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Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone I Barbara Christensen I Paleo Vegeo I Founding Ocean Avenue AmbassadorHow do you feel when you are looking at making any sort of change in your life. Does it make you sick to your stomach to try something different in your life? Does it make you feel unsure to do something that is outside of what you normally do?

That's what we all have felt like, but no one talks about it because if you are going to be a successful mentor than shouldn't you be the person that is never afraid to color outside of the lines?

Fear is something I believe is like a compass to the good and bad in your life. Fear of success is something that you feel when you want to push yourself beyond that comfort zone. So how does that impact you, and how can you grow beyond that?

"In order to success, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure." ~ Bill Cosby

Working Into Success

Rockstars Team I Barbara Christensen I Founding Gold Ambassador Ocean AvenueThe key is to stop judging yourself before you move into a new role, or take on a new task. Instead of determining that you will fail, or even sometimes hoping you'll fail, you have to let go and allow things to happen naturally in order to grow. I love this line from the Talmud, "Teach your tongue to say 'I don't know' and ye' shall progress". This mindset makes you trust in the process and live in the moment. How does that feel?

It's like taking on a program like Focus T25, something you fear will be intense. Something you fear you cannot do. When you let your body just do the work, you get it done. You finish your workout with amazing resolve because after all it was just 25 minutes.

How about asking someone if they have ever through about doing what you do, helping others. It's not as scary if you realize it's just a sentence you are asking to someone that you have built a relationship with. Is it something that could receive a no, of course. Just like your workout you may have to march in place the first time, stop for water, take a stretch. You'll never get to the answer of if you can do something if you never take that first step. When you are ready to join a team of rockstars, you'll take the first step, and I'll be standing there to applaud it!



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