Clinical Studies on weight loss and immune support


Clinical Studies on weight loss and immune support products

Be concerned about companies that aren’t doing clinical studies on their products. I feel good knowing that the companies I work with all have clinical studies as an important foundations. Why is this so important to me?
The OIG reported just last month how it was very concerned about the lack of compliance
with substantiation and notification requirements for structure/function claims on both weight loss and immune support supplements. Seven percent of the supplements lacked the required disclaimer by the FDA, and 20 percent included prohibited disease claims on their labels. These results raise questions about the extent to which structure/function claims are truthful and not misleading. And what about where they are actually manufacturing your products?? Twenty-eight percent of contacted companies had facilities that failed to register with FDA as required. Of the companies with facilities that did register, 72 percent failed to provide the complete and accurate information required in the registry. Finally, 20 percent of dietary supplement labels did not provide the required telephone numbers or addresses. Seriously??
You need to do your homework on a product before you jump in. I know that the products I recommend, both products I sell and products I do not sell; I know that they are being testing, processed safely and that I would give them to myself or the people I love without being concerned.

Let’s talk about just one clinical study done by my favorite essential oil company

Lemongrass has been proven to lower cholesterol. The University of Wisconsin has published the results of a clinical trial, involving 22 people with high cholesterol.  The participants were given 140 mg capsules of lemongrass oil daily.  On average, cholesterol was lowered from 310 to 294.
Others involved in this study also had a significant drop in blood lipids.  They experienced a 25-point drop in cholesterol, after one month, and this positive trend continued over the course of the short study.  Once the responders stopped taking lemongrass, their cholesterol returned to previous levels.
Companies like this, and the studies they are doing are amazing to me. I hope it showcases why I’m so passionate about the products.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product nor anything written about on this blog is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This blog is a purely entertainment practice. You can find clinical studies over at to make your own mind up as to what is right for you with your doctor. 



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