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You come to me to get something… something that you need so badly you can barely breathe. You want to be passionate about your life! You want to wake up with the gratitude that you get to do what you ❤ for one more day! That's the truth about living a passionate life, and about finding your


I love big hair, 80′s movies, rock music, purple hair… SHOPPING!! That's everything you need to know to start to get to know the real me. I love to rant about food additives and frankenfoods - because that is the truth of who I am at my soul, who I grew up to be because of the environment and what it did to my health. I’m a SUPER HERO {no cape... they get stuck in the jet engines}, a wife of 20+ years and a mom with a daughter that is my entire WORLD! ❤

I’m a late life mommyprenuer, and I gained quite a bit of weight with my pregnancies and gave up on food. I really did. I gave up one food for a long time. I hated food. I’m allergic to so many foods and I just wanted to be normal. I wanted to have the control, and instead I gave up the control. I gave up on me.

I joined “Generation Mom-ME“. You heard of it? Hair like hers, carboholic, Starbuck’s frenzied, depressed and heading for an early grave and/or a divorce. What did that get me?

What does that get YOU ??

You can’t be a follower and be who you are meant to be. Let me repeat that.... You can’t be a follower and be who you are meant to be. When you follow someone you end up tired and depressed because you will never be them. NEVER. When you take on everything to control it, and to show everyone that YOU are the one that they should follow, you are even more tired and depressed. Do you want to know what that lifestyle gave to me? Worse allergies, severe depression that for me meant overeating and giving into letting people treat me poorly. That is what I had become… a follower of people that really didn’t care at all about who I am, what I needed, or what my passions and priorities were. That is what this website really is about. It's about being me. Paleo Vegetarian... who ever heard of such an oxymoron... right? Well I'm not a follower, I'm exactly who I was meant to be.

Barbara Christensen I Paleo Vegeo Holistic Coaching

These people that I called friends that used me to dump on, but when I was hurting, when my husband was on crutches… they did nothing to help me. Guess what… several years later when he got hurt again they weren’t there then either. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? What you need to realize is that you can’t expect greatness out of people as lost as you are. And if they find their greatness, they will reach out to you to bring you with them if they really care. If they don’t reach out, believe me, it’s not greatness but another method of being led around by another group that they are attempting to become. It’s not you. When you know yourself, your heart, your strengths and priorities, then you know it’s not you.

When many of my “people” didn’t step up and share the ❤, I was no longer unsure and lost and hurt. Guess what… I know who I am! I don’t care about someone walking away from my world… I KNOW who my friends are because I know who I am. The people you want around you are those that immediately will get on the phone, email, Facebook … get on a plane if needed and say ”You okay?”… You won’t find that in the “Mom-ME” group. Be brave enough to know that, and to know what to look for in people that you connect with daily. You are the equivalent of the five people you hang out with the most. Make sure that’s what you want to be. I will share my passion with anyone, friend or foe. But I only let in those that are worthy of engaging in my life now. Ask that much for yourself!! Okay?

Or let me say it in better terms: What does all of this mean about who I am… well, I learned over life what you already know. You need to change your lifestyle to get the truth out of it all. You won’t feel engaged to your own life until you've done that. Clean up your lifestyle… I mean get some serious healthy living and #dumpchaos

Or let me say it in better terms: #loveyourself ❤❤ #cleanupyourchoices #followyourpassions #commit2greatness #embracepaleovegeo !!

When you clean up your diet, or your career, or your self image… you will find the answers that FREE you life! Do it! FREE your LIFE! Don’t wait another minute. I’m offering you the opportunity to free yourself. Msg me tonight or leave a comment below. What you did yesterday is gone. What you do today is EVERYTHING! Who are you?? Who do you want to be?? FREE yourself! I would love LoVE LOVE to help you get there. It may be that you connect with what I am doing as a Holistic Coach or it may be that you love that I am sharing the passion for aromatherapy products, or the Paleo Nourished family system. Maybe you'd like to share the Paleo Vegeo lifestyle with someone you care a lot about... regardless of where your journey is going, I'm going to be there with you sharing my own. Join me won't you?

❤❤ Barbara



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