Why US Ambassadors Are Leaving Surfing To Other Options I Surf Onward

Why US Ambassadors Are Leaving Surfing To Other Options

Why US Ambassadors Are Leaving Ocean Avenue JMOA JM Ocean Avenue
I don't like to talk bad about companies, especially when I totally adore their products. You'll notice, however that my business tabs have a new (well they are four years old) company listed, and another that is gone away. This "missing" company has really handled a lot of things wrong that I just honestly have tried to live with, but don't think that I can. The last straw outside of the fact that ambassadors that have 30,000 - 60,000 (and being stuck at 60,000 if you weren't Pearl) vacation points have all felt totally screwed ... not only we seemingly had points go missing, emails not returned as well, but we were just told that in order to qualify for these said, "vacation points" you have to be actively recruiting... isn't there something about MLM's and having to sell product at least 70% of the time??

So what about selling the product?

We've lost our ability to retail products in an easy manner, not that we actually made much money on retailing. People do not want to "enroll" to buy a product. Especially not one that for the most part is completely overpriced. But what if you are ordering and on autoship... well as a wholesaler you've lost your wholesale account. If you want the discount you must become an ambassador. And the autoship function seems to be a little glitchy. I personally had my order set for the 25th, but it processed five days early. I have now cancelled my autoshipment.

I also have watched my commission dive over the last few weeks... and no one cancelled their orders. Even this week it started at $68, and ended at $11... it should have gone up, not down. They just moved into the new compensation plan is the only explanation... which personally isn't great. The old plan rocks, but I guess the reason they had to "merge" in the first place was because perhaps (just what I've heard so it's only my opinion)  they couldn't afford the old plan.

So where do you go from here when the company you LOVED seems to be gone?

I joined a new company, several months after as I was starting to hear rumors. They are in global markets, and their products are amazing. Vegan shake... and  undenatured whey for my husband. And you remember the 2MM gel? (2 Minute Miracle Gel)

What's the low down?

So if you are sick of surfing with the sharks, I would recommend you take a look at some other companies out there... but always stay to true to what brought you to the OA Lifestyle to being with, and that is the quality of product and the integrity of your upline... just $20 to find out if it's right for you.



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