Today Is Your Day To Take The Gift Of The Challenge

Today Is Your Day To Take The Gift Of The Challenge I Season Of Becoming

Today's challenge was about figuring out the who, what, where of this body journey - and having gratitude for your gift.

So what is the formula for this success in life?

Success = (Desire+Goals+Action) Personal Development squared

Desire - You want it {success}
Goals - You are open to it {to be successful}
Actions - You live it {engage in the awareness of opportunity daily}
Personal Development - You become it {open and accept the possibilities every day}

Discovery is the first level of coaching that I go through with clients. Who are are? Where have you been and where are you now? What are you doing that's great, or needs to be changed? What are you lacking?

This is how you need to start thinking.
Who are you?

Where have you been and where are you now with this challenge of change?

What are you doing that is great (really works) and what do you need to perhaps change?

What are you lacking? Is it nutrients? Is is the right macros? Is it the support team?

Think about what it all means to you.

What do you desire?
What are your goals?
What actions are you willing to take?
What personal development can help you really increase the benefits??

Look at these words. What visual word are you going to use to move your forward today. Maybe it is one of these, and maybe it is another.

Accessible, Alive, Authentic, Calming, Connected, Desired, Dynamic, Effective, Empowering, Energizing, Enlightened, Focused, Gentle, Genuine, Grounded, Harmonious, Healthy, Healing, Holistic, Hopeful, Inspired, Intentional, Invigorating, Limitless, Mindful, Natural, Nourishing, Positive, Purposeful, Refreshing, Reliable, Safe, Serene, Strengthening, Valued, Vibrant, Vibrational, Whole, Wholesome, and WONDERFUL!!

Share your visual words and the answers to the questions below challengers. You only GET what you GIVE in this challenge.

We all have a story. Today I was so very blessed to see a video my cousin had done for Soul Pancake. The journey most of his siblings went through was very difficult. However, he not only lived through it, but he fought through it and is changing the lives of so many children as he is growing and just being his truth. So I leave you with his video, and I promise it will change how you are looking at who you are becoming. As you change, you change others. Find your moment!!



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