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Feeling bloated?? 

Bloated? We become bloated from eating foods our body can't handle, from overindulgence the night before, or just from being out of alignment. This come from the knowledge of an ayurvedic practice, and once you get it, it's easy to see what in your daily life is causing you these issues.

Of course bloating is more likely to appear if you are anxious, stressed, or worried. It is all due to Vata imbalance. Any Vata balancing essential oil will help. Try peppermint, orange, rose, cinnamon, and basil. Also every morning before a meal after having a glass of warm water with lemon essential oil, or drink my amazing Kevita Copy Cat Probiotic beverage. It's full of the goodness that really starts your day off in a holistic way. And it tastes delish!! Don't get me wrong, I still buy the Kevita from time to time, but my pocketbook thanks me because if I am going to take a probiotic anyway, why not take it in the yummiest way possible? Thus, no need to go to the store. And it's Non-GMO · Vegan · No Sugar · Gluten-free ... JUST like the culture they use, and at $0.96 per day with a monthly order it's far less than the $2.99 per bottle if I just make it myself.

Kevita Copy Cat Probiotic Beverage I Paleo Vegeo I Vegan Probiotics

Probiotic Beverage Recipe

Lemon Cayenne Cleansing Probiotic Beverage

16 oz filtered water
1 tbsp Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
1 pinch cayenne pepper
2 pinches Himalayan Salt
10 drops Lemon Drop Sweet Leaf Stevia
8 drops of Organic Lemon Essential Oil
1 (opened) capsule of of my vegan probiotic

Blend and cool overnight and drink in the AM

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