Vitality In Life Using Whole Food Nutrition And Nature's Essential Oil Goodness

In a perfect world we'd all be happy and live in harmony. In a perfect world my daughter would just get math, instead of having a brain that finds it to be a foreign language. In a perfect world going what you love would be all that you needed to do. In a perfect world you would eat mostly plants, very clean foods and get all of the nutrients you need from your food. But most of us do not have that ability. And many things we consume are not highly dense nutritionally, but we need to start learning how to fill in those gaps. 

I love using real nutritional supplementation to get that gap filled in. I use encapsulated whole foods and vegan protein shakes just for these reasons, but I am such a fan on making sure you are getting the essential fatty acids, bioavailabile nutrition, minerals and cellular energy from eating a lot of variety of rich, whole foods and fresh, healthy life enzymes. In fact if you're reading this in the morning, I just finished my fresh pressed green juice, and later today I will incorporate some pulp into my green smoothie because fiber may just be as essential as fats in regards to not just gut health but brain health. Studies are taking place that are showing us that the metabolism of a high fiber diet in the gut can alter gene expression in the brain to prevent neurodegeneration and promote regeneration. I personally want to have a brain that works really well into old age. What about you? 

Basic Supplementation Support

Take a short time to watch this webinar, and learn a little bit about what is happening inside and outside of your body, and what you can do to live a longer, healthier life. I believe very strongly that nature (whole foods, essential oils, getting outside and grounding our bodies) is what will help me continue to age well. I'll be 49 this year, and I feel like I'm in my 30's... and in fact often times people believe I'm in my late 20's or early 30's. That's health. Health = Life!

You know that I use essential oils in my life a lot. Right now my morning capsule of lavender, lemon and peppermint allows me to go outdoors without dying from the pollen. I am a girl that should live in a bubble with all of my allergies, and my environmental allergies are huge! I have learned to use nature to support my body, and plants are the foundation... essential oils come from these real foods and plants.

Also the supplements I use come from real whole foods. And at a cellular level we've seen some clinically supported benefits like: healing digestive issues, bone and joint pain subsiding, depression and other neurological problems getting better, boosted metabolism... all because of the way that these supplements work within the cells of our bodies. We need those powerful free-radical scavengers to support the glutathione levels in the liver!! You know I talk A LOT about glutathione, and this is just one more way you can support that in your daily routine. And it should be a routine that you are using in your daily life. Fitness, Nutrition, Supplementation, Rest, Happiness! My daughter and I have decided we'll live to be at least 100. So I guess more plants are in my future. 



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