Natural relief from tooth pain using essential oils, xylitol and ACT

Natural relief from tooth pain using essential oils, xylitol and ACT

I got thinking when a family member had a toothache recently and has no health insurance, what can you do. While first off I recommend using  an all natural toothpaste because of the healing power of xylitol mixed with the antibacterial properties of Protective Blend of essential oils.

Xylitol creates a perfect pH balance in the mouth to stimulate a healing process that can naturally repair your teeth which I am betting you didn't know. When Xylitol is eaten it not only brings minerals by salivary stimulation but creates an alkaline environment in which these minerals can help heal soft or damaged areas on your teeth and help to rebuild and strengthen them. They use xylitol a lot in Africa in these villages where there are no dentists. My daughter uses a combination of these natural toothpastes and ACT. The diluted fluoride in the rinse helps put minerals into teeth faster than any other way. The combination of using xylitol during the day and these mouth rinses at night will help mineralize, strengthen, and brighten your teeth. 

Using essential oils to help tooth pain

And when you need to you can use essential oils to help with a tooth pain that you have while you are healing your teeth.

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