Instamood I Paleo Vegeo

At my house we are addicted to organic cauliflower, and in all of the beautiful colors. It is full of protein, and a good #paleo option to keep us out of the fridge after dinner. But we don't have a no treat policy here. Trying too hard to restrict treats to satisfy your desire for munchies only sets the whole family up for failure. So we generally use this for a good carb/protein solution to keep our noshing at a minimum, and then I like to give my family fresh fruit, with a #vegan whipped cream (non-dairy for my daughter is a must) when they need a treat. Or fresh fruit smoothies or fruit bars. When we eliminate the emotional distress tied to your dietary habits we have a healthier life. #PaleoVegeo #paleonourished
Here's a little instamood from my day. Joy, Food, Paleo Vegeo, Vegan joy I hope.



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