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You come to me to get something… something that you need so badly you can barely breathe. You want to be passionate about your life! You want to wake up with the gratitude that you get to do what you ❤ for one more day! That's the truth about living a passionate life, and about finding your


Choices are the secret to the most incredible life you never thought possible. It allowed me to take the SAD stupidity of food, and turn it into a creation promoting a plant based lifestyle that sparks energy and joy all around the globe. Currently I work with individuals that are looking for a way to create their own energy. Sometimes it’s via energy work, sometimes it’s holistic/nutritional coaching, and sometimes it’s to help them attain their Beach Money, which just means getting paid over and over again for working one time. It sets you free on this earth and there's nothing else like it, except a sweet hemp milk matcha green tea latte. I’ll take both, please. 

How did I get here:

I have a million allergies... corn, soy, nuts, seeds, bananas, kiwi, avocado, lemon, orange... and on and on. So it's only reasonable that I would be very interested in food and how that food can change your health. Don't look at this site and hate right off the bat. Just because I don't eat a cow doesn't mean I'm not hitting the mark on nutrition.

When I grew up we had a huge, beautiful garden, that is until my mom went back to work in my early teens. That is when the processed foods and my allergies and health issues (IBS) started. I did the Zone diet once in my late twenties, but still was eating a lot of processed foods. My IBS got so bad at one point that I couldn't work a 4 hour shift without ending up on the floor curled up in agony.

My first big food change was to organics after my daughter was born. She was 18 months old and I found myself over 70 pounds heavier than I had been before I had gotten pregnant, miscarried, gotten pregnant again and had my daughter. I was probably as round as I was tall... which is easy to do when you are just five feet tall.

The next was a conversion in my life was to pastured foods along side the organics. My friend and I would hit the local farms in the afternoon or on a Saturday morning, buying our whole chickens, eggs, and beef. But I wasn't really losing much weight it seemed. Of course every Saturday (and a lot of the days in between) I was enjoying a big Venti Skim Milk Matcha Green Tea Latte {sugar full} at Starbucks after doing an hour of cardio at the gym. I was eating clean, so I thought. But I was still using a lot of products full of sugars, full of garbage and my system was going through overkill on inflammation due to allergies and the problems that milk {no raw local dairy} was having on my body.

In January of 2010 I did the 21 Day Kickstart program and went completely Vegan. I felt great. I was a cardio TurboKickgirl and the weight started to drop. In June of 2011 we moved to Washington and had a horrible experience, and ended up looking for another house the second day we were here. With no fridge, and starving I had some eggs at Whole Foods that morning and it was not bad. Over that first couple of months I added back in pastured eggs and wild caught salmon. But a few months later I was back to a strict vegan diet.

Then I started back with weights. It's still very cardio based, but it builds muscle. By the time I got into lifting weights 45 - 55 minutes 3 times a week I was one tired girl. I thought it was B12, even though I was getting 100% of my B12 with coconut milk and a very expensive shake. So it must be iron. I started taking iron. I was still tired. After 90 days only dropped 3 pounds. {Although I did drop 10 inches} Something didn't fit. Weights + Veganism wasn't working for my body, but Weights + Meat wasn’t where I was going to go back to.

I did a 21 day full reset on my body and I lost a few more inches, and felt good. But still I kept getting tired. Tired, tired, tired. When I started back to weights I decided the game plan had to change. I read up a lot about glutathione, and proteins, and paleo athletes. I knew that I couldn't go back to cows, chickens, turkeys... sorry folks it's true. So I decided to add back in the pastured eggs. Then come phase two I added back in the wild caught fish. Guess what, I actually did better with the wild caught fish, the raw whey and vegetables than I had ever done before.

As I continued to journal and tweak my nutrition, I realized it was metabolic, and genetic. It took about six months to figure that out, and then I was able to not only go back to eating vegan, but also I have been able to eat undenatured and fermented non-gmo soy for the first time in my life. My gut is happy. I still leave my options open to things that don’t walk if I find myself in a small town in Denmark with no gluten-free, vegan, nut-free, seed-free, all-the-allergies-free options, but that is called balance and awareness. That is why you will find this, and my groups, a no judgement zone. You may not agree, but that's what living is about... choices. Remember what I said about choices?

I have found myself, and in that, I have found my tribe. They love me for who I am... I love big, purple hair, 80′s movies, veggie sushi, green tea, rock music… of course, SHOPPING!! That's everything you need to know to start to get to know the real me. I love to rant about food additives and frankenfoods - because that is the truth of who I am at my soul, an ingredient guru who I grew up to be because of the environmental and genetic co-factors impacting my health.

I’m a SUPER HERO{no cape... they get stuck in the jet engines}, a wife of almost 30 years and a mom with a daughter that is my entire WORLD! ❤
Author: "Nourished In 30", "Exploring Aromatherapy"

Energy Creation Coach & Creator of the Paleo Vegeo Lifestyle, Ketolicious Reset. I use Nutrition, Aroma, & Frequency healing to create for you the life you desire. I am here to ROCK your world and change the way you feel about yourself, your body, food & your alignment!! Life is energy, and whatever weaves through it... business, relationships, finances, wellness... it’s all connected. Get started

❤❤ Barbara Christensen



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