My Girl Is Following In My Footsteps

I had so much fun creating a few items yesterday. I used to design tees for kids, and when I closed the business I put most of the popular designs online. So a week ago my daughter, the artist, says she wants to create her own t-shirts I was so excited. So first we put together her first two designs after coming up with her name. I was so proud because these are hand drawn sketches of hers that she wants to share. She was a baby in a front wrap pouch when I was running EMomShop all of those years ago. I would design, and code while she slept. It was after that when I looked at myself and thought, "Wow, I have got to get healthier for this kid!" And I have, and will continue every day to do something more me that makes me a better mom.

We bought a treadmill and I was so excited because I have missed mine so much. And of course the first thing she wanted to know was when could she get on it. So after I did my 45 minutes this morning, with some intervals thrown in; she jumped on the treadmill and did 20. She did a little walking, some hills, and jogged. That's my girl!!

So back to yesterday. I was looking at her two designs and I decided that I should make a few items to share my love of this Paleo Vegeo movement we've created. And it's not all for the ladies. I have a great tee for the guys, and a mug for your golden turmeric or Bulletproof coffee so that you look manly drinking it. Of course I do. I also have a few kids items. However, it is just another fun way to share that we are paleo, but we are also filling our plates high with vegetables. I know that some of my followers are vegetarian, and some even pescatarian, but my goal is to share as many vegan recipes on my Facebook page, and in my W30 and Shred groups, to help people be vegan as often as they can.

I will be really excited to share the growth of my daughter's store as she continues to grow it. She's a pretty amazing girl, with such a heart for animals and other humans. It makes me super proud just to watch her life experiences.



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