Your Fat Cells Are Multiplying When You Least Expect It I Adipogenesis made me fat...

Your Fat Cells Are Multiplying When You Least Expect It

Your Fat Cells Are Multiplying When You Least Expect It I Adipogenesis made me fat I Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen
We've known for some time that fat cells and and will multiply. Previous belief has been that fat cells could only increase in number under certain circumstances such as extreme weight gain or at certain times in a person’s life-cycle, such as during pregnancy and during late childhood and early puberty.

But a study on lower body fat cells is making big waves. Researchers found that a gain of only approximately 1.6 kilograms of lower body fat resulted in the creation of 2.6 billion new adipocytes in just 8 weeks. This confirmed that lower body fat accumulates quickly through fat cell multiplication.

I found this to be very interesting because my husband's issues with weight didn't start until after his first leg injury, where he didn't walk for six months. And then he was finally almost to his goal when he broke his knee cap and then had shoulder surgery this last year. It seems like the more he would try to feed to build when he was recovering, the common muscle feeding tip that body builders use, the less results he was seeing. This I believe has to do with all of that.

So what can you do to stop some of this and create apoptosis, or fat cell die off?

Inhibition of adipogenesis creates this induction of apoptosis!!  

Piceatannol is a metabolite of highly bioavailable resveratrol and in 2003 studies prompted research interest in piceatannol and its effect on these diseases. They found in one study that it blocked LMP2A, a viral protein-tyrosine kinase implicated in leukemia, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and other diseases associated with Epstein Barr Virus. A 2012 Purdue University study found that fat cells in culture, in the presence of piceatannol, alters the timing of gene expressions, gene functions and insulin action, resulting in the delay or complete inhibition of adipogenesis.

So I've got him on a highly bioavailable resveratrol supplement to see if that support can help create that apoptosis and kill off some of those billions of new fat cells he's created through the ups and downs in life. I'll keep you updated on that. We're also trying a new program I've created called 'Paleo Blocks'... you know who gets to be the guinea pig for all of my tests, right? ;) I'll share when it's tweaked just right and let you know. But in the mean time make sure you try out my FREE 5 Day Meal plan, and order the Paleo Vegeo program, Nourished In 30.. a real steal priced for everyone!!



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