Season Of Becoming Challenge

Season Of Becoming Challenge I Paleo Vegeo

As we are nearing October, it's the time of year that I see people that have really embraced their wellness, dive into all of the emotions, all of the sugars, all of the things that make us think a New Year's detox is needed. Although we can't break free of some of that... like dysfunctional family togetherness or holiday parties... we can change ourselves through letting go of beliefs, and letting go of some of our dietary choices .... You are a season of becoming. But what will you become?
Fall is when we start feel comfortable, and sick. It's no secret that the average person consumes 22 teaspoons of “added” sugar per day. Between parties and trick-or-treating, the average child consumed 3 cups of sugar on Halloween. Parents, how much do you have leading up to Halloween, and on Halloween, and moving into the brisk holiday season.

The time to challenge your beliefs and change your season is now. The time to become what you wish for the New Year starts now. Celebrate with this event and you will open an opportunity to challenge what celebration is truly about.

You can follow along on the blog as well if Facebook isn't your thing. I am so excited to help you unlock some of the inner emotional knots and open you up to something you crave.



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