in the periphery, histamine serves an important function as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Individuals with high-histamine levels may be due to a metabolic imbalance that results from under-methylation. Again, this means that the body does not methylate nutrition correctly, and needs to have some nutrients methylated for them. Many patients with obsessive-compulsive tendencies, "oppositional-defiant disorder," or seasonal depression are under-methylated, which is associated with low serotonin levels. Often with inhalant allergies, frequent headaches, perfectionism, competitiveness and other distinctive symptoms and traits. Tend to be very low in calcium, magnesium, methionine, and vitamin B-6 with excessive levels of folic acid. This lends to leaky gut, which causes even more histamine issues. What else elevates histamine levels... exercise, food (especially those already high in histamine like meat, leftovers, chocolate), environmental and food allergies (which is caused partially by the leaky gut, which causes more protein issues, which causes...horrible cycle).
Finally Conduct Disorder also has those severely-elevated pyrroles. It is estimated that approximately 10% of the population have that Kryptopyrrole or pyroluria, with estimates as high as 20% of all psychiatric patients and 40% of all schizophrenic patients, with a higher prevalence in women than men.
So when I say that NUTRIENTS matter and knowing can change your life... it's bigger than you think! And if you don't find out the underlying issues, the nutrition you are getting could be the very problem you are fighting to change. This is part of what I do as your holistic guide. I look at your issues, and give you challenges and offer suggestions to take to your practitioner to help you find answers and feel better.

Considering the processed food direction we're going in our country this isn't going to get any easier out there. The processed food world just keeps more modified, and the natural course of nutrition keeps getting hacked, but not in a good way in my opinion. Like the fact that Coca Cola is bringing Fairlife "milk" to the masses. They say that it is made different from traditional milk. It doesn't have any lactose or added proteins, is cold-filtered to concentrate the protein and calcium while removing the fat and sugar. Removing the fat? Didn't we already go that route. Remembering that the enzyme in the butterfat called lipase aids in fat digestion and assimilation of the fat-soluble vitamins. Remember that butterfat boasts anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties and absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K in the milk. Seems that added protein and calcium without the fat will be a bad move health-wise, don't you think?

Now of course Raw, full fat dairy is not commercial dairy, even though I don't drink either. The soda companies have been losing sales as folks start to move away from the sugary drinks. So as more folks are leaning into plant based dairy it seems that Coca Cola sees this as their in. Of course all of this comes on the tail-end of the study from Sweden that shows that drinking too much milk could be not as healthy as they thought.http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/milk-might-not-be-as-good-for-us-as-we-thought-study-suggests-9823870.html

It truly is time to get serious about all of this, and figure out what works nutritionally for you in the terms of real food. 

Week One I Cellular Health Challenge I Paleo Vegeo I The Force Awakens

Cellular Health Challenge I The Force Awakens

I'm on a challenge, and it's because the more I learn the more I want to prove that it works. So my husband and I have set ourselves up to really go for it this season for health. After the last year I realized that even beyond the gained pounds, was the soft body... lean muscle dysfunction I call it. We seemed to have stopped building lean muscle mass. That makes you wonder because for me without all of the animal protein you could easily say that it's just that. But my husband is the carnivore. He too has had this struggle. What is the cause?

Cellular Health I Paleo Vegeo I Jedi Knight Nutrition Guru
So that is the core of what I'm challenging this month. Hopefully I'll have amazing details for all of you at the end of December so that you can have the most amazing January ever! Why can't 2015 be the year of cellular health? The year your metabolism renews itself, and your body just feels good is ahead. That's the motto I'm going to keep telling myself. I'm thinking of this as my own little "The Force Awakens" ... because I could use all the jedi support I can get. {YES I AM A GEEK}

Speaking of which, have you seen the trailer yet? 

The first big movie I remember seeing in the theaters was Star Wars, and I will never forget it. I loved getting lost in those films, and coming out of it feeling like I could be the Princess and I could be strong and go after anything I wanted to. And so I cannot wait for this release, and I'm going to push myself to give this as a reward.

Do you use the reward system to get after your health goals? 

In the mean time, while you are waiting on how this all works out let me share with you that for Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday I have the Nourished In 30, Paleo Vegeo Challenge program for just $2.99. Use Code: CyberMonday and get a HUGE discount of over 90% off!! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

JMOA I JM Ocean Avenue I The Countries You Can Enroll For Ocean Avenue

The Countries You Can Enroll For Ocean Avenue

I get people contacting me all of the time from overseas about the JM Ocean Avenue global opportunity and unfortunately some of those countries are not available for my team. Just wanted to get that information out there because I do get so many contacts from these other countries, even though I do business in over 100 countries, there are very few that are connected to JM Ocean Avenue.

JM Ocean Avenue is open in all of these countries: (The ones you can join my JMOA team are the only ones with links... JM Ocean Avenue as a whole is still not available for those wanting to be on my team through myself in those unlinked global countries).

  • Northeast Asia
  • 香港 (Hong Kong)
  • Hong Kong (English)
  • 台湾 (Taiwan)
  • Southeast Asia
  • Indonesia
  • Việt Nam (Vietnam)
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • ประเทศไทย (Thailand)
  • Cambodia
  • Timor Leste
  • Pilipinas (Philippines)
  • Pacific
  • Australia
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Africa
  • Cameroon
  • Senegal
  • Togo
  • Middle East
  • United Arab Emirates

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Barbara Christensen VlogCast : 11/18/2014 : On Tuesday We Talk Episode 3 I MTHFR, Folic Acid and B12

MTHFR, Folic Acid and B12

You know that I've talked a lot about MTHFR, especially important that those with PCOS get tested, but only recently did I realize the also very important side of it that has to do with B12 methylation.

I have dealt with a major folic acid methylation issue which leads me to believe that I have some form of this gene mutation. Taking a folic acid gives me anxiety that cannot be measured. Methylfolate, for me is key. But the underlying anemia for myself and my daughter now has me wondering about the B12 gene defect... More to come!!

The Barbara Christensen VlogCast : 11/18/2014 : On Tuesday We Talk Episode 3 I MTHFR, Folic Acid and B12So today on the VlogCast I am disccusing the MTHFR defect, folic acid methylation and B12 meythlation and the effects of this no our lives.

One thing that I didn't discuss much is the link to the B12 methylation issue and migraine. they say that one in 10 is suffering from this migraine issue from high homocysteine levels caused by the inability to methylate the B12 vitamin properly. This is the enzyme mutation of MTHFR and you should really get tested and see if you need to change or supplement with a methylcobalamin, so check into it.