The benefits of the JM Ocean Avenue Shakes - WheySmart and WheyBeyond

The benefits of the JM Ocean Avenue Shakes

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So I am loving the more I learn about the ingredients in the products, especially because for a long time I was completely vegan, so it's hard to cross the line into the "forbidden zone" when you've been clean and green for so long. But the more research I do the more I actually am learning about healthy tips for the vegan friends in my life.

Like they did this test on soybeans vs spirulina to see how it works on insulin resistance. As you know, that's the key to so many of these diseases like PCOS, diabetes, etc.

Each of the participants received 19 g of supplementation daily. The follow up rate was 65% vs. 100% for spirulina and soybean groups, respectively, and both groups were comparable at baseline. After eight weeks, insulin sensitivity (IS) increased by 224.7% vs. 60% in the spirulina and soybean groups respectively (p < 0.001). One hundred per c
ent vs. 69% of subjects on spirulina versus soybean, respectively, improved their IS (p = 0.049) with a 1.45 (1.05–2.02) chance of improving insulin sensitivity on spirulina.

So what does all of that tech speak mean? This pilot study suggests that insulin sensitivity improves more when spirulina rather than soybean is used as a nutritional supplement. {Trial registration: identifier NCT01141777}. So if you want to do a vegan protein supplement, something like Shakeology is going to be the better bet, being soy-free and also offering up spirulina. But again, WheySmart (or WAVSmart as it was renamed) has spirulina in it, and I love that.

Now I want to share an amazing video from TEDx where they used a prescription Undenatured Whey, but our whey is just as powerful and healthy to take as the prescription. In fact WheyBeyond is so potent it regenerates your cells, and you'll hear below more about how 
Dan Linseman, a researcher with the Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, came to realize the potent power of undenatured whey. 

Seminar on Lou Gehrig's Disease, ALS and undenatured whey

Dan Linseman, the biomedical research organization at the University of Denver, is a determined warrior who's been looking for more effective ways to combat the disease for four years.

This spring it appears he may have wounded his enemy. His weapon was a whey protein supplement that seems to delay the onset of ALS in lab mice. 



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