The Unpleasant Side Effects of Detox

The Unpleasant Side Effects of Detox I Season Of Becoming Challenge

Cutting all the added sugar out of your diet is much better for your health, but while your body adjusts to your new diet; you can experience some unpleasant sugar detox side effects. They may include headaches, joint and other body aches, nausea and of course higher intensity cravings for all things highly refined and sugared. They key is not to give in and have a piece of candy. Learning this now is essential with all of the Halloween candy around the corner. Rather than beat yourself up, try these three tips to help you make it through the relatively short detox period.

First and foremost make sure you drink plenty of water and are properly hydrated. Electrolytes are so essential to our bodies, and water in general is needed to help with those water soluble nutrients. Not only will staying hydrated help alleviate many of the detox symptoms you may have, it will also help keep you full.

When you feel that detox headache coming on, grab a glass of water. Want a cookie or donut? Get a glass of water, and maybe add a tsp of olive oil to it. One of my favorite strategies when I don’t think I can make it without another sweet treat or when the plate of danishes in the break-room are calling my name is to pour myself a big glass of tea. I drink it slowly and then make myself wait 15 minutes. By then the craving has usually passed, or at the very least, I’m so full with water that I can pass on the sugary stuff. In the morning I have two cups of tea. One is my turmeric and ginger and the other is usually green matcha tea. However caffeine is either a help or a hindrance when you are releasing sugar. It may actually help the headache, or just make it worse.

Vitamin C, B vitamins, and Zinc are all known to help with cravings. Taking a good whole food supplement may be just the thing to help reduce detox side effects and make it through the few not so pleasant days of getting used to consuming a lot less sugar. When my clients shred each month, this is the key essential to make it easier. In addition, you can talk to your medical care provider about supplementing with a few of these micronutrients in higher doses, like magnesium or for those with genetic mutations B-12. However please don’t do this without medical supervision or the advice of your doctor though.

Challengers, I need you to realize that a lot of the cravings and "not feeling well" is in our head. The more we focus on negative side effects of detoxing from sugar, the worse they will get. What else is possible for you today? The best way to avoid this mindset is to stay busy. No, not with a donut in your mouth. The best way to stay busy is to connect with others. Take a walk, or a hike, visit a friend, or visit a retirement home. When we connect with others we can help ourselves in more ways than we can imagine. Sometimes, though, we sabotage ourselves by calling on our friend that we know is baking up a storm for an event. Or we meet up at a coffee shop with lots of sugary treats available. Don't set yourself up to fail because this process feels uncomfortable. This sugar release is just the first part of the equation, but it's the most important part.

While I don’t recommend doing a sugar detox when you’re working, particularly during a busy or stressful time, staying busy is a good idea, and work happens for many people five or more days per week. Stay strong by preparing healthy food and snacks for work, and then make some plans to head out with friends into a safer space during breaks or even just step out to your car for a meditation. At home you can reorganize your closet, let go of those clothes that no longer serve you, or just settle in for a Netflix marathon. Changing your behavior plays into this season of becoming. You are becoming someone that you've always been, just hiding in plain sight.



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