Replacing Toxic Products ... Here We Go.

Replacing Toxic Products ... Here We Go.

Shopping to replace items that I am no longer going to use in order to heal myself really isn't as easy as it seems. If it doesn't have gums, it has aloe, or shea, or etc etc. Then add in the items I am very allergic to like the nuts, avocado, sunflower and my list just gets shorter. However I have found a few items to give a try to. I will keep you updated in this post after we have used these items for a while. As an affiliate if you decide to purchase any of these, I will get like a 2 - 4% kickback, and I thank you if you do.

Now, I did start a few weeks ago with Dr. Bronner's All-One Hemp Tea Tree Pure - Castile Bar Soap because I wasn't sure if my rash was maybe candida. I can say that it has not been harsh on my skin at all. I have been also using a konjac sponge rather than a washcloth as my face and neck just couldn't take it. I rinse it really well when I am done, and just hang it up. I love it.

Shampoo and conditioner were very hard to find. I ended up with the Dr. Bronner's Lavender and Coconut conditioner since I enjoyed the bar of soap so much, and then the raw soapberry shampoo. For a body wash since my daughter isn't big on using a bar of soap, I bought the Mom's Co coconut wash. I feel like if it is gentle enough for a mom's pregnant body, it should be great for her.

On to replacing all of my expensive Perricone MD makeup. I am going to start with All Good Organic Sunscreen Butter for most days, since I don't always wear makeup. It is coral reef safe and can slide into my bag for on the go. I thought about doing one of the powder sunscreens, but for now this will do.

When I do wear makeup I am going to try the bareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation, with the Invisible Bronze Powder Bronzer. Who knows. I may find that with the sunscreen this bronzer will be all I will need. I grabbed the EMANI Mineral Hybrid Cream for eyeshadow, and the Cupuacu Tinted Lip Balm for my lips. Cupoacu is a great shea alternative for those with latex or nut sensitivities looking for something different. I had thought about using some of the non-toxic companies that my friends work with, but looking at the ingredients I just wasn't that impressed overall with what I saw. As well, there were a lot of allergens, and so I went to where I end up often... Amazon. Sorry rest of the world business shops. Sometimes you need the big bad online retailer to get things done.

And of course because of my fear of the mold issue, I am going to try the Homebiotics spray because my bathroom always smells musty. I tried the Airbiotics but really wasn't a huge fan. Let's see how this one works out.

This will be a very interesting year.



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