Can you create your own Vegan or Vegetarian Isagenix Athlete's Pak?

The response to posts about this company have been some of the most popular posts I have written about, and so I wanted to give people an idea of how to create a similar routine on their own. If Isagenix works for you, great... go for it. But not everyone wants or can use dairy, or synthetic B vitamins. It's both genetics and choice, and so this is not meant to be the big bad post but to be an option for alternatives because people are looking for solutions for wellness this time of year more than ever. Vegans are looking to detox, and there can be some problems if we aren't getting the proper nutrition. So this post is just a starter post to help you if you're looking for some alternative products, and then you have to dig deeper into what it is that you need to get to those goals.

Can you create your own Isagenix Athlete's Pak

To start out the components of the Athlete's Pak is
2 canisters of IsaLean® Shake
1 Ionix® Supreme (liquid or powder)
1 IsaPro®
1 Want More Energy® canister (45-servings) or 2 boxes of 24-count sticks
1 box IsaLean® Bars

The IsaLean Shake is very simple to replace. In fact I have an entire article all about the top healthy meal replacement shakes so I am going to just let you browse that. Now if you happen to be in Australia my recommendation would be either the Vegan Whole Foods shake or the vegan Bare Blends shake. I have no affiliation with Bare Blends, besides loving that they are using Sacha Inchi!! My favorite. However some of the links in this post are through affiliate programs and I will get compensation if you make a purchase.

If you are looking for performance and stamina, I would get the Power Dust rather than the Ionix Supreme. Although it doesn't have the vine rich antioxidants, it also doesn't have the added non-methylated B's. The Power Dust formula is meant to support your peak performance, stamina and longevity, while aiding in healthy recovery. It's an athletic, adaptogenic supplement to regulate the body’s vital energy, healthy metabolic function and maximize your ability to withstand stress and injury. If you are looking for that brain support I would go for the fuel capsules. The right herbs and plants can temporarily boost your metabolism, so you burn more calories, even without exercise. These are specially formulated with organic teas, herbs and fruits that give your metabolism a boost, sharpen focus so cravings are reduced, and fuel natural energy, and of course vegan.

Again the IsaPro is mostly just alfalfa and whey, which there are several options to support this on my blog post over here. You can also go in for an amino acid supplementation or a recovery formula. If you are looking for the lift pump I would recommend the vegan formulation, Or go for the real deal, spirulina! I love that this spirulina is sustainably grown on a farm located in Southern California in a fantastic location.

If you're looking for electrolytes, pre-workout, recovery .. the whole deal. I love this line. My daughter uses the hydration during the summer instead of those corn laden products most kids use at soccer practice and swim meets. Or this vegan mineral and antioxidant powder is another fantastic option. That's my go to for my workouts, and summer travel... and summer play! 

Hydration for Summer Play I Vegan

Great vegan bars are the Almond Cacao bars, that combines organic tapioca, a healthy carbohydrate source, two excellent protein sources—pea protein and sacha inchi protein. Or the Nutrition Bars for more of a vegetarian meal replacement. They're packed with protein and fiber to help you replace empty calories with healthy ones. Low-glycemic, gluten free, non-dairy and vegetarian.

Don't feel like you have to be stuck using one line of products when there are so many others out there to explore. Just like I recommend nutritional truth, you have to find your own supplement truth. What works for me may not work for you. That's what this Paleo Vegeo lifestyle is really about... finding your truth.



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