Product of the week: Ocean Avenue WheySmart Shake

Product of the week: Ocean Avenue WheySmart Shake

I am starting with WheySmart because it is really the ideal entry product. Many people use protein powder in their shakes and smoothies. What they don't realize is the kind of stuff they are dumping into the bodies. The protein that was used in WheySmart is bioavailable so that your body will not reject it, and many other shakes on the market actually contain materials and are manufactured in a way that will damage your health instead of improving it. I always tell people to be very careful of the protein powder they buy! Not only does most of the cheaper stuff have ingredients that our bodies can't digest, but it has too many grams of protein and our body can't handle it! 

The ingredients in WheySmart include: 
Whey Protein Concentrate (Cold Cross-Flow Ultrafiltered and Advanced Dual Microfiltered), Pea Protein, l-Glycine, Inulin, Acacia Gum Fiber, Micellar Casein, Flaxseed Concentrate (Milled) Organic, Apple Fiber Organic, Lecithin, Arabinogalactin, Stevia Leaf Extract, Natural Vanilla Bean Extract, Spirulina, Chlorella (Cracked cell), Acerola Berry SE (18% Ascorbic acid), Dandelion Root, Fucus Vesiculosis (Kelp),Potassium (Chloride).

So what about the ingredients in Ocean Avenue WheySmart are so special: 

A few things I love about this product. First, it has the undenatured whey (get used to that sort of term in this glutathione rich product line) which is going to first start with detoxification... and you all need this in your life. You may notice that you flare up with some detox issues the first week or two on the product, and that's why. It's clearing toxins and heavy metals out of your system. It also is a pure low processed form which means all of the nutrients that you don't get in the other whey proteins. They've add in the pea protein  because of the special amino acids in pea protein that is  particularly relevant to sports nutrition. It helps you maintain the correct nitrogenous balance in lean tissues, helps you maintain muscle tissue during exercise,  promotes your healthy heart and helps in muscle metabolism and of course restores your nitrogen balance after intense physiological stress (exercise workouts). 

When we consume milled flaxseed concentrate, bacteria in the colon convert the plant lignans into compounds known as “mammalian lignans” (enterolactone and enterodiol). The mammalian lignans are absorbed from the colon into the bloodstream for circulation to sites in the body where they are needed. This is going to balance out your hormones (and do it in a more beneficial way than those that are using soy products for this same reason). It support breast health and reinforces the health of the inner lining of the uterus. It is a more powerful antioxidant than vitamin E, and helps maintain the integrity of the prostate gland tissue. It also improves the body's management of blood sugar, heart health, protects the liver, supports normal blood pressure... need I go on?

The acerola berry is super high in vitamin C, the Spirulina and Chlorella are superfoods for health. They rebuild nerve tissue in the brain and throughout the body. They work together to support healthy blood sugar levels, and reduce cravings for carbohydrates. In fact even the dandelion root will help lessen inflammation and kill bacteria. Preliminary research suggests that dandelion may show promise as an anti-cancer agent.  

I could go on for hours about this product, but let's just say that with this being a stevia sweetened product, and with all of the health benefits you cannot go wrong giving it try. Learn more by listening to my latest training call all about the WheySmart Shake.



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