Why Your Protein Shake Is Not A Meal Replacement Shake I Barbara Christensen I Paleo Vegeo

Your Protein Shake Is Not A Meal Replacement Shake

Why Your Protein Shake Is Not A Meal Replacement Shake I Barbara Christensen I Paleo Vegeo
Yes... your meal replacement drink does contain copious amounts of protein. Still it is not the same thing as a protein shake. When you want a fast meal on the go, protein shakes may help in a pinch, but they are designed for recovery, not meal replacement. When I see women and men using a shake that is only 70 - 150 calories as a meal... I shudder. Think of your protein shake as a nutritional supplement that help increase the amount of protein in your daily diet. If you desire, it can be a part of a healthy meal replacement program, just not alone. 

So how do you make a healthy meal replacement shake?

Start with your liquid base, such as water, whole raw milk or non-dairy milk, or freshly squeezed organic juice, into a blender. This will help dilute and blend all the ingredients in your liquid meal replacement. You never want to do just juice, because it will spike your blood sugar fast, which is why we use it in a meal replacement rather than just drinking juice.

Next blend in healthy carbohydrates, such as berries, apples, oranges, bananas or other fruits. You can also add vegetables, such cucumbers, kale and spinach, depending on the type of smoothie or milkshake you are making. This is where you can also add in some minerals and antioxidants or raw greens. This morning I had pineapple and loads of greens in my breakfast shake.

Blend in a healthy fat source, such as avocado pieces, coconut oil or ground flaxseeds or chia. I did chia this morning and it was AMAZING!! Avocados are cholesterol-free, low in saturated fats and contain "good" mono- and polyunsaturated fats, which not only help your bad cholesterol levels reduce, but they are a flat belly food... win-win. Flaxseed contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation in your body, and is a good supplemental add in for anyone with chronic inflammation, as would be some turmeric powder if you don't add too much it. It's very FLAVORFUL

If you have a hormonal imbalance issues like myself, I add in a capsule of maca powder (capsules keep the potency in tact better than buying a bag of powdered maca) and just enjoy it! If you like it thicker, add in ice or make your fruit frozen.

You may then add in a protein source, such as crushed almonds or good source of grain-free protein powder. I also like using the Flax + Protein milk in mine. Use protein powder only as directed on the product label. Blend all ingredients until smooth. Remember that if you are using an truly healthy protein, leave it to the last because the longer it's blended, the more likely it will lose some of the benefits of the whole foods protein sources. 



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