BlendFresh Door Closed, Wildtree is closing, But Another Door Has Opened for you

Epicure USA Never Ever List I Non Gmo Project Verified

Once there were three non-gmo/organic food based direct sales companies in the market. I'm not talking about my favorite supplements, I am talking about companies focused in on getting you to eat more whole foods. The North American diet is making us sick, overweight and tired. Too much sugar and salt, combined with processed ingredients and over-sized portions are driving chronic illnesses—diabetes, obesity, hypertension—to all-time highs. It’s time to change the way we eat, to change our lives; and, good food and recipes utilizing whole, real ingredients, not processed alternatives is the solution.

There was Wildtree, and for some reason (full of things I am allergic to) I never got on board with them. As I have gone through this last week with the US launch of another company, I am patting myself on the back for listening to my inner intuition. Wildtree will be closing shop at the end of July. They got on board with the paleo thing, but they never quite connected with the "eat more plants" view point that I have.

Second one was BlendFresh the Blendtec company. I loved them! Of course I was in the midst of daily green smoothies and that was their groove. However, they also closed up and when affiliate marketing when they realized that they weren't quite in the space of building a successful direct sales company.

So finally there is Epicure, which is a 23 year old Canadian company. They are so different. I love that they are totally focused on getting people to cook, to eat whole foods, and to get out of the box mindset. I also love that they offer products that are 100% gluten free, peanut and tree nut free, sugar & sodium-conscious, Kosher certified, where applicable, and easily prepared, from raw-to-ready, in 20-minutes or less. I love that over 90% of their product line is already Non-GMO Project Verified with more coming in the future.

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I have been a part of the $70 billion dollar diet industry in North America for the last decade as both a nutritional and fitness coach. The problem is, this industry isn’t the only thing growing. As a nation, or even on the global market our waistlines are getting bigger. Even for myself I found at the end of last year, with that change in life, I crept back up to where my size 12 pants were awfully tight. This is more than just about fad diets, cleanses, etc. I was stressed, which aren't we all. I was also dealing with more issues from my own autoimmune issues. You all know that chronic illnesses are on the rise in a big way. A holistic cardiologist says that 90% of heart attacks don't have to happen. Research shows that twenty percent of adults in the US are currently suffering from heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. Celeste McGovern discovered that heart disease isn't caused from high cholesterol, but inflammation and insulin resistance. But the media isn't talking about the fact that eighty percent of chronic illnesses can be prevented by a healthier lifestyle.

You have heard me talk about how this current generation is the fourth generation that isn't cooking whole foods, and they are actually expected to have a shorter lifespan than that of the generation above ours. This statistic is directly related to our current lifestyle choices. There’s a myth that I bought into a decade ago that healthy food needs to be SUPERFOODS and that is will take hours to prepare; come from Whole foods, or be blended into a smoothie. And the truth is that gluten-free is not longer just cardboard that tastes like stale bread. We don't have to buy expensive $200 shakes, nor do you have to change the favorite foods you love. You just need to be aware of how the food was grown, and cook it in the most simplistic manner.

So we have to seek out the way to remove the toxins that are causing inflammation and eliminate insulin spikes in our diet. With my clients I have found that it is easiest when they are following a simple protocol, and when they eliminate the NEVER EVER list.

That is why I was thrilled to join this mission to change lives through good food. You can be a part of the driving force to help people get healthier by bringing Good Food. Real Fast to every table while providing life-changing business opportunities for entrepreneurs.Using a proven lifestyle system, easily prepping your weeknight meals, customizing recipes to work for you, meal prep & prep tips.. This is for everyone.

For those entrepreneurs wanting to live their #EpicLife while being rewarded generously for the good they do. Be part of our mission, join a community of people changing lives through good food, and enjoy unlimited earning opportunities, rewards and recognition. We just launched the USA enrollment, but until August you must enroll with a consultant, like myself. You can feel out my form and I can call and get you enrolled. Gain early access to this epic opportunity and grow with us right from the start.

Looking forward to working with you and building a great team across the USA & Canada!



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