Reboot Your Whole Being With Barbara Christensen, Creator Of Paleo Vegeo, Nutritional Therapist, and International Author/Teacher

 Reboot Your Whole Being With Barbara Christensen, Creator Of Paleo Vegeo, Nutritional Therapist, and International Author I Amare Global Wellness Partner

This month of education and fun engagement will be run inside of the Paleo Vegeo Facebook Community which you can find and become added to here:

In this community each week we will dive into a month of detoxing your mindset, your environment and your body. In this program I will share my personal experiences, expertise, and some of my favorite products for home and lifestyle to do more than just survive through the Spring, but to spring ahead into a thriving new you!

Barbara runs a wholistically based practice that helps clients elevate their metabolism, mood, manifestations & Micronutrient Happiness with PLANT POWER. An Author, Nutritional Therapist, Integrative Shamanic Practitioners, Certified Aromatherapist, Fitness Instructor and Energy worker, I am here to help you find the truth of what works for you from the inside-out.

Just Reboot: $29.95 + shipping/tax (contains your gut cleanse to start the month out right)
Just Reboot

Reboot Plus: $71.90 + shipping/tax (adds in the metabolic protein shake that will help you dirty fast while boosting your gut-brain connection.)
Reboot Plus

Reboot Complete; 154.95 + shipping/tax (Gives you everything you need, the cleanse (FREE), the protein for the dirty fast (at half price), plus three additional products to help your gut-brain axis reboot and sync up - and at a lower price than purchasing retail, including my special $10 off coupon!! The smartest way to get started)

I will be sharing recipes, easy ways to automate things, and if you have been doing a 5 and 1 plan, keto, or other non-traidtional diets, this will help you transition in a way that bridges the gut-brain axis so that your hard work doesn't go to waste.

If you do not have my Micronutrient Happiness book, I highly recommend you grab it off of Amazon.

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