Why Ocean Avenue over Team Beachbody

Why Ocean Avenue: 

This is something I'm working on for all of you, and every week I want to focus on why Ocean Avenue as a business opportunity offers more than the other guys. Week One I wanted to focus on Beachbody because a) Heidi Totten one of my best friends just quit Beachbody to go full time with JM Ocean Avenue {She is a Founding Ambassador with me... another Founding Ambassador on our team}, and so I wanted to share why. With the official Launch of Ocean Avenue as September of this year... the momentum is amazing. They've grown just this month by 52% - so I have to say there is a reason for all of the excitement surrounding this company. 

Start Up Costs: 

{JM Ocean Avenue} It is $49.95 for an Ambassador to start with JM Ocean Avenue. You get a website that has no additional costs associated with it. No monthly fee. You then earn a flat rate commission on your retail sales, start earning vacation points and can start building a team, and can earn unilevel and binary bonuses. You have a $29.95 fee annually. 
{Beachbody} It costs $39.95 to sign up as a Team Beachbody Coach. You have a $16.95 fee every month for your website service fees plus taxes, and will earn 15% - 25% commission on your retail sales. 

Building A Business: 

{JM Ocean Avenue} Offers you the ability to build both wholesale team members which can earn your products for free. Offers you the ability to build a team of Ambassadors. In order to qualify for the First Order Bonus, you will be required to make an in initial package purchase of 90PV and a monthly 50 PV to be active. Packages start at $129.95 for two products:  1 WAVSmart & 1 Invigorate. You earn bonus off your team, and the unilevel growth of your team., and the bonuses that you earn with Ocean Avenue are amazing. 

{Beachbody} You must have a 50 PV to be active. Most coaches are on autoshipment of Shakeology which costs about $107 for a coach. For your customer the cost of Shakeology is $129.95. You have to have two coaches under you, one on each leg in order to qualify for Emerald benefits which means free customers (but unless you connect with them and get them to make purchases through you there is no commission on those customers). You only build binary, and when you get a team you must have 120 PV on one leg and 240 PV on the other in order to bonus - which is about $14 per cycle that you hit that bonus. There is no unilevel in Beachbody. You must also pay for Club Membership every month to be qualified as an Emerald Coach. 


{JM Ocean Avenue} This is a level playing field. Everyone has the same products and the only way to buy is to go through an Ambassador. 

{Beachbody} Beachbody has two divisions - Beachbody and Team Beachbody. If your customer goes to the Beachbody site to purchase Shakeology or a Workout program on a payment plan, you do not earn any commission, and have to make sure you connect with coach relations to get that customer into your customer base. Beachbody also has affiliate programs out there, you can buy from Amazon, you can buy from Groupon, the infomercials, and all of that takes away from a coaches ability to earn because "shiny syndrome" often pulls your customers to something prettier... like the payment plan or a special deal, or Amazon prime. I will say in their defense that if buying a workout program you do get more from a coach (free DVD) than from the infomercials, but Shakeology is just Shakeology across the board. 

Incentive Trips: 

{JM Ocean Avenue} You earn vacation points for every dollar you spend. Vacations are given for families, and not just the individual. Both Ambassadors and Wholesalers can earn vacation points in the Vacation Club. Everyone will be able to earn something every year for their family. Even the convention is family focused so that you can bring your kids and let them have fun while you are learning. This year's first convention for the official launch is going to be held in Orlando, home of Mickey Mouse. ;) 

{Beachbody} The Success Club trip must be earned. This year is a Cruise. The cost for a family of 3 just for the cruise portion, $2350. I can earn $950 of that by achieving success club. Success Club 5 is earned by signing up one coach, and then selling either 4 HD orders of Shakeology, or two challenge packs every month. Double that for Success Club 10. Other Incentives are earned by the top elite coaches. Last year number 11 that did not qualify for the Elite 10 Trip signed up 100 coaches, and that doesn't even count the challenge packs... just to not qualify for the trip. To qualify for Success Club you must also have a 90 PV HD order or your own. In fact this year if you didn't pre-register and pay for your trip, even if you earn the trip you may not be able to go, because it will be sold out. 


{JM Ocean Avenue} As an Ambassador you get a free Shine Brite account for your child, access to Franco's weekly calls to learn about nutrition, as well as the other weekly training calls and the weekly opportunity calls to use with anyone interested in learning more about the products or the business. 

{Beachbody} You pay for access to Success Magazine on Demand. They have one weekly training call, and no opportunity calls. In order to participate in the Chats with the trainers, and to qualify as an Emerald Coach you must pay additional $1.50 a week for club membership as well to get the customer lead program. 

If anyone has any other questions about this please ask away. Next week I will probably tackle another "health / weight loss" company. Let me know which one you would like to compare.

Let me say, Beachbody has amazing products. Shakeology is untouched in the superior ingredients in the industry, but not everyone can afford it. The workouts stand out as having helped TONS of people to get healthy. So this is not a bash on Beachbody, rather a comparison of business, and I believe that for a start up JM Ocean Avenue wins.  By sharing my feelings I am taking a huge risk, but I believe in truth. 



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