Let the Challenge Begin I Ocean Avenue & Les Mills Combat

Let the Challenge Begin - The first 30 are on!! 

Putting myself all out there over the next 60 days to really get the best results I've gotten yet!! Workout ✔ {Started Day 1 of Les Mills Combat} Diet ✔ {Had my Ocean Avenue Recovery Shake for Breakfast and now having gluten-free oats with pumpkin and OA WheySmart} Support ✔ {Got a full on Challenge group to keep me motivated through the next 60 days!!}  You want to join me??

Personal Development - Continuing the Breakthrough

Barbara Christensen I Emerald Beachbody Coach I Founding Ocean Avenue Gold Ambassador I 60 Day Challenge

I'm taking back control, and as I'm getting to a better place I know that now is the real time that I have to put in the work to get what I want out of life. I have to get out of that comfort zone and push myself to a bigger, broader place where I look face to face with fear. FEAR -- as Anthony Robbins says in week 4's Breakthrough,  F Everything And Run!  So are you going run, or are you going to learn to stand tall?? Putting myself out there in the video above was hard to do. I take pictures all the time, but I have to do more... push more... live more.

This weekend was hard because my daughter is the same age as those babies that were killed in CT... and I didn't want to be away from her. In fact I took a moment the last two nights and cuddled her in the middle of the night. And that is why it was so powerful to watch the 4th Episode of Breakthrough. These people didn't lose their child, but they still have this fear that is controlling their future. I am still there. The combination of 9-11, combined with the miscarriage I suffered, and now with not being able to have a second child... everything relates to the fear of losing my daughter. I think that I personally gained all of the weight not because of depression... but to be in control and have a big reason to stay home. The more I lose, the more I need to get out there to help others. That means that at some point, for some point of time I will have to be out of range of my daughter. I have to have faith and love and move forward.

I'm doing that. 60 days of thriving and getting out of my own comfort zone, getting rid of the fear factor, and being the person I am meant to be. Are you going to join me in the Challenge? Combat... Ocean Avenue ... Personal Development



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