My Life Is Pretty Fulfilling

My Life Is Pretty Fulfilling

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When you have to make sure that your mama isn't going to sneak away. Don't forget that your animals are dealing with trauma and separation anxiety as we are slowly getting back to a more temporal life.

The Paleo Vegetarian - Paleo Vegeo I Barbara Christensen

Celebrated Intuitive Energy Creator, Shamanic wholism practitioner & author, Barbara Christensen.

YouTube Creator - Bija Coaching & Mindset Unicorn - Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master & Instructor, Quantum frequency healer. I invite you to listen to your heart, overcome limitation, clear beliefs, heal the auric field and create for your body in the reality of the moment. Present moment is where true manifestation happens. You are a soul living a human existence in a body. Love that body and treat it well.

I was undernourished, unhappy, wishing for an answer before I created this lifestyle. I was scared that I wouldn't see my daughter grow up. I was over 70 pounds more than I had ever been in my life. I tried traditional diets. I tried the whole grains. I tried the all protein. I tried them all. Nothing worked. Then I went vegan and started using whole food supplementation for balancing out my system. I used my food as my medicine and it worked.

First I was able to walk. Then lift some weight, then kick some bootay!! I became certified to teach fitness classes, became a certified personal trainer.

Then I got it...wholism! I went in for a diploma in nutrition and became certified in aromatherapy. I have done the W30 fully vegan, and soy free, although I have leaned in and out of Paleo Vegeo (paleo vegetarian) many times. I'm still learning as my body changes and my gut heals, but it's been the best part of my life. I wouldn't change a thing!! Are you pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan? You have to find out what works for you.

For me the dairy doesn't work, the eggs don't work, and the meat doesn't work. You each have to find what nourishes your body best. Don't listen to what works for me, listen to your own body. Find your own nutritional truth. I started this page as support because paleo and vegan was not even conceptualized. That's what I was, and had no resources. I'm so grateful that this page has grown to support so many of you, and that so many of you have become my dear friends.

Much love and happiness! —

Barbara xx



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