New Year, A New Way

New Year A New Way

Here we go, it's a New Year. as we start the New Year. There are a lot of choices to make. Some of those choices are easier than others. For instance, it is so much easier to choose something that's enjoyable, then something that isn't. Things that you might find enjoyable might be creamier in your coffee or a biscuit in the morning. Things that you might not find enjoyable might be working out or eating more vegetables.

So how do we balance. There's new technology that I love that balances the effects of nature on the effects of the body. I've taken about the New postbiotics that support rebuilding the gut lining in one of my vlogcasts in the past. When you pair it with a herbal non-stimilant (supporting your adrenal system) thermogenesis, this helps the body use energy more efficiently. 

A good way to understand your macros is to focus on fiber and protein. We need about 25 +  grams of fiber a day. My favorite protein has a perfect amount of protein to go with my non-dairy milk. How much protein should you have? Base it on your calories. Thirty percent of your calorie should come from protein so a daily 1500 calories would require 450 calories or 112 grams of Protein. Split up into (if intermittent fasting) that shake with water would be dirty fasting in the morning and help get those proteins. Otherwise,  30 grams per meal (three meals) and one 25 grams snack. You can see why protein powder can help. 

BEAM and so many others have protein powders with added fiber, and you can go that route if you don't think you're getting enough. 

Healthy vegan protein shake

However,  some people aren't even there yet. They need to start with some basics of breaking down their food and detoxification.  One of my favorite supplements (that's affordable as well!!) has great ingredients that have been shown to help support the liver,  and support blood sugar,  and that's a big part of the battle.  

Another affordable digestion support is an enzyme blend that includes a proprietary blend that helps break down carbohydrates (sugar) to help convert it into a more useful fibrous property.  This is so helpful for those that don't have a great track record with weight loss despite the diet they choose. 

I generally take my digestive support a full hour before I eat, and the detoxification support an hour after. 

Once you feel that your body is processing, then you can add in the one-two punch of gut and metabolism healing

Until you heal your gut you can't really start to work on stress resilience.  But without the foundation of detox and digest, you'll never break down the nutrients to allow your body to connect the HPA axis. 

Take it in layers. 

Once your stress feels more balanced, you can work on those hormones. 

It's a year or more to heal a body that's been stuff for years. Don't get too down about that, and remember that to love yourself is the greatest gift of all. 



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