My favorite Superfood... the berries!

My favorite Superfood... the berries! 

As people become more and more conscious of healthy eating, berries are making a splash in recent studies. Results have suggested that these tiny, colorful fruits are power-packed with ingredients that are good for our bodies.The vitamins in Goji berries play a big part in their ability to strengthen your muscles and bones. It is becoming increasingly evident that the B Vitamins play a vital role in bone health. People who eat Goji berries are taken care of in this regard because these berries contain large amounts of at least 3 of the B Vitamins. In China Goji berries are often used in soup in small quantities, and occasionally as a tea with chrysanthemum. But what you as a paleo athlete want to remember is that the amazing polysaccharides this berry contains help support healthy immune systems and have been found to stimulate the secretion of the HGH (human growth hormone) in our bodies. That is why it is so commonly used as an anti-aging supplement.

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