How Big Biotech Rigged The Research On GM Foods

I am very interested in genetically modified foods because I believe that my allergies were caused when these fakey foods were introduced into my life when I was eleven years old and my mom went back to work. We had always had a big garden and my mom always made our food from scratch because it was just cheaper. But cheaper led to convenience when an eleven year old girl was suddenly responsible for making dinner for the entire family. Would you be surprised to know that I became allergic first to sunflower, and second to corn? 
I read a very interesting article on the Organic Consumer Associations website about some research that was done in relationship to GM foods back in 2004. The study data showed that when Canadians were given the choice of GM foods or non-GM foods most purchased the GM foods…. okay so they have now shown this to be diluted research.
The research, obviously funded by the biotech industry was conducted by four staunch proponents of GM foods. They were given the Journals’s Award for Excellence for the Most Outstanding Paper of 2004 and has become the biotechs proof that GM is all okay.
Enter Stuart Laidlaw, a reporter from Canada’s Toronto Star. He showed that the teams had huge signs on the non-GM bins that said,  ”Would you eat wormy sweet corn?” It further listed the chemicals that were sprayed during the season. The GM corn bins signs said, “Here’s What Went into Producing Quality Sweet Corn.” What choice do you think most of the population is going to choose with that kind of propaganda on the bins? Stuart has written and described the scenario in his book Secret Ingredients: The Brave New World of Industrial Farming

You can find the story on the OCA site here –
I personally think that a lot of the problems with our food stem from the same problems as oil. When you have a small amount of the population that has become rich off of the rest of the nation – they just aren’t going to give up that money all that quickly. Why do you think that getting quality hybrid vehicles has been such a hard sell in most areas of the nation. I say support your local organic farmer and try to keep the distance your fresh products travel to one day of driving distance. Also if you don’t support GM products, and urge your friends to do the same the market will shift. These people follow the money. If one line of money making dries up they will follow. Live fresher and help change the world. That's what the I see the Paleo Vegeo movement as being.

When you do find yourself purchasing anything processed, make sure it's clean, healthy, bioactive and has not been genetically modified. And realize that supplementation is going to have to happen, to help support your detoxification since toxins are all around us and because we aren't getting the level of nutrition that we really require from our diet.



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