Nutrition Is The Power In Your Life

Nutrition Is The Power In Your Life I Season Of Becoming

The truth is simple. Nutrition is power in your life. There is no short cut, there is no secret path to go around this truth. You will learn it when it's your time, and until then realize it will be a journey. When you get to the destination of wellness... I'll be here with pom poms at the finish line!!

If you aren't addicted to sugar, there is no need to fear. What if you gave it up for three days... what could possibly happen?

Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re doing fine and think you’re just about ready to prove me wrong about this sugar addiction. Sure, a bowl of cereal would be nice and that cup of coffee tastes better with flavored creamer, but you’re doing just fine without it.

Then those sugar cravings start to get a little stronger and you’re feeling a headache come on. This is getting a little uncomfortable but manageable. Maybe there is such a thing as sugar detox, but you’re sure you’re only having a mild case of it and will get through this in no time.

A few more hours pass and things start to get a lot harder. You’re starting to feel the real detox side effects including body and joint aches, chills, nausea and that headache is getting a lot worse. It’s hard to focus on anything. That’s when it hits you that there may be something to this whole sugar addiction thing.

Here’s the thing; consuming that much added sugar isn’t natural for us. A hundred years ago, we consumed a small fraction of the sugar we eat today. Our food wasn’t as sweet and sugar was a rare treat. Today, it creeps into everything we eat including a lot of foods we don’t think of as sweet like bread and salad dressing for example.

Sugar used to be an occasional treat. People would eat ripe fruit or use it to make jelly or the occasional cake. The human body could handle the occasional bit of sugar just fine. What it can’t handle well is the 160+ pounds of sugar the average American now consumes.

We’re addicted to the sweet stuff and average consumption is still going up. And as it goes up we see more cases of obesity, Type II Diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. And each of those bring with them a bunch of other health conditions. Sugar is making us fat and sick (and dead) and since it’s so addictive, it’s hard to quit it. The only way is to realize and truly understand just how bad it is for you. That will give you the willpower to break free from your sugar addiction, say no to that cookie and opt for a healthier choice instead.

When you start order and start the Ketolicious Reset you will start to see just how much of your being is relying on those carbohydrates and driving the sugar need. Just don't forget to order your JP to make sure that you get all of the dense nutrition your body needs.



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