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There is nothing that says you cannot create that true health, and true wealth. It's all about mindset, passion and finding the right tribe. For so many there is a sense of imbalance between home life and dream life that makes really feeling aligned to your purpose a struggle. I have been there. However I am so glad that I stuck it out, and kept searching and researching... and kept an open mind. I have been talking about True Health, and now I am talking about the balance point, True Wealth. Let's find your beach money, today. 
It’s time to move in a direction that gives you total alignment in life! 
I have something that has uplifted me, engaged a variety of amazing individuals and has really been impacting my life: A nutrition line that’s going to rock your health {and wellness practice} and a business model that’s going to rock your world! 

So what’s this vibrant and abundant life about? 
I’ve connected with some amazing wellness gurus (nutritional biochemists, NDs, personal trainer, spirtual badasses!) in my industry, including a few wellness personalities, and lifestyle celebrities and leaders in the fitness industry. I have watched these products for years and poo-poo'd them for just as long. But I found that once I let go of those beliefs and the MLM trends, and opened myself up to something bigger something jumped out and took center stage in my practice and I was hooked! This has given me an opportunity to heal more, earn more, and live more. The live more has been the best part of it as there is nothing better then giving people inner energy, outer glow and simple opportunities to lead the life they really desire while feeling the best I have in over a decade. 
Now you may be caught up in your own “more work = more money” struggle where you’re working blog to blog, client to client, detox to detox and trading dollars for hours… and you just have been wondering what is out there that has that light, and aligns to my being. Something must be out there that can bring me in a better quality of life, and better quality of business.
I’ll never quit working with my clients, but who wants to live that hustle and bustle forever. Now I get to pick and choose my own hours around my lifestyle. I don’t want to have to squeeze people into my life on a Sunday morning.  I want to open the doors and bring them into the inner tribe and let them learn to lead themselves. I want to dance with them on Saturday night!  
I want to be able to find connections, travel more and create something lasting that has all of the security of a steady stream of income that doesn’t require hours of my time. That way when I give my valuable time with family up, I am thrilled to be there every single time.

Over the years, I’ve partnered up with some heavy-hitters in the wellness industry, and been on the top teams, including my own being the top JMOA team left in the US before the shut down the doors. I have been disappointed that for the most part 95% of them are destined to let you down. They changed to cheaper ingredients, modify compensation plans, sell off to someone or even sell out… and some just close their doors. Some infringe on your practice, taking ownership…Believe me when you have to go out and spend hours taking down blog posts, rewriting marketing, and removing YouTube content because of the company you are working with being under the FDA microscope... as a brand that’s not something that does not work.  
I love that this is not that MLM deal with the binary structures and the orphaned distributors as they just get  left in the wings. Instead this is a product line that I completely aligns with my brand and personal values because what is once was, just keeps getting better. I would have jumped at this sooner but I had bought into some misconceptions as I had become part of the soy-free nation, and I didn't take the time to dig deeper. Yes, I forgot what organic and fermented, minimally processed non-gmo soy could do for a body. 
I found that none of the bad energy was at all a part of this opportunity when I fully let myself look into it, and it just felt right! It may not be what you are looking for, but perhaps it will be. 

More about working with me:

I led a top team in OA (and the only team standing when JMOA took over) and left on my terms; team and friendships intact. I have been a business and holistic life and business coach for two decades, owning a super successful salon in Downtown SLC {Dream Weaver} in the early 90’s, and managing bands {International bands that I know you’ve seen in FOX Racing vidoes} in the late 90’s. Our Shining Star International group is a network of ambitious wellness professionals and enthusiasts, led by Dr. Mitra Ray - and our Nourished Warriors Groups led by Wellness Coach June (Founder of Embody Results) and Andrea Lynn (Energy healer and Trauma Coaching from Awakened To Vitality, Inc), and of course myself... creator of the Paleo Vegeo Lifestyle and author of Nourished In 30. Together we are creating a new way to grow and thrive in the world of wellness and clean nutrition, while still having fun! 

Your team leaders share everything we know about business, networking, social media, sales, and growing an engaged audience through authentic content and dedicated service—on and offline. You’ll have access to the best information from Day 1.
The list of resources we provide to our team members is endless; training, unique media content, and 24/7 support in our ultra-exclusive wellness warrior tribe and private Facebook group for sharing, learning and taking it to the next levels.
The list of amazing people that have already signed on to work with us is growing—fast! And I want you to be one of them!! These products can help you fit into your skinny jeans, sleep better (and the kids are not forgotten), have more energy and GLOW! You'll feel a real difference in your life, and get to be hands on with your family.

How do you want to partner:
When I work full on with an organization you know that it is the best. Of course everything is non-GMO, gluten-free and backed by both science and moms!! 

For some of those I work with, being a part of my tribe is about a simple step that they can offer to their clients. A lot of times you can't change what someone eats, but putting a simple whole foods option in a capsule is an option that works. 
Vegan Fitness and Nutrition Business Opportunity
For me, of course, it often comes down to that first juicy green smoothie and the way it makes me feel. How easy it was to get my daughter to drink it.With foods, how willing is my family to eat it.  And of course the cost. I have done the $130/month vegan shakes that are loaded with garbage, and I don’t ever want that for my life again. My daily vegan smoothie is my biggest non-negotiable for maintaining a wellness approach to my diet, while I’m following Paleo Vegeo gluten-free, reduced sugar protocol. I am so grateful for the most delicious vegan protein on the market. It's not chalky, and no chemical tasting additives… as I am sure you hate as much as I do! Why haven’t you tried these products yet?
Could this be a fit for you and your holistic practice?  I have found that many wellness coaches, and even NDs find that having something this easy is a huge benefit for their clients. 

I also am a huge fan of cooking real foods, not just drinking them, but we need to fill the gaps in nutrition for optimized DNA methylation. The future is now.
My soul purpose, as you know, it all healing visionary paths. I am a personal trainer, nutritional practitioner, Reiki master, Aromatherapist, and those that join my team are both men and women from all walks of life. We have moms, dads, college students, those that decided to skip college... and we're all reaping the benefits of being financially free and fully nourished! With my daughter’s passion for her own wellness I am sure we’ll add her to the team when she is old enough. 
So I am not just looking for blogging celebrities and social media fitness superstars (but of course would love to add you). This opportunity is about connecting with someone who is like minded, open to learning, loves something pure and easy …gets the idea of meal prep and is willing to share the revolution. It can only happen together! I want to create a Nourished Revolution!

Wellness Career Choosing Joy

Ask me for more information about joining me in the Nourished Revolution.



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