Create Those Core Alignment Strategies for 2020

Create Those Core Alignment Strategies for 2020 I Paleo Vegeo

January is going to be an amazingly busy month, so for a lot of my clients that may mean email consults when you can't find a space for a one-on-one. I will be increasing my online lives and so you will get to see some of my sunny (or not so sunny) personality on Facebook and IGTV. I do have one opening for a holistic branding or book authorship client, and one design client spot currently open for January. Don't wait until they are filled to decide you want to work with me.

This is something I plan for every year, and so I wanted to talk about how we plan for life. Because if you don't plan life, it will create on it's own. My number one priority is to live an elevated joy-filled life that feels as balanced as possible. I get this with a variety of items that are my Core alignments.

1 - Choose healthy for me
2 - Actively engage in parenting in a loving manner
3 - Connect to those I love
4 - Pursue with awareness in everything I do

If I were to sleep in, eat junk, close myself off (even when you ache and want to), spend hours online, let the house fall into chaos ... none of that would be aligned to who and where I want to be in this life. For me I found that everything came back to wellness. When I pull out all of the punches and wake myself up to the possibilities and manifest my dreams it all comes back to my wellness. If I am not in it, I cannot give 100% to anything. So I have to honor my number one priority by getting all of those whole foods, moving and grounding, taking time to unwind, being in the moment and aware of my desires and why they are in existence at this time. I have had to learn the art of saying 'no'. Sometimes we can't do it, and that's okay.

There is this Principal of Progressive Overload that I learned about in my fitness certifications. It is based on the fact that when the amount of exercise (or overload) is progressively increased, the body continues to adapt. When the amount of your purpose fueled tasks are performed without momentary failure, your personal goals will be developed into reality. When the amount of items pop up in your life that has nothing to do with your alignment, the chaos and obstacles will continue to increase. You will adapt in a manner that will undermine everything you are trying to achieve.

I want you to focus in on three key areas of your alignment this month. Frequency, Intensity, Duration. Whenever you look at items on your project planner, calendar, or to-do list ask yourself the following... Am I doing this frequently enough or too frequently? To get where I want to go do I need to rev up the intensity, or am I plowing over others and missing an opportunity to listen and enjoy the moments? Do I need to do this for a longer duration, or am I putting in too much time for this task?

I am like a giant satellite. Being intuitive I gain so much knowledge from the fringe of who everyone is, what their emotions are, what they desire... and then whatever I feel gets thrown out there full on and broadcast to everyone. So that intensity and plowing can sometimes block opportunities if I don't realize I am broadcasting too much frequency, am coming on too intense, and I am not allowing for patience to play into the manifesting process. Like my child I have ZERO patience for anything ... although all of the best things come to those that wait.

I know that all of our personal growth really depends on getting those three items right for everything you choose to spend your time doing. So make sure you are asking these dimensional questions because this will either align your progress, or not. We have moved a lot in 2019, which is why I really need to take the next few weeks to rejuvenate my heart, my soul and my body. When I return to clients on January 6th, I expect that I will be even more open, more joyful, more aware of the possibilities and desires for this new year.

Much love,
Barbara Christensen - Paleo Vegeo

Happy New Year I Paleo Vegeo
The early pioneers of both wellness and network marketing were motivated by the sense that it was possible to create a better life than the conventional routes offered - better personal health and better economic health, respectively. Now the 'alternatives' of yesterday have become the economic powerhouses of today and tomorrow. - Paul Zane Pilzer



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