Break Free of the Self Doubts in Network Marketing

How do you break free of the self doubts in network marketing? 

I want you to sit down and think about the word "sales"...

What does that bring up to you in your emotions?

For many people it's fear, car salesman, liars, annoyed. Right?

This is a struggle that brings up conflict for a lot of you in the network marketing world. Because if you grew up thinking you'd do something more noble than being a salesperson, and you see yourself as a salesperson you will never perform with the volume that you desire.

You can't outperform your belief system.

Having the business skill set is only 10% of what makes the top performers in the network marketing industry successful. The rest is belief, persistence, follow up, desire, being able to nourish their relationships.

Because truth be told, you can't control the outcome. You can only control how you show up in the first place. People that connect with you do so because of who you are. But that doesn't mean they are interested in buying from you today, they may just want you to give them insight, knowledge, support.

What do you get when you start with support??

When people are ready they buy from those that know, like and trust. So if you have any hesitation with building relationships then you aren't going to see much success in this business. So stop feeling like a salesperson and start being who you really are, a solutions provider. YOU add value to the brand.

Let's think about the research that has been done a Notre Dame University.

- 44% of salespeople quit after the first contact.
- 24% of salespeople quit after the second contact.
- 12% of salespeople quit after the third contact.
- 94% of salespeople quit after the 4th contact

What results do the last folks have?? 

60% of ALL Business Transactions (SALES) take place after the FOURTH interaction with you, your brand, or your business. That's where the harvesting happens. And most people will come to you because of your freebies first. That's you classes, samples, webinars, blogs, and just being a resource. Then they'll eventually come in for the Tier 1 level of sales that is going to be under $100. BE THRILLED with that!! Quit feeling bad if someone only buys $39 of product from you. That's them sharing that they trust you. It's like dating. There is a process to this, because it's all about building a relationship and sharing what you truly love and are passionate about.

It may take a year for someone to realize that you aren't trying to get them to sign on the dotted line, and that you really do have something that you believe can help them. It may take a year for someone to get to know the heart and soul of who you are, and why you are so passionate about your product. It may take them a year to look to you for support, but I want you to remember that you need to support them from day one.

Never forget, persistence trumps talent any day of the week, and truth will always shine!



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