Getting My Husband back with a Reset and 90 Day Challenge

Beachbody Weight Loss Transformation gets personal

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Last year my husband and I were settling into our new lives in the Pacific Northwest, and we went out one weekend on the Ferry boats, and then the next day to the Pumpkin patches. It was amazingly fun. So this year we went back to the farm to pick pumpkins again.
I’ll be honest and say that it’s been a long year. We are missing our family like crazy. My husband changed jobs, we moved (actually from June to June we technically moved 3 times) and right before heading to the Beachbody Summit in Vegas my husband tripped and broke his kneecap. That happened to be his only good knee, by the way.
At house number 2 we had started with Les Mills Pump. It was something he enjoyed, but he just stuggled with the lunges and squats with his one bad knee from a motorcycle accident a few years ago. So when he broke the good knee, I was sure it was the end of his healthy lifestyle. But we went to Summit anyway, him on crutches, daughter in tow and connected with our passions. Day two he said, “Do you think I could do the Reset?”
Well of course! Right??
Amazing Ultimate Reset Results Paul Christensen The Wellness ResetWhen we got home he went through the 21 day program, and healed. it was an amazing change. Then once healed I knew he couldn't do Pump, and I had met Sagi at Summit and decided that was something we’d do together. So we just finished our first round of Body Beast, and between the easy to figure out nutrition stats, and the lifting that he really likes, Sagi’s hysterical smack {Certified Personal Trainers ROCK} to the guys working out with him, he really seemed to be feeling better. It wasn't until I synced by Google account with my pictures that I realized that there had been some big changes in my husband and that I had my guy back!

Don’t give up, and don’t give in. You can do this!! Love you all so much and I want this transformation for you!! Are you ready to join the next challenge group?



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