Wild Strawberries : The Gift Of Allpamama

Wild Strawberries : The Gift Of Allpamama

My Spirit guides asked me to talk to you about sacred gifts of the earth. This one the moment I saw them in my friend, Ingrid's backyard ... I needed these tiny little native strawberries in my life. I should share that they rarely make it into the house. I generally pick them off the bush and eat them right in the yard . But today they went into my salad. Nom nom!! They are called the Alpine strawberry or fragaria, and are a wild spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

This wild strawberry has been recognized and used by indigenous peoples since the dawn of time. Native Americans have valued the wild strawberry as food and medicine, recognizing it as a blood purifier as these are super packed superfoods sharing antioxidants, Vitamin C, potassium, folate and fiber (World’s Healthiest Foods). They are also purifiers of the land.

There is a spiritual relationship with the groundcover plant as illustrated by the Anishinaabe name for the wild strawberry, odeiminidjibik, which translates as “root of the heart” and showcasing the intimate relationship of people and nature's gifts in the native ecology. The leaves were often chewed and applied to burns and similarly they will flourish in areas recovering from brush or forest fires. Mother Gaia healing the burns of herself. They call this “noon tak tek hah kwa,” meaning growing where the ground is burned.
We can save this wild "heart seed" strawberries, and their benefits to our bodies and Mother Gaia for the next generation. Add this to your space and each spring it will remind you of the resilience of Spring, the body, and the heart.

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