Going Through Detox When Your Body Says "NO" - And What The Liver Has To Do With It

Going Through Detox With The Vitality Reset Protocol Kit

I am dreaming of a healthier liver... what about you?

Dreaming Of A Healthy Liver I Going Through Detox With The DoTERRA Reboot Protocol Kit I Paleo Vegeo Barbara Christensen Wellness Advocate
I saw this image on Instagram and it was too perfect to not share being where I am this week. Are you doing a detox and your skin is going crazy? That means your primary "chimneys" are struggling to detoxify all of the toxins in your body. I feel like, knowing how clean and green I live, that my body doesn't detox well because I always have some symptoms. Since I started my whole food supplementation I have gotten far better with this, but I know that it is a process. I probably struggle a lot with the endocrine issues because of the inability to detoxify properly. How many of you feel like you are dealing with the same sort of issues?

I am going to increase my detoxification oils to more than 2 drops, twice a day. I know that often you have to increase rather than decrease. I am only using, however, one gi cleansing oil capsule a day because I don't want to release the toxins into my body too quickly. That's why I like this cleanse. I get to control the aspects to suit my life... and I dream of being toxin-free... although I know I'll have to go through many rounds of this to get there.

Why The Liver Is The Focus of My Detox

Going Through Detox With The DoTERRA Reboot Protocol Kit I Paleo Vegeo Barbara Christensen Wellness Advocate
The liver is one of the most important organ in the human body and during a program like this sometimes the liver will become overloaded with toxins that are being released from storage sites throughout the body. I know this, and I know what I'm living with. This is akin to overloading a toilet, and my skin is showing it. Until then you may only see photos when I've had my hair professionally done. LOL... you know what I mean?

Currently I take my trio of vegan, gf whole food capsules every day, 5,000 units of Vitamin D, sometimes I take extra kelp, and every few days some extra iron for my lift replacement. I also make sure I follow the protocol and get my two shakes (complete vegan protein + greens, low gi fruit and chia seeds for the breakkie shake) every day.

A lot of you may not realize that one of the most important functions of the liver is to break down and remove excess hormones from our body. The one hormone in particular is estrogen. As you know, estrogen is a big player in our endocrine health, and it's cohort progesterone. When estrogen has done it’s job in the body, it is sent to the liver so it can be broken down and removed through the colon. Unfortunately, if your liver is all junked up from the excess toxins and unable to function optimally and thus cannot remove estrogen at it’s normal rate.  Estrogen is not metabolized properly and can be reabsorbed back into the body causing lots of issues.

A great article I read from Experience Life talked about how this diet all is so important in this process:  
By encouraging us to eat a lot of meat (much of which is laden with toxins), and discouraging us from eating enough fiber-rich, water-dense fruits and vegetables, such diets can slow elimination. By loading us up with so many proteins that our stomachs can’t produce enough acid to digest them all, such diets can inhibit proper digestion, overloading our liver and intestines with a stream of nasty, internally produced poisons such as indican, ammonia, cadaverine and histide.

So be thankful that you are already ahead of the game by eating more vegetables than the average person. I'll keep sharing the journey. This is my last few days of my initial T30 program, and I am on week three of my fitness program, and day 10 of the Paleo Vegeo Whole 30 with my large Facebook group. Starting on January 20th I will start  the T30 all over again, but with my simplified Vitality Reset of 2 Shakes + 2 Snacks + 1 Healthy Meal plus fitness.  How many 120 day cycles I will need, I'm not sure. Will keep you posted.

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