Everything is shifting....

Everything is shifting I Paleo Vegeo 2020 Challenge Program

Wow... I am finalizing my 2020 program, and boy has the weather been off the charts shifting around here. In Seattle we had a crazy thunderstorm last night, and I have never seen a strike so large (shook the house) and sold close to my house. It was insane, but it was like nature was roaring for us all to take this opportunity to live our lives without limitations.

So I started thinking this morning about how much of my life in the last ten years has been about fixing rather than living. We get into these beliefs, I can't eat this, I can't do that, I have to do this, I am too old for that... and then we create patterns and routines that implant in our body, and we start to judge and limit ourselves rather than just enjoying the positive energy that surrounds us.

I know a little bit about this because I have been hosting a large challenge group doing mostly vegan Whole30's for the last decade. I have watched people find themselves, lose themselves, love their bodies, despise their bodies. I have watched people judge, and shame .. generally themselves since my group is a no-judgement-zone.

I found myself in meditation and number 19 kept showing up. So I took the nudge, and started looking into this number, and it's meanings. I I decided that I would share it with you because this is the sort of information that I always find super intriguing.

If we start with number 1, it has the frequency of your uniqueness, and everything about you that makes you the only you that matters here and now. It is a high vibration, and it shows up with new beginnings.

On the other hand number 9, is about becoming the energy of love, finding awareness, letting go of karmic energy, opening to enlightenment, awakening to this energetic space, and being of service to others. It is where you take the the faith and pay it forward.

Like have you read accounts of mediums or lightworkers that are starting to feel this immense change around the universe, and they are starting to turn up the volume on healing with discussions of infrared saunas, salt caves, red lights, meditation, juicing, and everything they can imagine to  help move them in the right direction, and let go of the energy that is not serving their bodies.

Well, I think it is time that we stop limiting our bodies to labels. No more being fat, you have fat cells. No more being weak, you are alive and that takes strength. It is time to listen to your body, and maybe let go of the extremes. It is time to find balance, so that you can take in, release, create, and live in the moments of what matter.

So when you put 1 and 9 together for 19, you get the perfect order of Universal Energy, and the pure source of creation. It is the beginning and the ending, in exactly the way you are meant to be. It is serving yourself so that you are feeling like your best self. And there are 19 cycles of 19 days throughout the year, with 4 days left over. I love this idea of jumping in and creating a rebirth at anytime you desire throughout the year.

19 Day Shift Program is Launching Jan 1 2020 I 19DayShift I Paleo Vegeo Barbara Christensen

So on January 1st, you can join the first 19 Day Shift. The program will be located at www.19DayShift.com and you can jump in at anytime. Each cycle, the focus will slightly change on what we will be working on as you shift your lifestyle, mindset, perhaps even your diet and your routines. Jump into my Paleo Vegeo group if you want to be engaged in the conversation as you Shift. You can find the link above in the menu, or on the Facebook, Paleo Vegeo page.



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