Are You Holding Onto Emotions In Your Fat Cells?

Are You Holding Onto Emotions In Your Fat Cells? Paleo Vegeo

Stop and inhale your essential oils. Those aroma molecules travel through the nose and affect your brain through a variety of receptor sites, inclusion the limbic system, which is commonly referred to as the "emotional brain." One of the important parts to me is the olfactory bulb then transmits the impulses created through that inhalation to the amygdala - where emotional memories are stored. We've all experienced trauma in our lives. Some when we were three years old, some when we were twenty. Yet our cells keep a cellular memory of every trauma, and our body uses that cellular memory to manipulate our epigenetic nature. Our wonderful and always changing bodies will activate certain genes that can and will activate FAT programming if our cells feel like fat is the way to protect you from the trauma. How many of you have been through therapy and been asked if you were self sabotaging to protect yourself? On a cellular level your body may be doing that for you. If you haven't read Bruce Lipton’s 'The Biology of Beliefs' it's a must have on your book shelf. The truth is that all of these emotions are stored in our fat cells, not just the traumatic ones. As long as these particles containing these are stored there we will continue to be influenced by them at that unconscious level. This cellular level trauma is just waiting for you to process and transform it. Now could be the time. 

The limbic system is directly connected to those parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance and those deeply stored memories. It impact areas like the adrenals and we don't even realize it. Our underlying unpleasant experiences that have been recorded in our amygdala are triggered and sent to rest of the body which is how an aroma can trigger emotions. But in the same manner we can use essential oils to help release emotional blockades. The combination of oxygenation from your inhalation of essential oils on the brain and the stimulation from those aromatic molecules appears to assist the amygdala in facilitating the release. If we think about this using some simplicity, the limbic system controls our thoughts and emotions. We're being controlled by our thoughts and emotions. So that means we can change it all by changing our emotions, and emotional response.

It starts with your prefrontal cortex. The leader in the front of your brain makes the hard thinking, learning and problem solving decisions. Keep in mind that the olfactory nerve is connected to the medial prefrontal cortex. Prefrontal cortex is also deeply connected to trust. Amygdala is that security warning, and as I said where we've recorded these traumas and associated them with aroma. So when amygdala goes off it's trying to protect us, even if it's harming us. Much of this is because of how olfactory and visual cues work together.  A recent study study showed subtle metabolic changes resulting from exposure to essential oils and provide the basis for pinpointing affected pathways in anxiety-related behavior. Amygdala .... fight or flight... anxiety. All closely related. So if an essential oil can create this calming effect, then the amygdala will tell the leader in our brain to make good decisions. It's hard work to use oils when you notice that reaction, and so you can also use some meditation behaviors to help assist your amygdala along in the journey. And since the smell receptors are directly connected to the hippocampus (memory and navigation) then this is where we're going to rewrite our beliefs. Your brain edits memories all of the time, updating the past with new information. It's what makes all of this important. You can rewrite those memories, and allow the body at a cellular level to release those emotions you've stored away in those fat cells. 

Today I welcome the aromas of joy and balance and create new, healthy memories and a free, healthy body. What about you? I also realized that micronutrients are actual energy and facilitate body processes for these greater vibrations. Another great new book, Vibe, by Robyn Openshaw, will really open your eyes to the greatest way to elevate your consciousness... plants. You know I use encapsulated plants every day as the most intelligent way I can do this. As well I work very hard to balance my chakras, working on the main chakras every day. 

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