Functional Training for Health As Important As Nutrition

Functional Training for Health

I read this great article by  and it stated something I think we all need to consider... functional training for health

"Yesterday you had a great workout at the gym. You're bench-pressing more weight than ever before, and pulling enough weight on the seated rowing machine to try out for the Olympic sculling team.

Today, you lift a 60-pound suitcase to carry it downstairs -- and throw your back out. What happened? In all likelihood, you're not paying enough attention to your functional fitness. You might be toned, tight, and ready for the beach, but are you ready to lift your toddler out of his (or her) car seat or hoist the spring-water bottle onto the dispenser?"
Functional fitness, it's just as important as nutritional foods are to your overall health. It's the reason why so many people have flocked like droves to CrossFit, but I personally think that it's not the answer for Function in our lives. The big key to getting a good functional training session in is integration. You need to teach your muscles to all work together rather than isolating them to work on their own.

I have two favorite programs I like to promote for functional training for health, and that is P90X and Body Beast

How am I preparing my body for aging and health using P90X or Body Beast? 

With P90X there is a lot of focus on functional training. The leg workout are low resistance and focus on all of the functional angles with is a key to aging, as is the core. The core workout is an amazing multi-planar set of functional exercises which will keep your balance as you get older as well as supply you with functional strength.
Now Body Beast is all about function overall. It's completely focused on form, and overall muscle development. These big compound moves that Sagi has you do are slower, and also more effective for strength, muscle volume and function. You are giving your body a hard mulit-planar task where it will respond by giving you more strength and more power.

Before you jump over to the next CrossFit class, or the kettlebell training, make sure you work on building up functional core stability and muscle support and you'll be able to live a much healthier, longer life. That's what we are all looking at having, right? 



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