Recommendations For Insulin Resistance and PreDiabesity

Insulin Resistance and PreDiabesity

Insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, prediabesity and the obesity epidemic is hitting our nation hard. It isn't just office workers, or folks that could care less about themselves. It's effecting moms, grandmas, teachers, and even our children. Beyond what this blood sugar rush is doing to all of us, it's slowly killing all of us.

That's where some of my favorite supplement ingredients come into play. Think WellTrim IG, Inositol, Green Tea Leaf Extract and Chromium to name a few.

Think about leptin, that master hormone that is secreted by fat cells to signal the brain about levels of fat in the body. Ideally this hormone balances out your blood sugar, but also it keeps you satiated, controls your appetite and starts that good thermogenesis going. Welltrim IG

In randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials Welltrim IG led to significant reductions in weight, body fat, and waist size and improved cardiovascular health, blood sugar balance, and overall metabolic wellness. Using WellTrim also increased levels of adiponectin, driving thermogenesis even more, and helps inhibit glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, an enzyme that converts blood sugar into fat. How awesome is that?

Inositol is a fundamental part of every cell in yuor body. Inositol can aid in reducing blood levels of cholesterol, reverse nerve damage from diabetes, help breakdown and redistribute body fat, maintain proper levels of the brain’s neurotransmitters, relieve depression, reduce obsessive/compulsive disorder (OCD), lower blood pressure and even help prevent hair loss. How can one nutrient do so much? Because it’s an essential part of how cells communicate with one another.

Like the ever so popular green coffee beans your green tea has thermogenic effects as well. The difference is that they trace back to different compounds. These green tea leaf compounds, called catechins, are most frequently hailed for their antioxidant effects, but research indicates that the chief catechin in green tea—epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCG—also enhances metabolism, increases fat oxidation, and assists weight management. A study showed that obese mice that were fed a weight-gaining diet put on significantly less weight when they were supplementing with green tea extract.

that's the big reason why the combination of ingredients in the Zen Shape I think is important for anyone with any prediabetes or prediabetic issues to start with. So that is my first supplement recommendation (Zen Shape preferably with Zen Pro) for anyone that is prediabetic. While Zen Shape helps regular blood sugar levels, it's also combating stress levels that are related to appetite and improving your serotonin levels for enhanced mood. This really is the perfect support to help anyone that is struggling with insulin resistance and prediabesity (as Dr. Mark Hyman has categorized this issue) to lose weight and feel better about their daily life because it:
  • Promotes Metabolic Wellness
  • Promotes Fat Loss
  • Combats Stress-Induced Fat Gain
  • Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels
  • Support Healthy Thermogenic Fat Burning
  • Helps Decrease Carbohydrate and Sugar Cravings
  • Supports HealthY Cholesterol Levels

The unique soluble fiber component in Zen Pro comes from real food, helping support appetite and blood sugar controls while offering a high payload of soluble fiber for prebiotic and immune system support. And I'm not talking about fiber from corn leftovers like a lot of these companies are pushing (think Fibersol for one). The product will support reliable carbohydrate availability for powerful brain function and physical performance. Have you ever had that insulin diabesity brain fog? It is very much related to this inability of our body to use it's hormones properly and process the carbohydrates in the way that is should (like I've talked about on this blog before). Zen Pro also supplies healthy omegas and probiotics to promote healthy intestinal functions.

Chromium is an often overlooked supplement because people don't often see a lot of changes from it in terms of weight loss, so they give it up. But chromium is huge when it comes to sugar cravings. Chromium has been proven to improve insulin function & reduces binge eating. Chromium is a key mineral that assists insulin to transport blood sugar into your cells. It is commonly lacking in individuals with type 2 diabetes. A study of overweight women found that chromium reduced food intake, hunger levels, and fat cravings – while tending to help decrease body weight. This study shows that chromium is a very good tool to help you eat less food when you are trying to stay on a good eating program.

Zen Pro and Zen Shape combine to create a powerful weight management system for anyone going through the symptoms of prediabesity. Dr. Hyman says this new term includes the full spectrum of metabolic dysfunction that begins with elevated blood sugar and mild insulin resistance. 

But I also would recommend you add one more optional supplement to your regime, and that is Zen Fit. Amino acids along with the Inositol help lessen cravings for sugar. This is something that those with insulin sensitivity or resistance struggle with every day.

My recommendation, of course and I'm not a doctor so run all of this past your doctor before moving forward with a change in diet. I personally have a Zen Fit package in the morning and one in the early afternoon, like around 1pm, Amino Acid supplements are delivered immediately to the bloodstream upon ingestion, so they come with no additional "energy cost". As a result, they can be particularly useful for people with energy defects.



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