How To Easily Start Composting

How To Easily Start Composting

Last year I bought an indoor kitchen composter from and EcoSafe Plastics. A great way to take the “yuk” out of composting food scraps. This small, convenient kitchen composter is the perfect shape to accommodate plate-scraping, has a snap-latch lid to keep odors in, is dishwasher safe for cleaning, and even a handle for easy carrying to your compost bin. Get this + EcoSafe bags – and you’re all set! I bought the composter and bags thinking it would be easier to keep clean. Now this great 2 gallon composter is just sitting on my kitchen counter, without a smell even though it’s filled with the last week of scraps out of my kitchen.
Another reason I choose this product is that the company is involved with the new Seattle Food Waste Collection Project which I think is something every community should do. There are just so many things that Seattle is doing right, I love most of the directions that this great “emerald” green city is taking. Seattle’s food and yard waste collection service reduces garbage, saves landfill space, and reduces landfill methane (a potent greenhouse gas). The collected materials are processed into compost and used on local parks and gardens. Did you know that over 25% of the greenhouse gases produced by the United States comes from food waste landfill methane? So by doing a small thing like composting you can make a cheap difference in the world. And the great thing is that if you live in Seattle, and you have an urban farm, you can opt out of the city compost project and just compost for your own plants.
So after buying my little kitchen I wanted to get the larger outdoor compost unit, but they are expensive. After a little research I found a new fun blog, The Frugal Girl. Now that’s my kind of girl! She has a great post on a lovely frugal $6.00 outdoor large composter created by using a drill and a rubbermaid container.It may seem odd, but that was the best composter, for the least amount of money you could make. The compost was better than you could have ever imagined - and the soil that came out of it was used to create an amazing garden. Don't just think that you can't find budget solutions to living a healthier, more eco-friendly  life. 



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