We Did It I Our Vax Experience Was Not Bad

We Did It I Covid 19 Vaccination

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To say that I was nervous to get the shot, is an understatement. I have, as you know, a million allergies. My daughter is a tiny mold of me. However, what it could do to my lungs, my heart, take away from me without doing this... I knew I had to. So we got the first one done, waiting the 30 minutes and drove through Starbucks as a reward and headed home. 

Get The Shot

Now, I have a protocol for when I do vaccination, which goes like this. Heavy on the healthy omegas to help support the brain. Then after heavy on the vitamin C to support the body. This time, I read about the use of astragalus with vaccinations of chickens for Sars. So.. why the heck not. We added a capsules twice daily with turmeric rather than aspirin or tylenol to our day. I always start post vaccine day after the shots with a big green smoothie full of vitamin C. My daughter loves that. 

Vitamin C Green Smoothie

This day was no different. We didn't have any issues for either of us for the first vaccine. 

So then three weeks later we had the second vaccine. 

We are fully dosed

My daughter had minimal flu type reactions, and I had fatigue and a sluggish digestion for a few days - but that was it. I can say that I am extremely glad that we are fully vaccinated, and we are still wearing our masks, washing our hands, using the Xlear sprays and essential oil based hand sanitizers.

We have one more nodal bind (you can read about that on Mindset Unicorn) that will last from December 2021 to April 2022, so I don't think we are out of the woods yet. 



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