Can you live on a tribal diet, in an urban cave?

Can you live on a tribal diet, in an urban cave?

In this day and age we are in small groups of information seekers... most of which happens online. In these groups I often find myself hitting my head against the wall because we are getting the wrong information with the large amounts of "bit information" ... tiny bits of things we read and hear, that we decide are truth.

With clients I talk a lot about how we turn a belief into a truth and it creates a space of lack or blocks out what we truly need. I work with a lot of fact clearings so that we can be open to the awareness of body, mind and soul.

So in this group today:
Fist person: Fiber is unnecessary and makes you ill, humans do not have the enzymes to break it down.
Second person: I think that's the point. It bulks up your stools and makes your bowels function as they are intended to function to move waste products out of your system.
First person: Not at all, research the Masai and other tribes who ate mostly carnivorous, zero bowel cancer and the like.

Uhhhh...... I don't even know where to go with that beyond different environmental biomes...

Inuit prior traditional diet: high fat from wild animals, seaweed, berries, roots, and fiber from the dinner sitting in the stomachs of the wild animals they ate (yes they ate that) and also raw and fermented so not cooked animals. Different gut microbiome.

Maasai prior traditional diet: large amounts of milk, and blood from cows, and soups derived from wild collected herbs. Berries and other wild fruits supplement the diet. Different DNA. Have a gene mutation that allows for high binding of saturated fats, and genes to digest raw milk. Different gut biome, as well.

Our intestinal epithelium is covered with a dense layer of mucus to prevent translocation of the gut microbiota into underlying tissues. More than 80% of the molecular weight of this mucus is due to oligosaccharide (carbohydrate) side chains. Since dietary carbohydrates are the main source of nutrients for the gut microbiota, the mucus layer is an alternative source of host-derived glycans when you are not giving the living bacteria in your body the food it requires. Even in the Inuit, traditional eating was based in hunting, fishing and gathering a great variety of species of wildlife plants, not just animals, that provide rich cultural and nutritional benefits to their microbiota.

I have what is called Lipoprotein(a) issues and so if I ate a carnivore diet I would end up dead. You may have heard Bob Harper had a heart attack after he stopped being vegan, which he then found out that he has these stickier blood platelets rather than fluffy platelets. For me it has to be a high plant based diet, which also is really great for my MTHFR mutation to get lots of whole food based folate.

As well, there is a molecule called TMAO that is increased by L-carnitine, which then increases atherosclerotic disease progression (especially in those with the APOE - Alzheimer's gene variant). The redder the meat, the higher its carnitine content. I think anyone wanting to be vegan, or carnivore or any extreme diet away from a macro-balanced diet should have their genetics and the TMOA and Lp(a) tests in hand.

So let's just say that you cannot take a person that lives in an urban apartment with carpet, formaldehyde, BPAs, glyphosate (in their meat and their high fats) with a modern microbiome and say "I just don't eat fiber and I will be alright." There is more evidence in the association of the colony of aliens living in our body, and our overall wellness. When you are eating high meat and most people can't afford 100% pastured, raised in New Zealand, happy roaming animals; you are eating what has been put into the animal. The mold in the ears, the antibiotics, the sprayed grains. It gets into the organs, the muscles (you know that part you carnivores love all that marbling), and the bones ... hello collagen. Have you tested how much glyphosate is in your urine to see how your diet is holding up to the real tests?

So what about this this spray? The WHOs International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared glyphosate as a "probable carcinogen" in 2015. Four years and it's still here! Also the EWG study tested 21 cereals and snack products for glyphosate and found 17 of then contained glyphosate at levels considered unsafe for children. As I shared the other day federal organic rules don’t explicitly prohibit hydroponic growers from spraying prior to certification, which means that there is a loophole where a conventional hydroponic grower can switch to organics practically overnight and then become certified organic.

There are two distinct issues that I get very angry about when I look at this product. First is what it does to the shikimate pathway. Glyphosate blocks this pathway in connection with the human microbiome which contains trillions of bacteria which play crucial roles in our body. This pathway is used by bacteria, fungi, algae, parasites, and as humans we are dependent because this pathway that plants and probiotic bacteria use to produce vitamin B9 (folate) and the aromatic amino acids, phenylalanine, tyrosine, and tryptophan are essential to us. Consider what is happening when you have low folate and aromatic amino acids in your system. Just look up MTHFR if you want to find out what low folate creates in your system.

In breast cancer cell lines it has been demonstrated that glyphosate can induce cellular proliferation via estrogen receptors. Why do you think this is? Well if water soluble hormone binds to its extracellular membrane receptor, and in a cancer cell, activation may lead to: a) Increased cell proliferation, b) Decreased apoptosis, c) Enhanced motility, d) Angiogenesis.... Glyphosate is water soluble. (also a chelating agent, a chemical that bonds to minerals.... so many ways it can leave your body nutritionally lacking)

Sauerkraut (and sauerkraut juice) and apple cider vinegar contain acetobacter, one of the very few microbes that can metabolize glyphosate. In fact a study published in the December 2014 issue of the Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology found that the oral application of certain natural substances were able effectively reduce urinary levels of glyphosate. They used the following: fulvic acids, humic acids, activated charcoal, bentonite clay and sauerkraut juice.

I just put my large batch in the fermenter. You can find a small fermenter at a home brew store. Use the best salt you can find, and the best quality cabbage when making your own. Put ACV on your food, or take it with your meals. I don't know enough about RESTORE but it has the humic substances. I only use calcium bentonite clay (a green clay) is the rarest form of clay in the Smectite family. According to Raymond Dextreit (Our Earth, Our Cure), green clays are not only the most desirable, but the only type recommended for ingestion and approved for ingestion by the FDA.I use the brand from Fiji and it is milled with a 325 screen and has a 30 to 1 ratio and a pH of 9.0 – 9.7. As a binder, never take any binders around your other supplements, food or medications. And as I type that, I laugh because again... didn't I just say that the spray they are using on everything is a binder?

People need to stop trying to find the perfect "diet" and start trying to just get the micronutrients our bodies actually need without all of the processed chemicals that the body doesn't need.



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