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Over the last year I have embraced my energy, and find such joy in finding an aligned purpose for the open heart and open chakras I have always had since childhood. Part of that was getting certified in Reiki, which has brought me many blessings. The place I felt stuck though, was in the Five Principles. I have learned through some of the most amazing trainings that our unconscious mind is always churning. It is always listening. So when you push "fearless" your unconscious mind still hears fear. So I wanted to align my daily practice using the Five Principles to what I felt was aligned to the affirmations my body, mind and soul wanted to hear and say. So here are the ways I updated my principles, and perhaps it will spark something special in your heart.

My Reiki Five Principles:

For This Day:

1. I invite good-natured thoughts and calm emotions.

2. I free myself to feel trust and reassurance.

3. I am grateful for my many blessings and grace.

4. I practice expanding mindfulness and enlightenment.

5. I am gentle and loving with all beings including myself.

Part of what aligning has given me is a connection back to nature. I had sort of lost that, and I was pulled into the "convenient" foods and lifestyle where electronics are simple, food comes from the Whole Foods Market, and I never have to need or want for anything. What a boring, sad, closed off life. We are trying new things, exploring new areas, connecting to other life forms in a very mindful manner. It's been very freeing to release and invite so much more back into my life, and to let other emotions fly away as they are no longer needed. Have you ever felt like that? Try using these Five Principles as part of your daily meditation and see what it brings you. I'd love to find out if you find it as helpful as I have.



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