Prepping for the Ocean Avenue 30 Day Challenge

Prepping for the Ocean Avenue 30 Day Challenge by jumping back on the Sugar-free wagon

Prepping for the Ocean Avenue 30 Day Challenge with sugar free paleo foods and Ocean Avenue Invigorate
So it's always hard with the holiday to be totally sugar-free, and for me it only takes a little to start craving a ton. And you are going to cave if your attitude is that you have two options. Stuffing greens in your mouth or eating the good stuff.

What about you? 

Does that little sugar devil sit on your shoulder cheering you on to take just one more dark chocolate peppermint truffle? That's the problem, when you add sugar and wheat into your diet it because a fight of the addiction rather than a fight of the senses. That can easily turn into a chaotic cycle of sugar overload if you allow it to like a lot of us did this Thanksgiving weekend.
So what if you are now on sugar overload. You are rundown, cranky… and just looking for your next fix. You’ll take anything… a pop tart, a kit kat bar, you’d even lick the leftovers out of the cranberry sauce container if you had it in the fridge. You probably have no idea how many tablespoons of sugar you had yesterday. Was it 10? Was it 20? Was it more?

Twenty teaspoons may sound like a lot of sugar to get through in one day. But consider the following:
A 12 ounce Pepsi contains 10 teaspoons of sugar
A 2 ounce package of candy contains 11 teaspoons of sugar
8 ounces of lemonade has nearly 7 teaspoons of sugar
A cup of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereal provides more than 4 teaspoons of sugar.
How does that make you feel? Did you have just one soda to help you make it through? I doubt it because I know that you aren't getting anything but more of the stress and desire to eat more if you drank that soda. 

And Sugar can cause stress. 

Deficiencies of B vitamins were described in Chinese texts dating as early as 2600 BC… and after all of that sugar you’ll have a good deficiency in your Vitamin B department. So I would recommend a big boost of Vitamin B or if you have some Focus Energy on hand use it mid day about 2 PM to stop that afternoon cycle from taking over. Start your morning off with a good breakfast of healthy proteins and fats. When you eat proteins and fats with anything sugary you will have a slower digestion – which should help keep you from craving more sugar immediately. Have a little bit of good starchy foods to your lunch menu. You may try some quinoa, sweet potatoes or a sandwich on a good paleo bread. Good starchy foods are rich in glucose, which stimulates insulin release and will be a helpful and necessary part of your return to a healthy diet. Then relax. 
Also I recommend adding in a WheySmart shake during the day since a
acerola berry may also help reduce blood sugar levels, according to a 2006 study from Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry. In tests on mice, scientists demonstrated that antioxidants extracted from acerola may help suppress transport of blood sugar throughout the intestines
But like I said, sugar causes me stress. I don't know why I ever even allow it into my life at all. I read online at that "a study in the open access journal BMC Biology in 2005 found that rats who were stressed wanted to wolf down lots of sugar cubes because of high brain levels of a chemical called corticotropin-releasing factor -- a stress hormone that humans also have. The scientists concluded that stressed people might be more likely to crave things that made them feel good - like eating sugar or taking drugs." That's why it's important to supplement with healthy foods and then as well the Invigorate supplement's unique properties act as an antidepressant that helps you cope with stress while supporting serotonin production. 

So what about the rest of it all... 

The challenge is about change. It's what this lifestyle is all about. If you think about the suggestions about before you headed into the turbulence of the holiday season, or the donuts at work, or the family parties, then you would be prepared to take it on and breakthrough the danger zone without allowing the sugar to overcome your decision making skills. That's got more to do with where you are in life than you may want to believe.

There is a belief that you have to have in yourself as well as an ability to stop, breathe and push through when the overwhelming emotions show up in your life again and again. In weight loss, training, building a business - emotions are set in your DNA. It's more than just a feeling you have from childhood. Both the genes you were born with along side the environment you were raised in have dialed in the DNA that you are living your life with right now. How you choose to allow that to impact your decisions and your fears is the real key to any breakthrough in yourself over the Challenge that you are gearing up to take on. Who's ready for it?

Take a listen to Part 2 of  Anthony Robbin's Breakthrough and let's get this going together. 



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