Announcing the Trim4Life Contest

Announcing the Trim4Life Contest

Ocean Avenue Trim4Life Contest I Barbara Christensen I Paleo Vegeo I Get Started with the Ocean Avenue Trim60 Program

JM Ocean Avenue is based on the idea of families spending time together and creating memories. They want everyone to achieve optimal health.

Trim4Life uses the products that allowed Franco Cavaleri to achieve his fitness and body building goals. He uses this same system NOW to stay healthy.

Two Basic Systems and Programs:

Trim60 - helps lose fat and improve health using Invigorate and Wheysmart - for Weight Loss

* Invigorate - improves mindset and metabolic efficiency and seratonin levels. Seratonin is linked to our addiction to carbohydrates. It is not a stimulant and does not compromise health. It also improves insulin efficiency. When we lose insulin efficiency with age, the body is not able to regulate calories and we crave more carbs. Invigorate also helps with thermogenic activity to help you burn calories the way you did when you were younger. Without stimulating heartrate or increasing blood pressure. There are many people who worked with Franco to hone these products in the early years when they were developed.

*Wheysmart is a product that Franco designed as a meal alternative. When we are making the wrong food choices, we typically choose the high glycemic, high carb foods. It is made up of 3 protein sources that improves the body's ability to burn fat. It also supplies multiple fiber sources that allow your body to process the fiber at a slower rate. It includes greens - we usually don't eat enough greens during the day, so we get nutrient-deficiency cravings. When our bodies are given the right foods, we don't crave the wrong foods!

Life60 System - Based on Empower and Wheybeyond - they are powerful anti-inflammatory and weight management system. When we have inflammation, it interferes with our ability to burn fat.

*Wheybeyond improves the protein and amino acids in your diet and in your body. It helps control your appetite. Together, Empower and Wheybeyond improves your LEAN muscle mass, which helps you to lose weight.

These systems can be used together or independently. The protocol for people to join the contest will be written out and available in the back office. You will also get some support from Franco with sample days that show how the products are incorporated into the day, as well as foods to choose along with it (woot!). He is also doing a video blog that will answer questions and guide you along the way. Yay! I recommended that they do this. :) Franco has worked with different metabolisms and challenges. The strategies include IMPROVE MINDSET, and lower the glycemic load and high carbs.

He also uses Focus prior to your workout so that you start burning fat faster. When you start a cardio workout, it takes 15-20 minutes for your body to start burning fat. When you take focus 30 minutes before your workout, it flips a switch and starts your fat burning SOONER, and your muscle will be preserved during and after your workout.

These products give you a general template, along with good food choices, to lose weight and increase your metabolism. This is a 60 day program - the body works in windows. When people follow this protocol diligently they will see results. Franco will be guiding people through this program!

"Your metabolism is a reflection of your choices. When you stick with this program and stick with the choices that Franco gives you, your goal will be easier to achieve." - Franco Cavaleri. 60 days is more than enough to notice a difference according to Franco when you follow the protocol.

Exercise is important and critical for optimal health, but he doesn't want to push people into exercise programs until they are ready. Let's start by making the right non-exercise energy expending choices. Instead of parking right next to the door, park further out and walk. Start with that if exercise is not part of your program now. Make walking for 30 minutes part of the program because that helps with mental fitness as well as physical fitness. The goal is to achieve mental AND physical health. Move it up as you are ready. Build up to it as needed. If you are workout junkie, feel free to keep going.

If you are a body builder, start challenging your body and take it one step further. Not to impose more stress, but allow it to recover more efficiently. The Life60 program will really help with this as it will allow your body to recover quickly and effectively. Franco will drink half of Wheybeyond before his workout with the focus, and then the other half right after the workout. That energizes you so that you can work with greater intensity. Then the Empower utilized with the Wheybeyond allows you to recover faster and retain lean muscle.

The CONTEST begins Monday and is a 60 day period! January 14th!

1. They are excited to put the program into action! There will be a link/button for you to click on to enter your vitals and statistics. This will also allow you to track your weight loss and other goals. You will also be able to see your progress. Nice! Even inches, before and after pictures, etc.

2. Everyone in the program needs a coach. A mentor can help you with your goals, and you'll not only myself {a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist, and HLWC} but you get Franco as your coach! He will give us tips, as well as a Q&A on Wednesdays for people who are in the contest on Wednesdays for a half hour helping with the questions on how to lose weight, tone up, and even your own personal issues.

3. Get on Facebook and like the Paleo Vegeo page, and look for announcements, recipes, tips, and ways to share success with other people.

4. Franco will also have a weekly blog with videos where he will give advice on how to maximize your workout program. Since he was Mr. North America in body building, he probably knows some stuff.

5. Trim4Life contest sign up will be live this weekend at

Yes!! You get me as your motivator/coach as well as Franco!!

Awards: The male and female who lose the most amount of weight -

A jetsetter vacation - 2 days and 3 nights
Title of Mr. and Mrs. Ocean

Most inches lost -
Products, swag and Ocean Avenue gear

Best Life-changing story -
Will win an Ovation trip and 3 other people in their family (or friends). If you want to create a story and keep track, get that started and written down!

We can CHANGE metabolism no matter what our genetics are! Franco is offering us a solution to make the right choices and get our metabolism working for us. He doesn't want to see anyone surrendering to the "It's just my genetics" misconception!

Learn More about this program and the products at



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