JM Ocean Avenue Product FAQ's (Formerly Ocean Avenue WAV Nutrition)

  • JM Ocean Avenue Product FAQ's: 

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    What products does JM Ocean Avenue offer?

    JM Ocean Avenue offers 5 different consumable WAV nutritional products. There are 3 powdered Products (WHEYSMART, WHEYBEYOND, FOCUS), as well as 2 Encapsulated Products (EMPOWER, INVIGORATE).
  • What source of milk is in the Whey and is it pasteurized?

    The source in the milk is not certi fied organic but it is hormone free and free range also by LAW any milk products entering the North American marketplace MUST be pasteurized. (note: Undenatured whey is cold processed so this pasteurization is a low temp process to keep the high biological nutrients intact.)
  • Is sugar found in the JM Ocean Avenue products?

    WE DO NOT ADD SUGAR TO OUR PRODUCTS. The reason for that is it is primarily designed in the formula to increase energy, stamina and mental drive.
  • Does heating any of our products, or adding any too hot foods/beverages change their properties in any way?

    It is recommended NOT to use the products in heated foods, especially to heat them with the cooking of food. That will diminish the biological activity of the products (such as undenature, the whey protein), deactivate some of the antioxidant value, separate the minerals from their ligands, and reduce the state of the key minerals (especially vanadium). However, such changes will not completely obliterate the activity.
  • How many mg of caffeine does each packet of Focus contain?

    150 mg caffeine per packet.
  • Are our products vegetarian or vegan?

    These products do not contain ingredients within the actives ingredients that are of animal origins, however the capsule is currently made from gelatin (beef gelatin), however we are in the process of changing over to a veggie capsule which will be made from cellulose.
  • What is the ORAC value placed on the WHEYBEYOND product?

    Ranges between 180 – 220 for the berry fruit inclusion. This is additional to the antioxidant value delivered by the whey component which is not categorized by ORAC.
  • What does ORAC mean?

    ORAC(Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is the "antioxidant" potential of a substance quanti fied as a numerical value, the antioxidant substance’s ability to neutralize the oxygen radical (free radical) is its ORAC value.
  • Why do you only put 15g of protein in WHEYBEYOND?

    These serving sizes are designed for mainstream consumers. Most people don’t need the 30 grams in a serving, especially of this type of whey.
  • Could someone take just the INVIGORATE and lose weight without the WAVSMART?

    Yes. INVIGORATE can help on its own, but WAVSMART will add synergistic value from the metabolic standpoint (support thyroid, appetite, and more blood sugar support through the carefully proportioned protein sources/ greens/ herbs). It may also be used as a meal alternative to reduce total caloric daily intake.
  • What would you recommend to someone who wants to lose 10-15 lbs verses someone who needs to lose 25+?

    Same strategy for both: The Trim Pack = WHEYSMART+ INVIGORATE.
  • Is there Soy Protein in Ocean Avenue Products?

    There is no soy protein added to any Ocean Avenue products. Soy Protein is a LOW biological value protein(<79). WHEYBEYOND has a Biological Value of (>130-135 BV). WHEYBEYOND suppports glutathione saturation, soy proteins cannot. Soy Lecithin is a soy-based emulsi fier added to the WHEYBEYOND and WAVSMART formulations to support dissolving of the powdered beverage mix into liquid (helps prevent clumping).

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