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What is the Emerald Essentials way of healthy living?

So, what is the Emerald Essentials way of healthy living that you've heard me talk about so much?? It's detoxification every day, just by using Action Whey as a meal replacement. You can't clear all of the toxins out of your life, because the environment is what it is. You can change your own lifestyle, eating more organic foods, using non-toxic beauty and household products, but you still have to deal with the guy next door. And sharing this shake with your kids because the toxins are even more harsh on their little immune systems than it is on ours. They deserve all of this and a daily probiotic to help their immune system fight off the ickies they touch and hug on all day long. Well at least mine touches and hugs everything in her path.

Paleo Vegeo I The Skinny Whey I Barbara Christensen I Ocean Avenue way of healthy living
It's also supporting your internal systems. That means anti-inflammation - reducing the amount of cortisol and stress on our internal organs using a product rich in antioxidants like RawBoost. It means supporting your hormonal system, both men and women, using Emerald Sea.

It means boosting your efforts. Getting what you put into your journey. The Body Transformation plan is designed to help give your body a nutritional REBOOT. In just seven days, many people report the following benefits:
  • Reduced cravings for sugar and processed foods
  • Increased cravings for healthy fruits and vegetables
  • More energy and strength
  • Better sleep
  • Happier mood
  • Sharpened mental focus
  • Reduced aches and pains
  • Reduction of excess fat
It means being committed to your health even when on the go. Having nutrition on the go will keep you on track when the track has run completely off course. And it will do that during the holiday season A LOT! What are you going to do when you are sitting in front of a large tasty pastry and you haven't eaten for 5 hours? Shake up nutrition and feel the empowerment of being in control of your health rather than ruining all of your hard work for the last six months.

Emerald Essentials Organic way of healthy living I Barbara Christensen I Paleo Vegeo I Organic MLMIt means using organic products on your face, instead of toxins. Reducing your impact on the Earth, looking radiant because of it.
Sharing this with your family, sharing this with your kids. Isn't that the TRUE nature of living the Emerald Essentials Life?

I want to share that life with you, the one that brings me so much joy.

Join me for exclusive Emerald Essentials announcements, hear updates on our current growth, global success, developments in products and progress with our charitable causes. You can also jump on over to www.TheOrganicShake.com to learn more about getting your products, or get our wholesale pricing, or becoming an Distribotor by joining for FREE in our current enrollment promotion!! Love your life!! beorganic.emeraldessentials.com



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