Ocean Avenue for the Paleo Vegeo Athlete and Entreprenuer

Ocean Avenue for the Paleo Vegeo Athlete and Entreprenuer

As an athlete the value of protein for muscle recovery and building your body are super important. Undenatured bio aggressive pure whey protein isolates are something that will supply all of the proper amino acids in approximate proportion for your body. It's processed with a cold processing to keep the nutritional bioavailablity unlike the regular whey protein concentrated isolates & hydrolyzed (denatured, which means injured) is produced. This undenatuerd and costly purification and drying out process allows your raw whey to retain the relevant proteins structures.

So what about the Paleo, and even Paleo Vegeo diet? I love the current advice of Robb Wolf, Greg Everett, and John Welbourn that athletes often need starchy carbs and  you will cave on this diet plan without enough nutrients. It really is very hard, and almost impossible to get enough proteins and BCAA into your body without that immediate protein recovery shake. {And it must include the carbs and the pure proteins} Trying to find a protein recovery shake that isn't full of malt, or caseins or sugars is hard. The paleo diet eats limited berries and beets {and these carbs go to good use after a workout}, and if it doesn't should be adding in an undenatured whey. Whey should be included in your Paleo diet, and don't start on me with the "if it wasn't speared or picked off a tree I can't eat it." Seriously one of my favorite quotes of all time from diet guru, Lyle McDonald, is "If I spear a bag of donuts, does that make it Paleo?" Hysterical.

So how should a modern paleo dieter and athlete eat:

  • Eat fish and eggs {or other Paleo Vegeo protein options} and all of your vegetables (non starch veggies) through out the day
  • Cook with Coconut Oil
  • Take Fish Oil {I prefer IQ Mega or the Nordic Naturals Omega-3}
  • Eat Low Glycemic Berries
  • Limit your other fruits, nuts and seeds
  • Remove the commercial grain system from you home {I allow some if you have read my basics
  • Limit Starchy Vegetables, except after a workout
  • Take an Undenatured Whey Protein after your workouts with healthy allowed carbohydrates
  • If you are an athlete, S2 Barley, or Focus Energy as a pre-workout drink {or eat a banana}
  • Follow the calorie intake level that your program dials you into to support exercise but not body fat.  
That's not too complicated, and having a good protein shake that you can use, at a discount, and offer to your Paleo friends - well that's not too bad either. In fact, some Crossfit Gyms are taking advantage of being able to wholesale these products in their facilities, and they choose what to order, how much to order, etc. It's great for a personal trainer, and you know you aren't slogging the bottom of the barrel soy or nutritionally void shakes out there on the market. I also would recommend using the anti-inflammatory supplement and the all natural energy supplement.

Why do I recommend these items?

 First a lot of Paleo eaters come to the diet very over-inflammed - and some stay that way. But isn't the Paleo diet supposed to be very anti-inflammatory?? Here's the deal, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence out there that suggests that if you are sensitive to certain grain proteins and you eat meat from an animal that has not evolved to eat large amounts of those grains, you will get small amounts of those grain proteins, possibly gluten, in your meat. And even if you eat grass-fed all of the time, higher heat cooking forms large amounts of compounds that can be inflammatory, damaging cells and triggering inflammation and I doubt you are eating raw steaks, right? So if you come to the Paleo lifestyle it may not help your inflammation issues.

Now, I'm a mom, a certified personal trainer, a business owner and I get up very early and go to bed very late some nights. Regardless of what type of Paleo diet you are on {meat or vegeo or vegan} you are going to be lacking some of the nutritional items so I recommend you supplement with a real vitamin, and then also instead of downing coffee to get through your mind-numbing day {yes...we all have them} the Focus Energy gives you B-vitamins, key amino acids, caffeine-theanine. Better than the alternative, believe me. It also is a great pre-workout to help support fat burning and endurance.

So what is this opportunity? Ocean Avenue is lined up to be explosive - and take over this industry in the way that Paleo has taken over the diet industry, and Crossfit has turned up in every city. This is a fit, healthy, family based company that takes what it's doing seriously. As an Ambassador or just as a Wholesaler you can find that this could be the product and push to get yourself to where you want to be. It's the real deal. Watch the video - and then head to the Ocean Avenue Website to learn more



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