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I can't even try these because there's this huge push away from safflower to #sunflower oil which I am hugely allergic to. However my daughter gives them a huge thumbs up. Great way for someone to lean into #veganism if you don't think you can give up the bacon. I am going to try these for her in the #VeganEggs next week and we'll see how that goes. My plan is to add a little of the #algae oil to keep those healthy fats for her amazingly creative and yet super #ADHD brain. Important when boosting fats to make sure you get those digestive enzymes, lots of water, and a good whole foods supplement to keep from getting deficiencies in your essential nutrients.Through Christmas I am doing a #fatfast buy it will be of the #PaleoVegeo type. I will have more carbs on Christmas and then push into another few days before New Year's Eve..Then on the 2nd we're starting the January Jump Start Shred10 and I can't wait!!! #mamawholewellness #ditchingexcuses #goingtodoit #2017goals #yeartotransform
Here's a little instamood from my day. Joy, Food, Paleo Vegeo, Vegan joy I hope.



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